Mboweni: Cabinet must speed up the process for new airline

Mboweni: Cabinet must speed up the process for new airline

2020-11-25 07:05:00 AM

Mboweni: Cabinet must speed up the process for new airline

Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni has questioned whether the country needs a national carrier, less than a month after agreeing to find the cash for a bailout.

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Last month, drivers brought deliveries in Gauteng to a standstill for two days.

File: Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.GCISJOHANNESBURG - Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni says the intention behind his latest tweet on South African Airways (SAA) is to get Cabinet to speed up the process of a new airline.The minister was speaking during an interview with Bloomberg.

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Mboweni has questioned whether the country needs the national carrier. This comes less than a month after agreeing to find the cash for a R10-billion bailout.READ:Mboweni suggests creating an airline partly owned by government as well as the private sector.

"And we should move with speed," he said."We should create an airline that is privately and publicly, owned, issue the number of shares and let people subscribe."He’s told Bloomberg that a restructured airline with equity partners must be concluded soon. headtopics.com

Mboweni has also flagged a potential sovereign debt crisis in the country.His remarks to Bloomberg come after the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) warned that the country's stability is at risk if government's consolidation efforts are unsuccessful.

The bank says the deep ties that bind the country's banks and insurers to the government is a key risk. Mboweni says government has to curb the public sector wage bill which is weighing heavily on the debt.READ:He's previously raised the alarm on government’s limited capacity to act as a backstop in the event of financial sector distress.

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They need the kick back to pay some wages again Sell SAA to China Airlines. The new name could be China-Africa Airlines. Don't start! It's doomed to fail before it even starts. There is no need for a new airline Bayamthethisa... 👀 It will be a black employee airline I believe. It is okey, there will be others who employ people on merit and take “white money”

Waste of time and money And new SABC ? Bad reputation no one will use it Too many government officials fly for free it will never work New tender theft mechanism We don't need a government airlinen, period tito_mboweni mocking South Africans to comment on the airline’s, he knows his decision is already done, shit remember ordinary South Africans don’t use SAA only rich parliamentary who flies fo free to watch Durban July, we only use dead prasa to Mabhida to watch Kaizer chiefs

We do not need a national airline when the global industry is collapsing tito_mboweni 💔💔💔people are starving and children have pit toilets at school OMG having an airline doesn’t make South Africa look any better just a laughing stock but a good economy now that’s something There are currently more SpaceX flights than there are flysaa flights.

Do the cadres need more cash? What about the thousands of people queuing up for days at post offices for R350 And the stunted and starving children? How is this ‘new airline’ supposed to help them? No, this ANC of yours is TAKING funds from them!!! VoetsekANC They in hurry for airline Basic needs for the tax payer they can’t meet Welcome to SA only there greedy needs first ,current government is going bring SA down finish SA off. Other countries try to put the citizens first They will in future borrow more money and tax payer will pay

This, after asking us if another national airline is really needed in SA😳 There’s many things the government could be speeding up, like the infrastructure decay in municipalities. A new airline ain’t one of them🙄. This man and his comrades are shameless. They are laughing in our faces, but “Napoleon is always right”!

I think if SAA is in the process to cut staff so be it , same as SABC it's not the first time these things happens , life will go aheard sorry for those affected, but they will bounce back economically at some time . Good luck the private airlines will destroy your new corrupt airline. 'after agreeing to find the cash for a R10-billion bailout' 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Hayirhaaaa nayitya mali ye Country kunzima ukhupha monthly allowance zethu 🙄🙄🙄🙄 NhlalalaMabasa4 tito_mboweni

For those who were wondering why SAA was given 10BN, part of that money is meant for the new airline the rest is for retrenchment payouts for staff Another 'new airline' to be looted and state captured. New airline? So that you can fly Mahala