MK Vets say government overreacted to ‘hostage situation’

MK Vets say government overreacted to ‘hostage situation’

2021-10-17 12:15:00 PM

MK Vets say government overreacted to ‘hostage situation’

Disbanded military veterans association says government used ‘excessive force to resolve a nonviolent situation’

Belinda PhetoThandi Modise. Picture: FREDDY MAVUNDAThe disbanded Umkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has demanded the immediate release of 56 people arrested for allegedly holding two ministers and a deputy minister hostage.Defence minister Thandi Modise, her deputy Thabang Makwetla and minister in the presidency Mondli Gungubele were kept hostage for two hours and 50 minutes in Pretoria on Thursday evening.

They were meeting liberation war veterans at the St George’s Hotel to hear complaints ranging from lack of decent housing to the government's failure to provide for their children.Though the MKMVA was not part of the meeting as an organisation, it said on Saturday that some of its members were part of the meeting.

In a statement issued through its spokesperson Carl Niehaus, the MKMVA lambasted the government for what it described as a total overreaction when the police special task force “used excessive force to resolve a nonexistent hostage, and nonviolent, situation”.

The organisation said the veterans were unhappy and frustrated when deputy president David Mabuza failed to attend the meeting and sent other members of the national executive instead.“It was reasonable of them to have refused to engage with these substitutes because deputy president Mabuza is the directly designated person with the duty to address the concerns of military veterans,” said Niehaus.

“It is not correct, and unnecessarily alarmist, to allege that a hostage situation unfolded at the St George’s Hotel and Conference Centre. At no stage was there any violence, or threat to the lives of the two ministers and one deputy minister.”On Thursday, national police spokesperson Brig Vish Naidoo said police “penetrated the room where the hostages were being held”, and no shots were fired.

He confirmed that 56 people were arrested and “they are likely to face charges of at least three counts of kidnapping”.The MKMVA said it is deeply concerned that 56 military veterans were arrested, adding that they were mostly elderly and included three women.

“It is even more disconcerting that stun grenades were used in the raid on the meeting venue, and that some of those who have been arrested sustained injuries.”The MKMVA said the government seemed to be ignoring the frustrations of military veterans, which centred on the “dysfunctional” government department that was supposed to have their welfare at heart.

“One of the serious consequences of the administrative failures of the department of military veterans is that the school fees of children and dependents of military veterans have not been paid,” said Niehaus.“Among the other demands of military veterans, this critical issue must be fast-tracked and the outstanding school fees must be paid. The wellbeing and education of our children must never be endangered by mismanagement.”

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Why do you call them 'MK vets'? We need our laugh a minute amusements from our toyi toyiing classes They are so used to lawlessness that any kind of action will be seen as an 'overreaction' May God continue to bless you ma'am I never believe it's going to work out because I have lost a lot in different places I know one day they will face the judgment. I really appreciate you Lisahawthorrne

MK Vets say government overreacted to ‘hostage situation’Disbanded military veterans association says government used ‘excessive force to resolve a nonviolent situation’ These MK clowns should be disbanded and outlawed. An ill-disciplined combatant is a criminal. Just imagine if a group of Boer militants took a minister hostage? Utterly inexcusable and the law must take it cause to prevent future occurrence. Cause and effect, one party always objects. “What I do wrong”

Military vets hostage situation no surpriseThe problem is that when nothing is done, or at least seen to be done, you can’t blame people for taking action. You remember calling bouncers to kidnap, our leaders in Parly, Goreng go kidnapiwa mo Ngwaneng? Gogo modise failed to take her of her pigs so now do you think she will take care of our soldiers 😏

Ramaphosa blamed for military vets ’hostage’ incidentANC President Cyril Ramaphosa and ANC Deputy President David Mabuza. Photo: Ayanda Ndamane African News Agency (ANA) 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious darren_olivier Of course Why?🤣🤣🤣

Mounting calls for the release of military vets arrested after hostage dramaThe disbanded uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans' Association has accused the presidential task team of exacerbated divisions among military veterans. Ah.... so the law is only for certain part of the population.... the other can do what they want.... mmmmm ja né Calls from who? I don't like the ANC ministers - but screw these people who take hostages. This is an insurrectionist act against the Republic, they should be made an example of and put in jail - any benefit as veterans should also be forfeit.

Military vets were prepared to hold ministers 'for days'Military veterans who took cabinet ministers hostage this week say they had been prepared to hold them for days until their demands were met Did they have weapons? Mood of optimism The writing is on the wall, Ramaphosa have DISMALLY FAILED the country, including freedom fighters!!!

Military vets were prepared to hold ministers 'for days'Military veterans who took cabinet ministers hostage this week say they had been prepared to hold them for days until their demands were met I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. Lisahawthorrne I can't thank you enough. They brought a long list of freedom songs to sing. This is joke..