Mandatory vaccination to top conversations in the 2022 academic year at tertiary institutions

ICYMI [VIDEO]: Mandatory vaccination will be at the centre of conversations in the 2022 academic year at tertiary institutions.

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2022-01-16 02:02:00 AM

ICYMI [VIDEO]: Mandatory vaccination will be at the centre of conversations in the 2022 academic year at tertiary institutions.

Mandatory vaccination will be at the centre of conversations in the 2022 academic year at tertiary institutions.This as several universities have moved to ma...

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They better get vaccinated. No one looks forward to swallowing even the common Panadol or GrandPa powders everyday... Great opportunity for strikes and vandalism...if you know anything about students. Students must be united in the fight against mandatory vaccination. Is there ANY book (Including ALL varsity textbooks) you are in need of? . Here's your chance!WhatsApp me on 0631616798 with the tittle of the book and I'll definitely get it for you In PDF format We have ALL local &International Books N.B:ALL books are R50 each (Excl.Textbooks

It will be part of the conversation forever and it will never be implemented. My 6 year old started school on an empty stomach. She came back and there was till no food💔😭. I'm struggling to find employment and in my struggle my family is suffering. Please assist us with mealie meal😔🙏🏻. We'll eat it with sugar water🙇‍♂️🙏🏻

I'm bless the day i invested in your platform because since then i have achieved greatness LindaStouffes Makes u wonder wats been thought at these universities? And it will spark a revolution across the country and it will eradicate the last support base of the president because the ANC will be divided against it. Mandatory will never be justified, it's failing seriously in the US itself with the Supreme Court blocking Biden.

This vaccine nonsense is just a show off from authorities. It should not be rejected!

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