Military equipment, vehicles destroyed as fire tears through army base

More than 200 military vehicles, including Nyalas, trailers and other military equipment, were burnt to ashes after a fire broke out at the military's Wallmansthal vehicle depot, north of Pretoria.

2021-09-17 07:19:00 PM

More than 200 military vehicles, including Nyalas, trailers and other military equipment, were burnt to ashes after a fire broke out at the military's Wallmansthal vehicle depot, north of Pretoria.

More than 200 military vehicles, including Nyalas, trailers and other military equipment, were burnt to ashes after a fire broke out at the military's Wallmansthal vehicle depot, north of Pretoria.

Image:Wblower029 via TwitterMore than 200 military vehicles, including Nyalas, trailers and other military equipment, were burnt to ashes after a fire broke out at the military’s Wallmansthal vehicle depot, north of Pretoria.According to the Sinoville Firefighting Association, which was first on the scene, the fire broke out just before 7pm on Thursday.

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“An officer from the army base called to say the base was on fire, and the section where they park vehicles, and they needed our assistance very urgently. We immediately dispatched members with a fire engine, and they arrived there at about 7.15pm,” said association chairperson JP Botha.

The team was later joined by the Apies River rural fire protection association, and they battled the blaze until about 1am.“The vehicles are still burning this afternoon,” Botha said on Friday. Read more: Times LIVE »

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Malenga__ It can only be the work if MKMVA. The renegade army. It is either the State security agency is part working with them or scared of them. I still think they are responsible for the whole acts of arson happening around the country. A good tender is coming into someone's pocket to replace them.

😦 Westerners will destroy and sabotage South Africa Military and Security to keep it week so that in the event of Land Invasion by Blacks the Boers will win the War!!! Cash injection coming up Bezihleli zingasebenzi niyaythanda drama Important to state that these were scrap vehicles awaiting disposal how the hell does that happen..., and it's not the first time; bizarre

Tenders loading..... mpotse20 Didn't realise we had that many to be honest. So our army couldn’t be ready stop stop this fire? Talk about being caught with its pants down, I shiver with the thought of defending us in a real attack . Will we survive🤦🏿‍♂️

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Why the reporter used an old pic with old vehicles, only God knows. Times live reporting skills are very poor, I’m surprised they didn’t find a way to pin Zuma to this incident Can you imagine these okes fighting a war? Their spam would be spammed. 🙄 ntomb_1 Weeeee , ay okwalelizwe Nkosi Yami 🤔 I suspect a cadre needed a contract of buying military vehicles for the state or someone is planning something sinister worse than the recent civilian uprisings so called looting.😉

The tells a story. These trucks look like they’ve been standing there for ages. We’re they in use? It doesn’t appear so. As a patriotic South African 🇿🇦. This real hit me so much hard 😭💔😢. May we vote 🗳 out MYANC It a sign to act, basically they can't travel to a place of unrest. Sabotage.... Ramaphosa is really collapsing our economy

WATCH: Man destroys fleet of trucks with tractor loader after being ’fired’A man who was allegedly fired wreaked revenge by using a tractor-loader-backhoe, more commonly referred to as a TLB, to destroy a fleet of trucks in spectacular fashion. 🙈🙈🙈Ooohh damn,such a brave one heiiii Copycats anticipated in South Africa. Tractor l thought its called excavator

Sabotage!!!? RET FORCES infiltrated the army anc do this to SA This is disaster Welcome to the world of incompetence, indecision and reckless irresponsibility. You took koo beans from a wrong house In construction sector,we have safety officers,we do fire drill atleast twice a month for things like this,at Eskom power stations they have fire fighters stationed there,I'm asking myself if this is the case at SANDF?

Maintenance is something you spread on toast, right. It's the tears of the poor people they took food from, next must be zondos house & ramaphosa Hospitals on fire 🔥 , schools on fire 🔥 army base on fire 🔥 businesses on fire 🔥. But politicians are safe . Poor human settlements on fire 🔥 👀😢

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Try something Else... Please Fellow cadres, let us hurry and go chow the tenders to replace the burnt equipment 🤤 So military under attack Who is mandated as accountable for Fire Safety Regs on this base 2021 approx 200 x military vehicles destroyed 2017 approx 83 x military vehicles destroyed Apparently all unused vehicles used for spares Who do we believe

Fire broke out REALLY! This is either gross negligence or malicious intent. These things don't just happen Mmmmmm what's de cause of the fire if someone may ask AmandaBlackSA The Lord's work Mkmva arsonists

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You'll really want this country to be defenceless when you'll attack next year in June neh?! Saze sasiphila isifuseki xem 200? Where the heck were the fire extinguishers? We taxpayers are going to be ripped off to replace someone's negligence. Maybe they have not been paid for the last work they did during the first lockdown

