Mystery after NDZ cancels two national addresses this week

Mystery after NDZ cancels two national addresses this week

2020-05-27 10:47:00 AM

Mystery after NDZ cancels two national addresses this week

A briefing had been scheduled for Tuesday evening originally and then moved to midday Wednesday. Then cancelled once again.

President Ramaphosa has already said that alcohol would be back on sale by 1 June, along with lifting limits on exercise hours and night curfews.The delays suggest much discussion is going on behind the scenes, but what that might be, remains a mystery.

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When Level 4 was announced, Ramaphosa promised cigarettes would go on sale again, but this was quickly undone by Dlamini-Zuma and the NCCC.The NCCC media briefing on the regulations relating to the COVID-19scheduled for today at 12h30 and the briefing by the social cluster scheduled for 18h00 have been postponed.

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She is thinking of other shit to say again, Mr. PRESIDENT, GROW BIG KAHOONAS, YOUR WORD IS SUPPOSE TO BE LAW, then you get tackled by the pensioners in your cabinet 'National Command Council cancels National addresses not NDZ' No mystery for goodness sake,just a fool on a power trip not wanting to be held accountable for her obtuse decisions

LucidualLady She feels bullied , humiliated and unfairly treated by her beloved people, she feels greatly unappreciated by all smokers, her only aim is to help them with their addiction, all she want is to be a GROOT ouma to the nation, she will address her nation when, calmed down IFC_org BBCWorld WHO EU_Commission eu_eeas AusGov NewZealandGov EnglandGov MoodysInvSvc stat_world questCNN MinPres NEDemocracy

racinefleur Delaying tactics to feed the pocket Let's support mama NDZ for her not to lose strength. She's going to tell us that alcohol is still banned under Level 3 Regroup and strategies. Either RET or WMC will come out of this as a hero or villain... The fight continues, and the battle field remains the same. The people's lifes. Hold your breath Azania, we are yet to see the worst.

Maybe she’s sick racinefleur No mystery at all she's just run out of thumb sucks! No mystery: she's still busy with the anti-embarrassment consultants Drama queen... I smell back tracking OutlawABrown Never lie to your voters .... The zuma and Ramaphosa factions can't come to a agreement the anc top 6 is making decisions and first checking how they can benifit and all there cronies are benefiting from the regulations

It’s only fair to allow the committee to make all necessary amendments. From universities to school to liquor stores to churches and transport. There is something not good happening behind close doors. This dictators are cooking something very bad She’s feeling the heat. She must take a few moments to chill. I suggest she has a zol and put saliva on the paper. 🤣

Consulting with 'experts' and working on her new campaign to boost her popularity no doubt! Things are getting heated in the cabinet me thinks!🤔 Pre lockdown in the township, 5 people shard a cig. During lockdown, 1 cig is being shared by 15 people since it is treble the price. NDZ is gettn high on her own supply

CORRUPTION AND INCOMPETENCE!! Take leave Mama Fire this Zuma Rubbish NDZ must reconsider all LeveL3 regulations. According to their predictions we heading for the worse scenario. Covid19SA Question is what was the LockdownSA for if this is the case. NDZmustrise DlaminiZuma PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa JacksonMthembu_ DrZweliMkhize

Our PATHETIC GovernmentZA. DlaminiZuma NDZ some media house are running a smear campaign against you. She must close alcohol and churches She's just another one who doesn't believe in accounting to her bosses, the people, represented by those in Parliament. Like so many in the ANC, her and ex hubby behave like entitled royals from bygone days.

The DA and MonopolyMedia says Mazzoti is a part of Cigarettes Smugglers, So why dont they do a CitizensArrest instead of talking Yep can you feel the Heat 💥💥💥 I'm here to read caucasian's comments😂😂😂😂😂 Maybe this is a reason? LEN4Masilela My guess, the heat is on & it has something to do with illegalcigarettes being sold during lockdown.

Maybe she is quarantined... lol She is in charge after all Every time she speaks we loose money. Let her postpone speaking for a year please. SA can't sustain more irrational decisions. She needs *wide powers to be able to function And who said NDZ is the one cancelled the briefing There's no mystery here, just that the consultation process is still ongoing. Stop being dramatic

Mystery to who? Many know exactly why... When your domestic helper throws your papers away and you have to give a speech comradekopdoek mystery fokmavis dogatemyhomework scienceishard Maybe NDZ is finally taking my advice to go and see a sangoma in order to rid her of her evil? Two elephants fighting and we are the grass..

She must simply lift the tobacco ban we're no longer interested in her stupid addresses.We want our Stuyvesants,Rothmans back on shelves we're fed up with Edward Zuma's fake cigarettes. I expected this after the spineless Cyril announced the church gatherings last night. I doubt the NCCC was aware of the planned silly announcement by Ramaphosa.

Duck and diving......... can't face the public? Maybe she is checking to see if her son made his target with illegal cigarets. Cause she doesnt know what to say

Cyril Ramaphosa to speak on plans for religious sector at 7.30pmPresident Cyril Rampahosa will at 7.30pm address South Africa on 'provisions for the religious sector' during the ongoing national lockdown. If churches open the whole lockdown should be ended Tomorrow it will be state on smokers the next day state on drinkers This is the reason

Cyril Ramaphosa to speak on plans for religious sector at 7.30pmPresident Cyril Rampahosa will at 7.30pm address South Africa on 'provisions for the religious sector' during the ongoing national lockdown. It's President Cyril wena man show some respect! Will pastors finally be authorized to procure debit orders with respective banks to collect tithes from churchgoers? 😀😀😀 This is one president who takes everyone's opinion into consideration

President Cyril Ramaphosa outlines plans for religious sectorPresident Cyril Rampahosa will at 7.30pm address South Africa on 'provisions for the religious sector' during the ongoing national lockdown. I hope those boy lovers do not get any tax payer money Please on the plans for religious groups Mr President please include the rules protect for permanent protection of our spiritual valnerable people against the tricks stars milking their hard earned cash 🤔 Again a nothing speech from hollow man a man with no substance or integrity. Get control over your power hungry council of incompetent ministers. Punishing us for speaking the truth goes against your oath of office. Be a man you work for the country not the ANC NDZmustfall

Dutch mink workers may be first known humans infected with virus by animals: WHOAn initial infection was reported last week on one of two farms near Eindhoven, where the disease was discovered in April among mink that are bred for their valuable fur.

EPP cancels €53m dividend payment as Covid-19 threat persistsTrading conditions in Poland have improved, but effect of pandemic is uncertain, company says

Bluff resident plans to run a virtual Comrades Marathon to help the needyWhile the cancellation of the ComradesMarathon has left many South Africans disappointed, a Bluff resident will be running a virtual race to raise funds to help the less fortunate in his community. DailyNewsSA coronavirus lockdown