Mzansi celebs react to eNCA’s alleged racist mask video

'White supremacy looks like this. It is institutionalised,' said Unathi Nkayi.

2021-02-26 01:34:00 PM

'White supremacy looks like this. It is institutionalised,' said Unathi Nkayi.

'White supremacy looks like this. It is institutionalised,' said Unathi Nkayi.

Twitter users called out the broadcaster for alleged racial bias and “double standards”. This lead to the hashtag #eNCAMustFall trending online.eNCA has since issued a statement , defending their journalist from the accusations online. It said the TV reporter's actions were not

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“racially motivated or with malicious intent”.“Criticism to this extent levelled at a journalist under these circumstances is unfair and unfortunate. Comments and some video content currently being shared are maliciously misleading,” said eNCA managing editor John Bailey.

Meanwhile, SA’s celebrities joined the masses and weighed in on the situation, lambasting eNCA.Unathi Nkayi, Siv Ngesi, Anele Mdoda, Lerato Kganyago and Babalwa Mneno have taken to the streets with their concerns about the video.“eNCA should just say we won’t get it right all the time and this time around one of our own got it wrong. There is simply no excuse for Madame’s behaviour and they know it. We are not idiots and as people who have to deal with subtle racism our entire lives, this is BS,” said Anele.

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🤢🤮 Nonono you are wrong Madam...... these days it is black supremacy!!!!! I’m interested in hearing her side of the story. We all have seen the videos and voiced our opinions, it is now left to her to explain why it happened the way it did. Do we still have those useless and selective Mzansi celebs? Tell them to voetsek!

Outrage over fake news. Move on. Am not offended by this somehow, because I know that is what most black people is South Africa prefer the most, to be told what to do🤦🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ VodkaNation🥃🍾 You see, when you don’t know the whole story.... you just make your name arse. She is racist. She clearly only cares about the safety of black people.

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