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 SANDF have no Nyalas. That fire was maybe set on purpose because if they not happy they burn every thing How is it possible 🤔 ....arrest all those in charge of the base for treason Remember someone is going to get a tender to replace them 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Crippling them

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There is no negligence here we are not children sth is cooking and if government is fast asleep we are in deep shit, ISIL is approaching with boarders porous like now I see no SA in the near future but another Afghanistan we waiting to see accountability sbd must account. Hey wena, those were unused scraps beyond repair, written off

Fucken redundant equipment... SAY IT! pathetic headline Now we can act, they wont be able to send the army on us. Unless those soldiers are gonna run grom Pretoria to cape town Yeah, 200 is a lot of money, who gonna pay to replace those..? _AfricanSoil you've done it again. This time you will be sentenced udilika jele.

SANDF knows as well as the people at the level govt know, kudlalwa ngathi la. Uzozwa bazothini ke o Dom Kop...This have everything to do with Zuma..This is a results on 9 waisted years. Hei ngoba my President wakuthwala wakubeletha madoda..Sithule nje sibukele Films. Their best, rich, educated, not corrupt thumayena President wabo.

...and no-one is asking how bad the SANDF has become that they can have over 200 vehicles standing broken, unserviced and undrivable in a field...? They wanna damage the army so they can cause more unrest around elections

If they can't spend their own money properly, how can they spend yours? Steenhuisen tears into ANCSteenhuisen tore into the ANC on Wednesday, saying the ruling party could not be trusted with voters' money because it could not even pay its own staff. During the event of APS attack in 2014, Muhammad Qasim saw Prophet Muhammad SAW in his dream twice in the same night, urging him to share his dreams with the Muslim ummah. To learn more about the message of dreams visit - or search ‘Muhammad Qasim Dreams’

The Taliban has better control of their military force than we do.. Hmmm 🤔 Who is burning the security vehicles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ayi SA is the biggest joke of all times They wanted to buy new ones unfortunately those old one was destroyed by fire. Is this the same base where criminals stole ammunition?,

a fire 'BROKE OUT' ? wonder if that is the truth!? Zyakhala ke manje No sinister motive we all know this is internal sabotage and it's clear that orders came from top, the so called commanders... allegedly. But those were scraps unused or damaged equipments

PetersWonderboy I wouldn't be surprised if it was done on purpose Yhoo inzima lendlela They busy searching baked beans in the shack, yet can't even fight fire. Since Cyril took over everything has turned to sh1t Inside job. The insurance company about to be bankrupt, 200 vehicles? The insurance company be like

Aykhale Robinfield19 Fire - destructive tool of choice by the devils children Decommissioned ! Subcontractors to be invited soon, this was planned... There's no such

😂 😂 😂 This other media called News24 said thousands vehicles 🤣🤣🤣 there's no media in SA🤞 They are destroying some evidence of some sort... we are being fooled that the fire can destroy 200 vehicles without it being contained... we would b fools to believe such. SA is just a mafia state. Even Watson was destroyed in SA to can live again in England... mcim!!! SA...

Something is not right in SouthAfrica. Seems like these sabotaging of key infrastructure is not isolated. Someone is preparing to make SA ungovernable and our security agency is fast asleep at the wheel Regime change....pending At the same time that the SAn nation is distraught about the safety & security domestically&nationally, this is a tragic warning sign about the competence & credibility of the SANDF😳Whether the vehicles are old & unused or not, how is this type of carelessness even allowed⁉️🔥🙄

Why all of a sudden the buildings are torched? Every week there's a leading story about fire here & there. Even police investigations do not produce tangible results. SAPS crime intelligence should do their job. Go nkga tlhapi !! It's no longer a natural fire? Which informal settlement, how many shacks burnt?

Replacement Tender loading... Followed by Refurbishment of railway infrastructure This is alarming Everything is burning under New Dawn

Sabotage Abramjee Another display of the reckless inability of our armed forces Insurrection 🤐 Abramjee Every thing the ANC touches turns into shit. Abramjee They don't even have fire extinguishers ... what a mess... black managers useless I am suspecting the forces in Mozambique. Destabilize then attack strategy is at play.

They don't want anything that reminds them of the previous govt The propaganda media already plotting how to link this to Zuma. 4 years Ramaphosa in government, nothing changed,in fact everything is worse! CyrilMustResign Where is Ramaphosa?

