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Nedbank accused of using racist practises when dealing with black bond holders | The Star

The bank is accused of swindling black people out of their homes through racists practices.


Nedbank has lost the first round in a R2million David versus Goliath case, where the bank is accused of racism when dealing with black mortgage-bond holders. TheStar_news

The bank is accused of swindling black people out of their homes through racists practices.

The court order was made in June 2016. Bambeni told The Star that she was suing Nedbank because of “unscrupulous banks and their attorneys, who dispossess black clients of our properties in an unjust manner”.Last week, Nedbank went to court to try to get the lawsuit against it dismissed, but the institution's case was rejected and it was ordered to pay Bambeni’s legal costs.

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FloydShivambu Bond holders, read madala I can attest to that. Yes I'm a victim of that FloydShivambu B*****t. Nedbank treats all its customers the same. 🥱 This media...! If the media wants to see racism, they need to look at the BEE and AA of the myanc FloydShivambu We need black owned banks. This will not change till we start owning our own institutions

The reason why Julius Malema and the EFF have been calling for a State owned Bank FloydShivambu No surprise there FloydShivambu Why am I not surprised 😕, and we make 90% of this country's population and we are treated like subhumans These thugs have long started raising a middle finger to blacks, assisted by our useless SAReserveBank . You wont here a word about this from the ultra right, Goldman Sachs inspired golden boy, Lesetja Kganyago.

Missfeliciam MYANC we are here today because the ruling party is tortoising in addressing the status quo. Every thing is still controlled by WMC with the governing party being their managers. MissFeli_K We’re not surprised, to them we’ve always been and will always be sub-humans.

PODCAST | Nedbank Business Banking offers tailored and innovative financing solutions to business ownersSPONSORED | Nedbank We spoke to one of Nedbank Business Banking’s clients, a global tech services company with offices in SA and Australia, looking for funding models to buy a company in the UK. Listen to the podcast. Nedbank You want us to listen to a podcast which is actually just an ad? No thanks. Nedbank P9121525 81515445 423667898 0761324839 Nedbank And the racism case yona? Y’all gonna pretend like you didn’t do it?

Fake News. I am black guy using Ned Services with low cost TheStar_news I hope I can get a good lawyer to take on FNBSA regarding the 100% interest im paying on their personal loan TheStar_news Obviously most whites hate to see African child succeed TheStar_news I thought FNB was the only one doing this

ImcocoMash TheStar_news Julius_S_Malema The day you become president, please make this nonsense stop. Make South Africa great. TheStar_news ntsikimazwai TheStar_news Nothing new..infact all banks do that TheStar_news This is part of what EFF is targeting this year. EFF leads! TheStar_news Nedbank 👀👀👀

TheStar_news AyandaMbatha4 look

Market data - February 14 2020Market data including bonds, unit trusts and fuel prices

TheStar_news When the eff raise these matters they are labeled as being racist. TheStar_news LandNoli KhandaniM UDmRevolution interrec EFFSouthAfrica ali_naka TheStar_news Firstly it was FNBSA now its Nedbank. You will be surprised that all these big banks are doing the same thing including Absa & StandardBankZA

Phomolo_ZA TheStar_news Read the article guys. Dont comment based on the headline. TheStar_news Nedbank how come you like my money when you won't give me same benefits as the other colour? TheStar_news Kyafana nothing will be done why bother. uncensored_opin TheStar_news All the banks are nothing but crooked

TheStar_news Racism is still institutionalised in south Africa.... that's because we have apologetic slaves as government. We need a revolution Tshepo_Motsepe1 TheStar_news Let the long arm of the law reach out to to punish all-and-sundry exploiters riding on racial profiling and racist practices if proven true!

TheStar_news Excellent news!

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TheStar_news This is the content I'm here for, phela some of us have Bonds with Nedbank TheStar_news All the banks TheStar_news All these banks should be exposed. Buying a house as udarkie is the most frustrating process you'll ever undertake. They take you from pillar to post. TheStar_news Get them wena Ms Bambeni, baqede girl

WeleSeg TheStar_news Sentletse must be smiling wherever he is, o ba tsena leng weer Sentletse? mabasotf TheStar_news Even the insurance companies TheStar_news Nedbank & old mutual. Something is not ok in that corporate structure. Yet one lens thebother TheStar_news True and it has been going for long and our blacks are used to do that

TheStar_news interrec exposing these fraudulent banks TheStar_news This can only be good for indlu-emnyama...mabajeze labodoti

Leopards coach Alan Clark gets advice from Gavin Hunt'I had a few words with Gavin and we spoke about football in general but we of course spoke about life in Venda.'

TheStar_news 😂 TheStar_news Nothing new here FNBSA AbsaSouthAfrica StandardBankZA they all do the same practises.... TheStar_news Take them to task sisi wethu. We are tired of being discriminated by these institutions, even in insurance claims we are viewed as suspicious. Our skin color is not a crime.

TheStar_news Mr Van Zyl is vindicated. Some were calling him a scam but look now. TheStar_news interrec is this your TheStar_news With all legislative power, Banks still divide our people through location approval. If you buy house inside mostly white people place, your application is denied. Banks must be taken to Truth and Reconciliation process.

TheStar_news Did that Van Zyl Guy die that was alwsys speaking about Home loans scams TheStar_news Oh my gosh! This is so true in many ways Nedbank approved our bond upon registration at the Deeds office they halted the explanation nothing...we we were thrown pillar to post,till today we have no response from nedbank whatsoever..

CoruscaKhaya TheStar_news It's not only Nedbank, the other three major banks also do the same TheStar_news IDK if this is racism? If you are in arrears you are in arrears? IDK I might be wrong? R20705.88 arrear? How many payments did you miss?

Ramaphosa declares special official funeral in honour of Shabalala - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared a Special Official Funeral Category 2 in honour of Joseph Shabalala, the late founder of choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. That's what he's good at, declaring state funerals always! EFF has a tendency of hijacking and taking over high profile funerals.. Are the RedBerets going to do same at ladysmithblackmambazo Shabalala's funeral? That’s the only thing Cyril delivers, state funerals. He doesn’t make a mistake but come to proper service deliveries, dololo

Babalwa believes Black Coffee & Bonang don’t deserve to stand in visa queues“I hope the honourable minister Nathi Mthethwa has given Black Coffee a diplomatic passport or has plans to do so.” They're not diplomats. So, its a no from me😍with love of course Otherwise we will have all CEOs and other 'Important People Wanting Special Treatments everywhere' They can afford to pay someone to q for them then go to the q when their number is up😁 Ok, no problem.. All sorted Who deserves to? If shit could talk 😂

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