Money, not prayer, is reopening churches

Money, not prayer, is reopening churches

2020-05-28 08:34:00 AM

Money, not prayer, is reopening churches

Churches are reopening for economic reasons, not because we need prayer to save the nation.

As a devout Christian, the announcement that churches will reopen disheartens me, amid a pandemic in which the numbers of people infected and the death toll continues to rise.I question if it’s really necessary to open churches, especially when the largest proportion of the population, at least in black communities, are the elderly.

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While we want to congregate for mass and to worship as a collective, the church is only the physical symbol of a relationship with Christ. To talk to a higher power does not require one to be within walls, it requires one to speak to their God, Allah or Buddha from their heart and to practise the teachings of whatever doctrine they ascribe to.

I am saddened because I am of the opinion that it was not belief that was at the cornerstone of the South African Council of Churches (SACC) request for places of worship to open their doors. SACC general secretary Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana said the income of some churches had been seriously affected because of the effect the lockdown had on church members’ income.

This was the perfect opportunity for places of worship to reassert the notion that whichever God one may elect to worship is omnipresent, but the opportunity was lost.When offerings are thrown into the collection basket, how will the transmission of infectious agents be prevented? In charismatic churches, when the “spirit” takes over and members collapse mid-service, how will social distancing be maintained?

The Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities has in the past failed to rein in churches for inappropriate behaviour. What will change now when “Covid-19 Anointing Oil” is sold to congregants whose blind faith supersedes their knowledge?

South Africans are gullible about their faiths and while some places of worship may remain true to their doctrines, the collective motive for reopening of places of worship erodes character and belief! Read more: The Citizen News »

Definitely money behind it, some of the pastors OR rather so called prophets luxury lifestyle are comprised Pastor's are about to call the richest of their congregants and tell them they can be part of the 50 allowed. santana_jewels So then every business can open by that logic. Those devils in the churches masquerading as pastors wants money from their brainwashed&ignorant followers, let's not be fooled churches have never been&will never be essential services

🤔 The generalisation is not true. Our church people donated extra funds during Covid_19SA to increase the ability of the church to assist people in need. Open or not will have no impact on our church activities. I agree, they should have just said business owners are demanding their businesses to be opened

The amount they collect in one month divided by the number of deaths in their congregation in the next 6 weeks is the price placed on the lives lost. And it’s a deal the prayerlords are happy to make (with that other character in their narrative). All these Pastors who wants churches to reopen are no different to Bushiri...& their congregation must never ever criticize those of major1, same whatsapp group.

Churches are reopening because the ANC wants their members' votes. Cynical.

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