Manana apologises for posting lunch photo

[ICYMI] Manana apologises for posting lunch photo

2020-04-08 07:53:00 AM

[ICYMI] Manana apologises for posting lunch photo

Mduduzi Manana said the minister was collecting personal protective equipment for students at his home.

by having a social gathering with Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.In a media statement released on Tuesday afternoon, Manana said the minister was collecting personal protective equipment for students at his home on Sunday.READ:Ndabeni-Abrahams was reportedly visiting a site in Fourways where students are working on COVID-19 Digital Services to fetch personal protective equipment and was invited to join the Manana family for lunch.

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Manana apologised for posting a photograph of the meeting.READ:"It was irresponsible to post a picture without giving clear context and thereby creating the impression that it was a social lunch. For this, I profusely apologise," the statement read.

Social media users were outraged when Manana posted the picture of the two not observing lockdown regulations.The post has since been taken down. Read more: eNCA »

Come on guys, let's be honest - the real reason we're upset is because the photo clearly shows that they still have wine and we don't. 😂 Awumameli wena uyadelele yazi Apologie accepted As south africans we are not surprised by mananas actions hence we know how delinquent he is He probably had a score to settle or a point to proof by sharing da photo

Why postin it in e first place Meaning lockdown is thing for the past, manana and ndabeni must be arrested for 6 months like any other south Africans or else lift the lockdown. Mnciim. An apology frm something like Manana is like a fart from a drunkard. It smells crap for hours. Can he just shut up and keep entertaining his frnds in his house. We hv a Corona prblm to deal with. Yeses man

Manana it will be better if yo intentions of posting that photo was to draw the attention as i know....not destroy the honorable minister 😂😂😂😂😂What a wow, just for the posting You are a problem boy and you don't grow up Pinocchio can we also get an apology from the ordinary citizens? and the guy that recently spread fake news? seems this is the way

U just spoiled the nice lunch lol Mara Manana Okare Ongwana wa Stout School. Why apologize for telling the truth? 🤔are you so used to lying Ey Manana neh Should be arrested like the rest of the lockdown breakers Dont apologize. You disobeyed the Presidents call. You know you only apologizing because you were caught and there were repercussions. Apologize to the wedding couple, all those rolling in the dust and squatting and all those that were fined. You flout the laws you teach.

Bonzo died for ‘breaking’ lockdown rules... Manana and Stella cannot get away with this ✌️ It's sad Apologies are lips moving. When words come easy and insulting to the masses - who have been 'klapped', kicked and killed for the impossibility of social-distancing in cramped cesspools of squatter camps. Shame on the hypocrites.

Why start by denying wrong doing 1st,,,naye aka thole iguzu nempama loo!!🙌💯 It is like I am sorry I beat women! Rhymes with 🍌 If rubbing prividge in the face of the less fortunate was a person. Akakaze waba i law abiding citizens. Akezwa lo bra He should have been arrested just like the couple who was arrested for getting married during lockdown!

Anc members are above the law Mr Manana you abused women and didn't go to jail we are used to politicians breaking the law and getting away with it civilians are being abused and humiliated during lockdown but you guys can have friendly lunches it's not new it's a norm. Now you sorry you had lunch like other's to wish they had on their table. No work no pay. Be ashamed

Apologize for Posting lunch photo or for breaking lockdown rules For posting? Or for flaunting laws ? Or fir getting caught? Or for lying about the Reasons after? Apologizing for posting the photo🤔not for breaking the law of social distancing, haai ngeke sbali Siyamxolela bantu angaphinde kodwa naye izwe lisazilile 😃

Fool This one thinks he is above the law He wanted to brag how connected he is .. and his ego had now backfired... again They deliberately break the rules. Knowing that they will just apologize later and laugh about it😏 That's what they do all the time He knew exactly what he was doing that's why he even mentioned the timelines, who needs enemies when you've got Manana as a friend.

Nothing wrong wena Manana lana u were indoors post ukudla wats abt posting alcohol That was very humbling. Apology accepted. People remember when you've done something wrong in this lockdown and get caught and the cop lets you off. Remember how you respond here. Fire her she's full of herself Boshwa uxolise Unga phakathi,

How pathetic and insulting to the people of SA.....He can’t apologise for breaking the lockdown rules? The ANC should be ashamed of these people. He did it deliberately, to put Stella in hot water and it worked. And then lying ... much like is in normal nature. Little to late my favorite minister she is now on special leave thanks to your stupid act

Is it the posting of the photo or hosting a social gathering thats in breach of regulations? I think is too late if law can be applied Interestingly in the video PresidencyZA talks about the “impact of such images” NOT the impact of such ACTIONS. So it’s about posting it, not breaking the law or even lying about it.

HOW the city sits solitary, that was full of people! how is she become as a widow! she that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary! QIYNAH (LAMENTATIONS) 1:1 את CEPHER Usile lo bhuti As for us, our eyes as yet failed for our vain help: in our watching we have watched for a nation that could not save us. They hunt our steps, that we cannot go in our streets: our end is near, our days are fulfilled; for our end is come. QIYNAH (LAMENTATIONS) 4:17-18 את CEPHER

And now its all better...Better than the rest of us He did it purposely This bitch doesn't want to grow up Apologising for posting the pic but not apologising for breaking lockdown regulations what we wont do for a free plate of food Mr Manana tell me, are you fatafating Her...... is there anything he does right ?

