More soldiers have been deployed to enforce Covid regulations: What you need to know

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the deployment of 2,122 soldiers will preserve life, health and property.

2021-01-22 07:30:00 AM

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the deployment of 2,122 soldiers will preserve life, health and property.

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the deployment of 2,122 soldiers will preserve life, health and property.

How many soldiers were deployed - and why?There are 2,122 deployed soldiers. They are to assist members of the SA Police Service (SAPS) in enforcing the adjusted level 3 regulations.Their duties are to: "preserve life, health or property in an emergency or humanitarian relief operations in support of other government departments and in co-operation with the police to prevent crime and enforce restrictions under the adjusted level 3 lockdown regulations".

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How much does it cost?According to a government, the deployment will cost SA R95m. How many soldiers have been deployed since the start of lockdown?South Africans in different parts of the country have witnessed the presence of SANDF soldiers who were appointed to enforce the lockdown regulations.

Here's the breakdown of their deployment since the start of the lockdown last year: 2,820 were deployed on March 25 - two days before SA went on national lockdown; 76,000 were deployed on April 21; and20,000 were deployed on June 30.What does the portfolio committee say?

The co-chairperson of the joint standing committee on defence,Cyril Xaba,commended the deployment.“These deployments have contributed greatly to the fight against Covid-19 and the preservation of life,” said Xaba.  Read more: Times LIVE »

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Preserve life and health with guns? Wow The last time he did this innocent souls were lost. We'll fight them or even send the to the heaven if they disrespect us,they must remeber that they're not made of steel DNthabisile yile 'thima mina' yakhe, bayamthuma ke ngoku, jonga, nanku umlungu emqolo wakhe..

Sekuzoba nempi ? Haroma59Brown Everything will go well as long as no one will be forced to take a vaccine.All of a sudden we get sympathy from Western countries.40 000+ souls lost already but you not coming back to your senses Well if you life get saved no incentives to pay the debt WHAT A JOKE MA DAHLING

Is this constitutional Send soldiers to the border you fools! Voetsek ZIMLOADING And the cost of this, yet they can't afford the vaccine 🤔🤔 I hope we not going to level 5 coz people are being retrench everyday Shit!!!! O god! Can he think of NOTHING else!!! Rubbish what about cash in transit Preserve life with machine guns? Preserve whose life? He unleashes soldiers to wage war against black people in townships and he talks about preserving life. R500B should have preserved life and health. Come on we are not fools...

This president guy is loosing it. The soldiers are costing us more money we dont have and the only plan is to get more money from us. This is just pure bulldust. These old madalas really have no working plan. Smart Mampara english Who ever is advising Ramaphosa🤡🤡So you prefer to harass the people instead of giving them help?😢😢😢😢how are this people washing their hands?💔💔💔shame on you CyrilRamaphosa DDMabuza DrZweliMkhize 🤮🤮🤢VoetsekANC

So who is guarding our boarders makunje? Ohh we gonna die now What a joke. No really. I laughed so hard. Ahhhh Cyril, you are such a liar. Who writes this shit for you? CyrilRamaphosa Yes, sure 🙄! Question: Do you actually get paid for writing nonsense? If, you do, how much? Collins Khoza With Guns.. Like Those guns are meant to shot 'Covid' or people ?

'President Cyril Ramaphosa says deployment of 2,122 soldiers will be there to intimidate and harass only black communities' Thought catching rhino poachers will be good training but the again poachers shoot back unlike citizens BenjiSeitlhamo Give them free money so they can be very loyal ! Ramaphosa must learn that the battle is not flesh and blood. He must learn from Chief Justice and pray, seek guidance and wisdom from God.

They will soon force us to take a vaccine.... They will preserve life they way they murdered innocent black people in 2020? And make Black people jump around like monkeys while they ask White people nicely to put on their masks. Cyril must stop now What a joke - put the money into the vaccine instead of using funds for nonsensical deployments

I bet majority for those soldiers will be in the township. Did he send them to the suburbs? Nonsense and wasteful expenditure Not to fight criminals but to fight an invisible virus🤷🏾‍♂️ there's a lot of madness in dis country, from top to bottom!!🤞🏾 Ramapauser akekho right ekhanda!🤞🏾 Pleeezzz Why is South Africa becoming a police/military state under Ramaphosa and are we really just going to sit back and say nothing. Lafa elika Mthaniya!

🤔🤔so if I'm selling alcohol they won't beat me up? What a load of crap!! 🤬 This is not a sight we want to see in a Democracy. Military should help with logistical issues. domkop president. He deliberately waited for the virus to enter our borders, when it was clear the virus was going to cause destruction if it came in.

Untrained young people with guns walking around in gangs, sounds like a terrible idea. Nonsense, wasting money then want to hike taxes. Doing what? Doing what? Ensuring social distancing in taxis and township shops and shopping centres? Dangerous virus spreading parties, including political gatherings and rallies? Or chasing after booze and Walking up and down the beach?

Do we really need them? We need healthcare professionals not soldiers Hayi yi Dictatorship ke ngoku, yiFilm mntasekhaya, phof ke kudala basiqhela We can see Ramaphosa style of ruling, he has no branches back-up, ANC as a whole is not loyal nor reliable, so he is creating his name amongst poor ignorant, stupid Soldiers to guard for his manipulative acts. We see you Boy.

