Mbeki’s 80th birthday celebrations: Drakensberg Boys Choir serenades him

2022/06/27 17:08:00

Mbeki’s 80th birthday celebrations: Drakensberg Boys Choir serenades him

| 27 June 2022 The Drakensberg Boys Choir sang for former president Thabo Mbeki at his home after he turned 80..Neighbouring residents, some with involvement in the upkeep of the park, allege that a local Inkosi was treating the park like his spaza shop.JOHANNESBURG - Former President Thabo Mbeki has described the East London tavern incident, where 21 teenagers died over the weekend, as a tragic event.


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serenaded. for doing what?

Mbeki on state capture: The ANC has to take responsibilityFormer president Thabo Mbeki spoke to the media about state capture during the continuation of his 80th birthday celebrations on 27 June 2022. This man's groomer must do something about his eyebrows. really? let me help you out (factually based) - no african black president, and his party, has the skills, intelligence or capability to run a department, let alone a whole country.... prove me wrong populationcontrollaw And the individuals who gained AND who knew but kept quiet. Especially those who did so for the sake of the party. Our leaders must account for what they did to us. All the way back to codesa!

Annual traditional hunt in KZN blamed for ‘decimating’ local wildlife | WitnessThe annual traditional hunt has been slammed for allegedly decimating the wildlife at the Royal Natal National Park, in the Bergville area, in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. | WitnessKZN WitnessKZN urgh WitnessKZN Is it the traditional hunt to blame or is it the level of desperate people suffering the highest unemployment rate in the world? WitnessKZN This is disrespectful to the monarch and disingenuous. 1 hunt a year that has been going on for hundreds of years cannot be the cause. Why must everything culturally African be dismissed. Hunting happens throughout the country daily. Do better

Thabo Mbeki: East London tavern deaths a tragedyThe former president has called for no stone to be left unturned in investigating what transpired. Its a wake up cannon This country has become a tragedy. What about this?

US LGBTQ groups protest against abortion rulingPride celebrations take on a tone of outrage amid a wave of antitransgender legislation Being the head of the home isn't easy, you are expected to provide for the home, I lost my job during the pandemic and relied on the little money I had,things were hard until I met Allison_Grillo and started Bitcoin trading, I earned R150,000 in 3 weeks thanks Allison_Grillo. I was scammed through Bitcoin couple of months ago, I started hating Bitcoin until I was introduced to Allison_Grillo, and I gave Bitcoin trading another try, I successfully withdrew $35,000 after two weeks of trading, am so grateful Allison_Grillo thank you. All of a sudden, low minded people would want to hail a human rights rapists country like the United States as one of human rights whereas abortion is legal in China, Russia, South Africa and elsewhere. The US is a danger to any interpretation of human rights on earth.

Hanging out with local rhythm royaltyWhen you find yourself following in your dad’s footsteps by landing a track on the new album by one of the world’s biggest artists, that calls for a celebration. Work with people that will bring positive changes into your life she brought peace and happiness into my life and I will always appreciate her for that.BencyDanie

Nominations for News24's 30 young Mandelas of the future are open - enter today! | News24As South Africans prepare to celebrate the birthday of world icon Nelson Mandela on July 18, we're looking for young changemakers who are inspiring hope and keeping his spirit alive. Ndavele ndanesicefu-cefu please stop with that nonsense already.this person left us le manyala a ANC Sellout,who sold us to whites capitalist