Our ancestors working overtime to protect us from dictatorship ... What If Edward Zuma is paying revenge This is the work of the disgruntled members of the ANC, the so called instigators and insurrectionists Sabotage Insurgence at play here... Sisekakeni! Abramjee Purposefully fine, arson. Tenderpreneurs and what happens if there’s another civil riot? No vehicles .

PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa this can't be business as usual, whether it's old broken vehicles as reported its immaterial. Fact is fire broke out at National Key Point and this is a security threat, and by look of things emergency personnel were helpless to extinguishe the fire. Abramjee The military is supposed to be trained in fire fighting. Incompetence

They should have been used to help the poor , so I guess we didn’t need them

Next thing violence will break out and we will see the deployment of UN forces stating the reason that we don’t have enough military vehicles kanti vele that was the whole plan from scratch to have UN here🙄🙄🙄 IFC_org BBCWorld WHO EU_Commission eu_eeas AusGov NewZealandGov EnglandGov MoodysInvSvc stat_world questCNN MinPres NEDemocracy en_germany UKParliament DailyMailUK SwedenUN swiss_un FBI FitchRatings UN

I thought these vehicles are fireproofed until this incident open my eyes How does this happen? No fire fighting equipment? Somethings not burning right here! Was the figures estimated..?😩 OMG! what is this..can the fat cat generals minister president explain this pure madness..are these ppl capable of governing & maintaining a country..can they protect & defend SAns..we have dummies in power I'm telling u

Is this the anger a certain family was talking about in the media? Abramjee VOTE OUT ANC Most of the trucks ther are old AF Let Cyril deal with it, this is his lingering curse…

Abramjee Sabotage for sure , only in SA That's probably equivalent to the entire Botswana or Lesotho army's equipment Where were the people that are suppose to check if the place is OK. This is insane madness So, basically we have, what, 50 vehicles left then? Abramjee What happened to the fire brigade that where there?

Cyril Ramaphosa mustfall. His administration looted PPE funds now is burning State Security assets. Looting... The longest surviving terminal ill Shabir Shaik & the ghosts of Mac Maharaj are TENDERISING for ZUMA…R2 trillion ARMS DEAL in the pipeline. Hehehe Abramjee Zisakhala or kwenzakalani?

Real insurrection not the previous one. Sh*thole. This is just part of a bigger plan and millions of rands are involved Useless Abramjee They are all scraped and decommissioned vehicles Markant26582436 Banana Republic... 😴 A symbol of where we are now in a mindless autocracy. Our freedom up in flames. Another way of looting. Soon they will advertise a tender for procurement of the burnt equipments.

kitmokoka Another insurrection🤷‍♀️ Abramjee Don’t worry the taxpayer will buy some more Could UT be linked to recession Judgement of Pres JZ?

Something boiling So vele the military is involved in political battles? I hope am being hyper for NO reason, and this arson was just serious negligence on the personnel 🙈🙈🙈 Abramjee Abramjee Adonbilivit,anyway let me tool. _DJCappuccino Insurance will pay right? Abramjee All because they just didn’t cut the grass. Our government and its leaders are absolutely useless. Those in charge of the base should be fired. But PresidencyZA will just recycle them into other positions. CyrilRamaphosa the recycling king!

Abramjee We are suitably shocked🤣🤣🤣 Abramjee Tender for 10000 nyalas loading .m...... Abramjee So the where not alert

Abramjee Heads must roll. This is unacceptable! I can't believe the army doesn't have a fire department I think it will make sense to have 1 as the deal with disasters as well. Soldiers were complaining that Police did not arrive on Time😂😂😂😂😂 Weird, odd and suspicious... There is something brewing...

When the people who are supposed to anticipate a strike from an enemy and possibly protect us. They fail to deal with fire Mzansi for sure🤔 I just hope the insurance were up to date... If ignorant was a person

Where is the accountability 🙄 Destroy, burn, loot and then blame others based on skin colour when we having nothing left…… Typical New minister new tender...Newdawn new deals They want to start all kinds of revolutions, but can't even start a damn lawnmower!!! Good news..zakhaaala..ibambe ngakho. Anc iyasebe nz ke manj🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bungavinjwa ngani lowomlilo kusasha eyokiqala b4 kize kushe eyes 200? Bebekuth onogada...into yamabomu le ..inside job.nje.qhaa

😂😂😂😂, aiy Cyril even the ancestors are disputing your leadership. The Army is hopeless Zikhala ngempela ke manje where was the intelligence you can not open borders and think you are safe. State security agency is i Tenders, tenders watch out The Arms deal season 2 is loading. 🤞🤞 Q Just.s

What burns so hot They talking about old trucks and nyalas that had mechanical problems since parked from the time of apartheid and they even not 500 Deliberate act to replace and steal to replenish Anc empty coffers. Its a well planned action, a continuation of Anc infighting Deliberate? Show of anger by the Zuma faction?

