Mboweni says ANC still has time to 'develop the country' and win next municipal elections

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni has expressed optimism about the future of the ANC.

2021-12-07 03:21:00 PM

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni has expressed optimism about the future of the ANC.

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni has expressed optimism about the future of the ANC.

Before the local government elections last month, Mboweni predicted the ANC would win all eight metros.“The ANC will and has to win all the metros and we will win all of them. All cadres to the front,” he said.However, this proved not be the case after the party did not get enough votes to form a majority government in any metro.

This led to its candidates losing in Johannesburg, Tshwane, and Ekurhuleni after the EFF, ActionSA and other opposition parties voted for the DA's candidates.During , ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula said the ruling party's real punishment was voters not turning out to vote.

He said the will of the people had to be heard and their problems addressed.In a media briefingafter the conclusion of municipal council sittings, Mbalula also admitted the ruling party failed to convince voters to show up for it at the polls.“If the ANC does not implement its renewal programme the people will never be on our side.  headtopics.com

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“What is that renewal programme? A changed organisation that is going back to its values. An organisation that does not only exist for families, for individuals. An organisation that is firm about corruption, an organisation that is serious about governance,” he said.

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Every one of your forecasts is always wrong, so I sincerely hope that you remain true to form and you've just caused the death of the despicable anc

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ANC in JHB concerned by lack of political leadership in councilThe ANC says the DA-led council is failing because coalition parties can't see eye to eye on issues. Since when has the ANC ever been concerned by a lack of political leadership? 🤷‍♂️ There is no leaders in the African National Corruption. Just looters, fraudsters and clowns. They have an interest in Mayoral positions even though they're not going to form the Government.

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