Marriage fraudsters could have their citizenship revoked

“We are now handling a very difficult case of somebody who got married and after getting citizenship he got divorced and went home to fetch the ‘real’ wife.”


“We are now handling a very difficult case of somebody who got married and after getting citizenship he got divorced and went home to fetch the ‘real’ wife.”

Marriages of convenience, which are mostly used by foreigners to gain SA citizenship will become a 'dangerous game' to play in future, warns home affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

3 days ago Speaking to TimesLIVE at the Valentine’s Day mass wedding at Robben Island on Friday, Motsoaledi said young women were often victims of these undesirable marriages, enticed with money. “Young women who need money for their nails, hair and cellphones are usually caught up in these marriages. Some of the girls do it knowingly that they don’t want this marriage, but they do it anyway knowing that they will just discard it. But the new marriage policy will be very clear and have measures in place to minimise occurrence of these marriages of convenience. Those who think that getting married is a game will realise that it’s a dangerous game,” he said. The proposed single marriage law, which is currently being investigated by the SA Law Reform Commission, seeks to give everyone equal rights, regardless of their religious and cultural background. The new statute will replace the Marriage Act of 1961, the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act of 1998 and the Civil Union Act of 2006. The commission is considering either a single act with a unified set of requirements, or an “omnibus option” reflecting the current diverse set of legal requirements and consequences of civil, religious and customary marriages and civil unions. It is also looking into consent and capacity to marry, minimum age, the issuing of marriage licences and marriage ceremonies. It will also look into spousal support, antenuptial agreements, cohabitation rights, dispute resolution in family matters and bogus marriages. Motsoaledi said one of the weaknesses of the current law was that it allowed one person to register a marriage alone, as long they had the required documents. “In the new law we will require them to come together. Some of the women end up getting married unknowingly because they had their documents stolen. So we want both of them to appear together,” he said. The new law is expected to come into effect in 2021. Marriage officers will also be trained to look out for red flags in potential bogus marriages. In cases of foreigners marrying across the border, countries of origin will also be consulted to check the marital status of marriage applicants. “So in the proposed law it’s going to be a little bit tough. We are going to demand some information from the countries of origin that you are actually not married. We will train marriage officers to understand the implications of marrying across the borders. People take marriages like a game ... that I will just marry and annul. But that game will now become a very dangerous one to play,” he said. Motsoaledi said under the new marriage regime teenage marriages will not be tolerated. Statistics from the department of social development show that in 2016 there were 103 teenage divorces and in 2017 there were about 73. Currently parents are allowed to give their daughter's hand in marriage even if they are underage. “There are about 14,600 ministers of religion and 1,400 home affairs officers. All of them will be instructed about this. Even if you go to them as a teen they will tell you that I’m sorry I won’t allow you,” said Motsoaledi. MORE Read more: Times LIVE

That how easy to get many foreigners in mzansi Our constitution is failing us as a nation, any person who immigrate to South Africa should not be given South Afircan citizenship so cheaply by just marrying a South African? Haahaahaa. HomeAffairsSA needs to revisit all the marriages with foreign nationals, starting from 1994 you will see that it was all abt citizenship nothing else and after that make sure that before giving citizenship they need to stay married for 30-40 years

While South Africans struggle to get IDs Dimpsa tse tsa basadi di a phapa Why not jail them for fraud? They must have a rule that says' a person will only get citizenship after 15years of marriage,and they should be staying together,if the south African dies,he won't be allowed to get married until the remainder of those I wish citizens had a say in these rules.

These foreigners turn to be the makotis Sbuda925 Too many young esp Black girls are used by Pakistani and Indian men..These men marry out girls and make babies only to abandon their kids. these women who sell our country for R500 p. should go to the birth country of their husband's What happens to clearing that person 1st of being married or not from their birth of origin and police clearence. Thru their embassy kanti why are we kitting such stupid things get in a way. This way we would easily scrab that person citizenship for lying


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Since when does Home Affairs fixe Marital problems? This minister is just full of drama. 2 weeks ago He failed to demonstrate how in this country it is only undocumented people who get away with crime Sauth African parliament is full of foreign ppl, m talking about Pakistan, Indians, Chinese n name them, bt watch BBC News soze bone any of Xosa, Zulu, Qeya 😂😂😂 M I racist neh bahlali 😱

Kelly2Keletso Yes. .. stop defrauding our people.. I also have a friend who was betrayed for citizenship... a painful story when a baby is involved...😕 Kelly2Keletso If only South African women bebengathandi izinto🤦🏾‍♀️ Akere le tsherane julle murr😠 I know of a similar story where a lady married a Nigerian guys for money, she was being paid monthly while the Nigerian is staying with wmreak wife and kids. But she passed away now.