Bull💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 He must tell us where he hide R500b wow really. i think they are out there to protect his friends Nini futhi? Dictatorship in the making To close church is abuse of life Mr President open churches maybe God will have forgive us and heal us This soldiers must be deployed to combat crime all the time. Our country is on a low intensity war caused by rampant violence and crime in general.

There ones that have been deployed in the Cape flats was this achieved? Which means No more alcohol anytime soon.. 👋👋👋 Just like they did last time CyrilRamaphosa ? VoetsekANC Citizens r forced to covid regulations yet abo Mthembu died defying the regulations 🤔 Atleast they will kill someone so soon

Hahaha, but not reduce crime... They can sort out people for petty crime but can't sort out legitimate issues like theft, murder, drug trafficking etc? Lol. Impressed... Like it did when they were assaulting and killing people at the start of lockdown? Yeah right. That's not for covid. Death will take any life it wants no soldier can stop that

Soldiers fight wars not diseases. You send doctors for that. This is a declaration of war against citizens. These soldiers murdered people and we’re still to hear about what happened to those involved. We don't those rubbish in our community they must work in borders of South Africa to protect the country that is their duty not to terrorize the citizens

So these soldiers are going to protect us against COVID? Udlala ngemali yethu kodwa lotata. Those people are needed at borders and why does CyrilRamaphosa like terrorizing the people of SA kanti? When they opened borders and locked us down what did they think was going to happen Ooh Jesu safa saphela👀🙄

Like they preserved the lives of Collins Khosa(Alexandra), Mthokozisi Shabangu(Betty's good, Ermelo)? Still wondering how this costs 95 million from the taxpayer ... do we not pay soldiers when they sitting in barracks not protecting the countries borders only when they get deployed to control citizens ?

That's if it's not a story so that the money to his bank account. Ramaphosa seems to be a lot more greedy than zuma We are slowly becoming a MILITARY STATE Throwing more money that they don't have away Ya right I agree with Sentletse here, Ramawobble is useless. We only hear about their deployment, visibility is none.

Despite 2,122 soldiers, jackson mthembu's life was not 'preserve' And poverty. Uxolo mistress🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺, but the soldier in this pic looks like some No.1 I once saw in parly... Some No.1!!! JvanLogg Stop deploying the army, and start deploying medicines like Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine. Also why are the primary health care centres not deploying Vit D, C and zinc. This is accepted worldwide to help reduce the severity of the disease.

Nice and stale (news). Cause Covid19 is dealing with ministers now You are lying bringing soldiers mean one thing, to terrorize the people and instill fear ! This just means the pres was lting about lifting lockdown anytime soon Who's not complying gabotse? I've never seen anyone breaking regulations for about 3 weeks now You guys are good at wasting money when you've just said there's no money for vaccine rollout

Uyahlanya lo And the election kitty? Property? I'm wondering Is the President convinced that citizens are as disobedient as his CABINET and other state employees🤭 He'd be (mostly)right about that😁 More control Allon beaches I suppose Agenda 21 coming in2 full swing to terrorize citizens stripping them 4rm their God Given Rights. We're closer to a 1 World Government than we think! Principles of the UN coming to fruition 'A World Standing Army.' HOW to use fear 2take over a country without firing a single shot

Pray to this guy you don't get a good Klap😂😂.. SANDF is nothing like SAPS. SAPS is easy pickings 2klip you free to go, these guys are programmed to follow orders to the letter.😂 Lol Has the president forgotten about morw than 11 people who were killed by the army last year during the lockdown. Well let people taste their medicine, thats what they voted for. A

Are we in world war 3?🤔🤔🤔 But when the streets are filled with drugs, killings, abuse, and many social issues - they just stare at us and tell us to be careful when walking alone or driving in hotspots that should not even exist. But okay Cupcake. He is always waitin fo somethin to satisfy his will.

Is there any book you wanna read Including local Books[Novels, Poems etc] but can't get it because it's hard to find?Here's your chance!DM me with name the of the book and I'll definitely get it for you In PDF format! 0631616798 N. B R50 service fee but I never met one on R37 and R71 people are chris crossing without wearing a mask.

'Will preserve life'? Same guy yet we had Marikana massacres & COVID19 murders. 🤔 But they can't deploy them bo sunnyside and hillbrow This is a drill fellas. They are sending out their soldiers to kill us. 'Soldiers go whip your nays cause it look like donkey,' Fela Kuti VoetsekANC Why does deploying soldiers cost anything? It’s the Govt paying a Govt department. They are already employed, the equipment already paid for! It’s akin to saying the Govt has to pay the police to be deployed

Martial law Has he ever done that to hunt down illegal immigrants? Thank my Mr President. other nations deploying vaccines Sending soldiers into gang infested areas like the Cape Flats will preserve life, health and property... but that's been too much to ask for years 🤷‍♀️ guns will now shoot down COVID-19 virus.

Everytime we see them we know how useless the police are SAPoliceService MYANC ParliamentofRSA why do we pay the police to do a job they can't ANCParliament Our_DA VFPlus EFFSouthAfrica How about deploying them across our borders? And spend 99 million a month. ehhh madoda is he planning to bring the Army back to the streets again

Civil War 🤷🏾‍♂️ CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA How about deploying them to the Mozambique border to ensure ISIS stays where they are, that is more of a threat than this virus Hmm bringing the army back on the streets can only mean one thing.....we going to level 5 regulations. The next family meeting, before the 15 of Feb, is not coming with good news. This is a build up to winter.

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Also in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, there is a huge storm coming, people will need their help And yet gangster are beheading each other in public