Someone better tell Cyril, or else he will be ‘shocked’ when he hears they can’t deploy the troops again.. 200 😳😳😳😳 What would the military have done if they were under the police station and fire brigade to get some help This just shows the abhorrent state of our capacity to defend our borders. The military runs on discipline and more discipline..this is grossly absent in SA

Not even a single hose pipe with water to get rid of the 🔥🔥 this was a well orchestrated mission so CR17 cousins would get a tender worth billions Mos now we are exposed to any outside or inside attack, I think this is all planned

Marlaquan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tender for new vehicles ,fusek Lockdown is finished. They can't walk to kick people ANC kickback incoming on the new contract for the replacements. Sabotage Are we safe here This country is a joke ANC turned this country into joke I suspect something Insurrection. Zizi please intervene. 😂😂😂😂

Is this a coincidence or what: since the KZN & Gauteng unrests, lately large infrastructures gets destroyed in fire, it was Christiana hospital, a factory in durban now Army vehicles.

SA needs to be careful..... What if i say it was done purposely? Something big is coming soon and soldiers won't be available around the country to help as they won't have transportation. Take note. New world order. No Nkandla fire pool there? Where was Comrade Carl Niehaus and his army? They could have saved the vehicles 🤣

UN military to be deployed in the name of this . 😳😳😳😳😳😳 comrades are going to be rich from this. Denel has ran out of work🤷🏿‍♂️ Useless! Let's take advantage, they don't have nyalas😂😂😂😂😂 This article is misleading dated 17 September 2017 But you'll can report lies. The fire didn't broke out inside.

Little fires everywhere.

🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 They are disarming the government, be careful everyone. Really!!!! Sabotage, Ja swaer...what does one say that has not been said a million times. Surely if Military can't deal with fire, then how are they going to deal with terrorists Must be the problematic Zulus again New Dawn akere y’all say

SA is vulnerable. Should a war break out we're in for a high jump. They were not in use look at the Pic aow

Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get but with your help, many had been able to achieve their dreams and I am included. Thank you so much. Kristine_Thoms contact Mrs Kristine_Thoms via her handle above ☝️☝️ if you're interested to invest in Btc. I would be curious te know whether the base even has a security officer overseeing occupational sfety standards.

I just want to know whether these vehicles were insured or not?😂😂 HlatseMoja 😳 This was orchestrated by the RET faction within MYANC ,they are targeting resources & infrastructure,this will enable them to unleash anarchy in the name of Jacob 'Butternut Head' Zuma,With state resources diminished they will have a better chance of seizing power once again.

Maybe its that lady she wanna cash in again 🤷🤷🤷 What else can u expect...... This Ramaphosa is the best president we have ever had, he's destroying everything he's charge of😂😂😂 Mxm 'The country will be weakened and taken by force' the great Sanusi Credo Mutwa

It's a 4 years old story 😜😜 Oh well 🤷🏽‍♂️ lindamagalakanq Manje thina sibhebhekaphi mdidi-yeli wephepha?😔 What do you expect from a third world country What I have noticed this days under anc government building get burned, schools hospitals, hotels now military equipment. What are this evil deployed cadres trying to hide? And they won't find anything wrong cause they investigate themself. But one day is one day.

Let the insurance sort that out. They will then assign as task force to determine efficacy of the fire🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Last month it was in potch military base Dont they have military guards any more ? Nothing says incompetent like those arseholes running this country from Loothuli House, this country is fucken fucked struu sGod, everything the comrats are burning down and south africans SI Thule nje, sbukele!

They can't even stop simple fire bathong. More than 200 vehicles?

South Africa 🤦 But the article says this happened in 2017 🤦‍♀️ Nnete hela motlotlegi o ne a bua pleshido_sp This is an old story of the fire drill went wrong or its a new story? ANC ,ifuna imali yokubhadala izisebenzi Zayo ,mind games to get profit September 2017 something is cooking. immobilising our army like that?

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you really can't make this shit up !!! You can't make this stuff up. 😢😢😢

Mhmm very interesting timing? Did something significant happen in the courts recently? Must be all part of a someone can open up a massive overpriced tender for their cousin to replace everything. MANYALA a direga feela ka pushong ya mahodu, a ANC Tender will be out to buy truck's, in that way ama comrades will chow. 😂😂

These insurrectionists are everywhere, believe me! Watch the South African government launch a 3 year enquiry into who did this just to not find them after spending $10 Million. They were not in use anyway🤷🏾‍♂️ Ethnic mobilisation Insurrection Estimated cost R1 billion🧑‍🦯