This has been going on for years... mxim Hahahaha HA is f-+k--g useless and so are u dear minister Citizenship is so cheap eMzansi Take a leaf from Americans, SA is open shit country

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Evil foreigners plays here cause of anc Well, Nigerians have been doing that since tuka years and you wanna act now? Change the ⚖ law. Put RSA first. There's so many that need to be revoked so they can leave It’s only fair to revoke that citizenship Jeff Radebe retired whrn are u retiring? Please do not sign any 27 thing just go.

Thank u When will our ladies learn, this foreign are not real... Them foreigners The British have in some cases denied people of there is no kids. So some will still have kids and divorce you or they bring the wife on as a helper hahahaha People will always find a way

Dark weekend for SA as Eskom announces stage 2 load-sheddingEskom implemented stage 2 load-shedding at 9pm Friday night. Whether u hate EFF or not, Gordhan must be removed. Again!!! What a surprise! We weren't expecting this. Like really we knew after the SONA things were going back to normal. Yes that IR4 city in Lanseria is looking sharp with this blackouts. Fukcen lying ANC.

That citizenship must be revoked, when foreigners get married 👰 here they must just be given spousal permit only like Chinese do.If they want to open businesses it must be registered through the citizen. dinakoos 😂😂😂😂😂 Baningi Unless HomeAffairsSA also issues consequences and deals with those South African citizens that intentionally engage in these bogus marriages then they cannot effectively halt this. Given the widespread poverty the money these girls get offered is too good to pass.

HahahhhHa..stupid South Africans nkazimulomz That's what they do How many of them?why no start with those illegal in the country..Cannot be accounted for!!What a country,Fat bellies matteres the most. themankhosi ANC is corrupt I wish kwaZulu-Natal was a country ,I’m sure our leaders weren’t going to allow this nonsense,how you allow people to compete with its citizens in a developing country,is it a skill to run a spaza shop ?

MMolemi ke lona makhomoreiti le re senyeditseng lefatshe le.le re le ya go lwela lefatshe,le fitlha kwa le kopa dilo di sele,le di tlisa kwano. nna re itsi fa monna a nyala mosadi a ya bogadi,e seng ya lona ya gore monna a nne bogwe. As good as fraud !! Would a “Reasonable Honest “ person do this or was it premeditated and planned ? Cancel his citizenship ! He’s using us like fools !!!!

KELVIN DUSHNISKY: SA has a rich vein of expertise and remains AngloGold Ashanti’s nerve centreCEO says decision to sell SA mines was not a vote of no-confidence in the country but a business move

It is so sad that the minister seems surprised while this things have been happening in the past 3 decades under their watch, mxm this sleepist😏😏😏 Since ke phela I've never seen the groom eyo dula gabo mosadi. Or this trend ke part of 4th industrial revolution? 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ Then let's rather stick to South African by birth status of citizenship

Good move minister ✊🏻 ANC rubbish Government has turned our country into a Banana Republic. Oh this is worse than I thought. Annoying to say the least. And guess what, nothing is going to come out of this It has to be Such has happened to some one I know.The marriage was terminated without her knowledge and she cant see her child to date.The guy has money for lawyers.

Our sister mare Timmytom78 😂😂😂.is the real wife not an illegal immigrant ?

