Moody's move SA to junk status

Moody's move SA to junk status

2020-03-28 09:35:00 AM

Moody's move SA to junk status

All three major ratings agencies have now moved South Africa to junk status.

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No time to worry about this now, we got the other issues to stress about Because the world economy is doing better than us right? Wait, they not. This is economicsabotage UvekaR To hell with Moody's we have more important issues to deal with. Now is not the time for any grading while the world is falling apart. Bring all currencies in line and stop warfare. Put your energies there

We have serious issue we're dealing with and this people are after money we don't carw about this people all we care is the health of our people Every cloud has a silver lining it can not be all gloom and doom this also shall pass and we will be a better country from lessons learnt if we start now changing our lifestyle for best and do the right thing

Mr/Ms Moody plse leave us alone. People are dying coronavirus. That happens when people who should be on pensions and retired are running the country using 1965 ideas... no thinking and no innovation or creativity... RSA2020 Talk about kicking someone when he is down. Moodys you should be ashamed of how you do business at this time. This is not the time for this

Fuck moody's To hell with moody's European nations, USA, China, India, Iran, and many other high risk travel fanatic hotspot countries will never be the same after this pandemic. (If this ever goes away) I want to see Moody's reaction then. Other people Moodys they don't like peace the way we are together to fight COVID19 then they come up with this so people they can loose focus and start to blame gorvement, parties or old south africa.. Kharebaba fire hamba Satan.. TogetherWeAreStronger

Y'all are too moody The whole world is in junk status as far as I’m concerned, no economy will be the same post covid 19. Now is not the time to be moody Manje wena moody s'khiphan ngawe Hambofa Moody everyone is on junk status Ba moody nje abo mabasiyeke. Moody can go to hell ,they cant kick us while we are already down.we are fighting a war here

Ms_LeratoN We never given a chance to rate moodeys ... when will that happen? This is meaningless as every country in the world has had a major negative impact due to Coronavirus. The most important question is what is the capability of South Africa to recover. Very sad. Couldn't they have atleast waited till after the crises. Whats wrong with these people. Slam the last nail wont you. Shame on you

Just at the right time before Covid19 could be used as a scapegoat. This is like kicking a dog when it’s lying down. But it was on the cards all along. Just horrible timing! Abafuseg labo❗ 😤 Who trusts Moody's these days? We don’t care about Moody’s right now they can stuff it, as long as the ppl of SA can survive this pandemic!

Somebody explain to me what is this agency thing,we need it as South Africa?Scrap rules and regulations that subject us to this cruel system Capitalist system. Moody go to hell and prepare a room for coronavirus , you two deserve to be on right hand of the Devi. Jesus Christ will help us but we also have to do our part

About time I knew it Do we need Moody's Honestly do we need credit ratings? If you have the knowledge plz explain.

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