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He was never married to SA woman. So why the divorce? Or he's a polygamist. This has been going on for over 3 decades...why is he acting like he doesn't know this. It always been the case. These women also don't listen...nx This truly brings so much sadness to me because for the past 5years I have dealt with a situation where my agemate we were 18 then married an abusive Man from Malawi who would kick her and a Baby infront of everyone. I'd always take her to res from Varsity until I worked 😭😭😭

Asah_G It has been happening for decades Minister sad that u only discovered that now, Some are married yet they never met their spouses, this is done through your corrupt Home Affairs officials. Why do they become SAns after marriage? Its a trend now. One of these days there will be more foreigners than SA citizens, thanks to open borders

So wait He married a woman in SA And got citizenship? Divorced her Then fetched the real wife back home? So... He never did marry anyone in SA, he IS MARRIED! His HAS ZERO CITIZENSHIP! Has he been deported yet? THERE IS NO DIFFICULT CASE! WISH HIM FAREWELL! Is not unique...there's millions of those matter in your HomeAffairsSA system...meaning all along MYANC led Govt been sleeping on duty. HermanMashaba

You will probably find that he brought his kids, nephews and nieces to SA under his citizenship. SA kodwa we don't learn...

TIISETSO MOTSOENENG: AngloGold’s sale may make foreign investors more nervous about SAOffloading assets at about half the book value underscores miner’s desperation to quit SA Jeez, you think?

Limise_More Lol 😂 happens a lot in the kuntri This sad as fraudsters manage to get citizenship and abiding law people from sa who doesn’t have money can’t get citizenships if the marry outside the country. For u to qualify, u need to have a bank balance of R8500 for three months showing in opening and closing bank balance.

Foreign nationals have long been doing this just to get a South African passport they could use to enter to countries like the UK without a visa. Such fraud is one of the reasons these countries closed their borders on us,yet you’re only acting now!SHAME! They were never citizens to even begin with. They fraudulently obtained their citizenship so its common sense to strike them off the records when they're caught.

U have all resources 2 find him & million others, revoke his citizenship & others & send them back 4 gud. Also wash out we can't wait 4 Mashaba 2 rule this Country & do wat is needed 2 be done. It's clear yr Government is keeping illegal foreigners in S.A 4 personal gain (MONEY) Revoke the citizenship and send him packing back home with that bloody wife of his

Please Bot Bongi bring back this dialogue we have lots of questions on Arron Motswalendi please please GwalaBnews SAfmRadio The minister must be supported yaz. How can we as ordinary citizens offer support? Tshotsho SA banana republic we been knew this for 18 years now Until we have laws that can help SAfricans we will stay like this, if you marry Nigerian you must go get paperwork of Nigeria not a Nigerian get a I'd of Safrican because he's married with RSA woman, Motswalendi must put a laws that can not give citizenship to foreign people

Good minister, at least you have the spine to make tough decisions on issues affecting 👉🏿🇿🇦 Very simple take back the citizenship an don't ever give citizenship to those people who do that , this woman's of us they're so easy to this foreigners who buy them with money shame Could have or “will” have

Our sisters are stupid that's it RulzKay1_ Lol Is the minister shocked 🤣🤣🤣🤣 most foreigners are Mahlangu's now 🤣🤣 Pakistan , Sthole , Ethiopian Tshabangu 🤣🤣🤣 most Zimbabwean Skhosana Minister Motswaledi I trust him so much will deliver, not Mr imagine this in your mouth. BrightGcayiya Home Affairs was supposed to do this long ago!!!

No comment we should take his advice i hope everyone saw his opinion Wow finally catching a wake up call...!!!!

Nearly a quarter of the South African population is made of these Fraudsters, helped by Home Affairs Minister you have our support if you are genuine in dealing and controlling entry to our borders. They should. Wtf!! One day we will lose this country AGAIN. Only this time for good. Stop handing out permits and citezenship like pamphlets as a starter.

And we still say open borders and no control ls, fu.. That, we need refugee camps like all other countries, it can't be that guests become more important than your own citizens. Have controlled immigration for skilled, political refugees and have camps. Sikhathele HermanMashaba i hope you see this these people are always 10 step ahead of us

Good one now can we have an app to check our statuses like Marriage and Death Could? Mncim. ANC has no balls. How about WILL?

Just watch those televised games of P.S.L there are so many foreigners.The stadiums are empty people are tired watching foreigners.We expect the national coach to perform miracles.We are gonna to permit and naturalization requirements enough it's enough. You must act now because in musina thousands of Zimbabweans are flocking in to get RSA grants and return home same time. As for Nigerians and Pakistanis they excel In this marriage fraud with our Sisters to get access .

In any other country the risk of this fraud would have been foreseen and contingencies put in place. But of course it wasn't, we couldn't even foresee that uncontrolled immigration would cause us trouble. Mashaba has my vote Natonal and Province.He must hurry time is running out. Solve it Minister and get rid of that man and his 'real wife' by sending them back to their respective country and revoke that 'citizenship'.

👀👀👀👀👀 how many did the same The system has been abused very badly and our government decided to turn a blind eye. It's time to deal harshly with these opportunists. OMW. And I have been hearing that sing- song for the last 15 yrs.They are 'going to clamp down hard on marriage fraudsters, illegals, false IDs & passports'.And nothing but dololo comes of it. It is useless. Foreigners are still just walking over our borders. Big talk, no action.

The UK has strict laws about this. Women who have been abandoned by these marriage bandits can raise the issue officially and have the man deported or their right to remain canceled. Some foreigners are the pits. Revoke it and deport them for life

Maybe people should be put on probation and not get citizenship outright after marriage. That's the result of allowing mushroom of undocumented Foreigners Nationals. I think that is just a drop in the Ocean. SA are hard done socio-enonomically with this uncontrolled borders. The effects are too many nosensical

This black sister there selling themselves what can bangla do ? A friend of mine told me this guy from Zim wanted a business license so he wanted to use my friend particulars to open a business, the sole intention was not love but a way to enter into business using my friend Lots of them do that actually is quite sickening , HomeAffairsSA should make them wait for 20 years after marriage before they are granted citizenship

Yes they must be deported immediately they land I'm with the real wife. They must not destroy people's lives Asseblief Benchmark from SD then u will make it correct coz they are here just to misuse our sisters and gain access of SA citizenship but remember u won't marry ladies from their country e.g. Pakistanian ladies

We have more South African young ladies married especially to Pakistanian for that purpose and one of the Pakistanian guy did the same to my cousin.

Lona ga le itse sepe. Some of our sisters ke status to be married by a foreigner. They feel special, out of this world! Especially if they get married to those of color, ampor makgoanyana! But when they drop them ba tlhomola pelo la go shwa! Si! That's what they've been doing all this time!CORRUPTION IS RIFE IN 🇿🇦!!

Poverty is the cause of all these problems our sisters marry foreigners with a hope for a better living. Eliminating poverty and unemployment will reduce the nonsense I know a girl who left her high school sweetheart and married a Nigerian man cause he promised her money, after a few months the Nman ghosted her. Girl got back with her HS bf and he lobolad her and nxibisad her, meanwhile she hid a marriage cert ye Niger guy under umatrass

More years to come foreigners are going to charse us out of our own country South African law is jst useless as the ruling party ANC Please revoke all foreign marriage who are divorced cause its obvious is all about citizenship Shame even those who are working marry this guys and after they acquire citizenship dump them and coming out with nothing

Gudeka Yhoo that's the end of business to o 'my paper wife'...I support the Minister on this one. You must be married for at least 26 years before you get citizenship.😂😂😂😂😂

1+X =2 If X =1... If X =0, it can't be 2 still. Nonsense. Who said marriage is for life? Now, you are working even harder. Good job When are you fixing our borders minister and department Gosh! This is another form of women abuse. I'm selling. Female 50k dollars , male is double. I can also marry you and your wife with cost. Inbox. VAT excl.

Talking about it and acknowledging there is a problem is a good start. Alot of this marriages are fraudulent involving lost or cloned I'd doc, or pretense and some are even bought off the shelf for a price. The bureaucratic and rigid nature of government makes this simple matter looks complex. Just revoke the citizenship and nullify the marriages! More importantly, empower the natives economically so that they don’t fall prey to this scams.

This has been happening in UK years ago.. That's how a lot of Africans and Indians got British citizenship. Can we revoke citizenship

Always been like that... That's why many buildings in Sunnyside, Pretoria are owned by foreign nationals. They have used that style for ages now AldrinSampear The citizenship be revoked when the couple gets a divorce. These people are hustling our sisters outchea Helang 🙆‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤣 In the next coming elections let's us vote for Herman Mashaba to put SA first. ANC and EFF are for the foreigners not for South Africans. Apartheid robbed my people decent life and now we have ANC n EFF putting foreigners before SAns. We must stop this madness.

😂😂😂😂😂SATAFRIKA, there are a lot of cases like that in our communities. Home affairs is useless, the law is weak, and everything is a mess. Minister is sleeping Hahahaha ke lenyora There is a lot of those cases! REVOKE THOSE CITIZENSHIP!!!!!!!!REVOKE THEM !!!!!THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY MUST BE PRIORITIZED!!!!!!!REVOKE THOSE CITIZENSHIP

Don’t give the citizenships to anyone because of the marriage cause even the woman can do the same and divorce you and bring the real husband ,finish and klaar

I know someone from ky township who married a pakistani, stayed in the burbs living nice nice but now poor girlie has been kicked out stays in an rdp, dude brought his wife and other kids. Our sisters love money and fall for these scams Too late... Been happening for the longest time Looks easier to marry a foreigner

The US takes this type of thing very seriously. MrSoWhat31 In the USA, you have to sponsor your spouse financially for 10years if they are foreigners and you have to prove it with your income/assets, what they are simply saying is if you are poor with no money you can’t bring a foreign husband/wife rather you move to their country

That's what happens when you have a weak government, it becomes easy to exploit. Revoke his citizenship and deport him and his 'real' wife to wherever they came from. Mxim. This has been happening since forever. ANC should stop thinking people are dumb Niyizinja Nina. Were u sleeping all along? Replace that 'could ' with ' WILL'

A woman shud take the husband's citizenship just like she took his last name, then take her to his country,....this marriage fraud must stop waitse.

There is that case, similar case in Free State. Aouth Africa is a playground for these evil foreigners with bad intentions. When a South African marries a foreigners, the SA should get citizenship of her husband, not the ither way round. I heard these useless things marry some SA on paper only and pays them R500 monthly

Easy to talk about it. Implementing it is another thing. That's an easy way to get citizenship, change the law then We know abt this, do something about it Between April 2018 and June 2019, Motsoaledi said there were more than 2,000 fraudulent marriages, almost all involving foreign nationals. About 1,100 had since been annulled while more than 600 were referred to courts to be dissolved through divorce.

“Even though it is possible to get divorced within 1-10 years of marriage, those who had their citizenship based on marital conditions should have their citizenship revoked if found divorced within this period.” This would make sense to have as a condition. Only one case?!😳 These thread makes me sick, we don't have a government.

It very simple the citizenship must be cancelled. Such marriage should be declared null and void minister.Also ppl marrying SA should have a waiting period before they are granted citizenship. During that period they should prove to the state that their intentions were pure Action must be taken Minister

These foreigners are still going to dribble you for a long time because you're gullible! Too little too late, not like you didn't know about this year's ago tsk looters all u care about is looting All those criminals must be hunted & all their citizenship status revoked Our sisters don't learn 🤣😂 This fraud arrest charge him ,cancel the citizenship and send him home nothing difficult

They must investigate all such if Pakistan man marries south African woman , south African woman should take Pakistani citizenship, not the other way round, please rectify that minister.

Fake Pastors got here for sickness operation and end up opening a church, Mxm😏 This is nothing new .majority are doing that .using every thing here women opportunity etc. I hope it will be published. Something like an offender list. It needs to be trace back as from 1994.💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿I will dance in the rain if it can happen

Thank u minister Cut of citizenship after marriage, even if u get married you dont get citizenship, just residence, period!!! Blixempie555 thank u minister nesbert_kamo There's nothing difficult here deport the bloody fraudster. Why is it a difficult case? The basis of the citizenship was marriage. The marriage qualifies for nullity. Nullity means no citizenship. No citizenship means deportation. Why is so difficult for SA to adress criminality.

Fraudster, Scammer and he should be deported ans his wife too, period SA does not have any borders. Why do you even bother reporting on this BS?

Alot of Pakistanis do that. And poverty is driving our sisters to marry for cash. They collect monthly, while he brings his real wife Our laws needs to be reviewed. There Should be no Citizenship for man when they marry here, only Woman should get, South Africa doesn't have a government! So he is not doing it already?

Open boarders n non existent policies on citizenship n immigration laws.

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