But he keeps doing it?So sorry,Not sorry! For posting, lying and deleting the photo. Tsek stupid friend. Udayise uStella wena What the President did is unadequate, he should have fired her and show example to other leaderships and the doing that he is sending a clear message to everyone that it is a serious matter

Ndabeni got in trouble because of this one😕☹️☹️ Why is this news... Slay queens behavior.... Uyaphapha nawe Manana, plate of meal has cost someone... Xa uthi uyathwethwa kanti umqolo uphandle,you always have to learn the hard way...kind of friend you are spiteful. He should apologize for the lunch. Beware of backstabbers lol

He must be jailed long tym ago this boy... Political childrens He apologizes for posting photos Hahaha. Manana should be arrested and his friend, special leave my foot. Ordinary citizens are harrased and arrest for trying to visit thier friends and relatives. Are they above the law and law works differently to others

So no apologies for participating in the actual infraction by the minister, just merely revealing it to the public? Hmmm ok Apologize my arse! For posting or having launch? So it's ok if we get arrested for breaking the law?....arrest him as u wud us.... Manana come and beat me up...I need 100k 🤣🤣 Really

Shouldn't you apologise for not doing social distancing and not taking a photo of it? Snitched my bae We have not forgotten how you received candy on the hands after abusing women at your club cubana fourways📚📚📚📚 Apologises for posting tweet or the fact that he did so and got caught out? The other week he was a hero for street vendors this week a moemish aai

Mr Instagram You knew what you were doing Manana. He sold her out Le tagwa ke go phela monate waitsi For posting the image, not apologising for flouting the Lockdown rules And if he had not the law breaker would have gotten away with it!!! Stupid Hehehehehe He should get arrested for breaking the law Apology from both NOT ACCEPTED! Why do they get a slap on the wrist but everyone else breaking the law gets arrested! Why are they not treated the same as everyone else? The answer is....THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW! Come on Cele, show what you made of and arrest them! fairtreatment

Irresponsible This guy is forever apologizing, what's his problem vele. Haisukaa So he’s apologizing for posting the photo, not for what the photo was showing. I’m sorry for walking my dogs as well. Apology not accepted. He is apologizing for posting it? He sold her Judas did to Jesus👌👌👌 Damage already done! She is on special leave just to learn a lesson for the time being

The lies, abuse of women and still in close proximity to power shows the spectacular failure of MYANC government Atshwarwe hela jaaka ba bang ba tshwerwe Why is he scottfree in this, yet again a women is taken a beating from him? Sabotage. He did it on purpose So he is sorry he POSTED the photo !!! .... That is like saying I am sorry I was caught stealing !!!? How about apologising that you broke the lockdown laws ?

Irrelevant Don't apologise we thank you for showing us behind the scene of STAYATHOME while thina we can't even see our FAMILIES. He must apologize to Minister Stella because he got her in trouble..... Old Am sick of this convict. Civilians are not impressed. Apology not accepted SSS_kaDlams Ayi ngathi umoshela ukuxolisa naye uMduduzi 😂

Jail time? He’s always had good judgement...said no-one ever. Why is this guy still employed? NeverForget stopGBV Too late for dt baba The ANC is laughing at us! There was absolutely no need for an apology its not an offense to take a launch with your colleagues in your home after work, Apologises for posting lunch photo,not for breaking the lockdown rules?

'Hit me baby one more time' I think he dd it on purpose trying to get Minister Abrahams fired Kade aye shaya ama flop lomjitha🤦🏽‍♂️ Great leadership CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA GovernmentZA I guess we as citizens can also break the law and apologize without any consequences, I mean that's how things work with your ministers right?

This manana has always been a problem to the country Not for actually hosting the many lunch dates? Lol he apologized for posting not for infringement 😏 Bakuqothela zonezi he should be fired 🤚🏾🤚🏾 Need to be fined 2 the amount no respect for laws He needs to be arrested. Apology not accepted Mr Cele. Are you investigating

Righto South Africa,clearly our leaders are setting the bench mark of what we can and can not do,therefor we can do as we like from now on,no more rules in play,if and only if you get caught breaking “the rules” according to who ever,just apologize and all is good! breaktherules Arrest this piece of dog dwang.

Late Baba People please stop making noise. You are the very same people who voted for ANC. These substandard creatures were put by you in office! Apologies accepted for posting the picture. But you need to go to jail for breaking the covid 19 lock down rule le Stella. Stella behaves like a chick who date the boss, she does whatever she wants knowing she will get away with it.

For 'posting' it... Not for 'hosting' rhe damn lunch huh He must be jailed together with the minister The Scottish Chief Medical Officer was caught flouting the Lock-down law, and resigned with immediate effect. These 'Ministers' should do the same, and/or face being arrested and prosecuted. NO ONE is above the law. PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa must enforce the law here

Why apologize if it was done for essential business purposes? This mask lunch one day will end up at Zondo commision. I rest my case. The quality of our so- called leaders lives much to be desired. It's a pity that in South Africa, we use emotions to vote for our leaders who unfortunately do not respect, the President and the very same people who put them to power. They take us for fools!!!.

The minister first displayed arrogance then later apologies, no heads must role This guy is bad news he must never be any part of leadership the things he makes headlines about always send a wrong message to the whole nation. This boy Manama have no brains I really don't understand how the ANC put him in leadership positions the posting of this picture was deliberate to expose Abrams.

Why not collect gear and go?... why lunch afterward? People will always act recklessly because most of our leaders don't have self discipline. Let erverybody who was arrested also apologise and be realeased then 🤷🏽‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️ This one always apologises. He's sorry he got caught not that he did it. Who knows how many other courtesy lunches hes held

This will show how Mr President plans on dealing with corruption and other government faults when all this is over. Dom le outie Too late sikufuna behind bars Apology for what? She must be arrested or else as a country we take actions He must be arrested too Fire that bithc So I guess we also can get together, have a huge braai with juicy steak n wors and apologize later. Why not arrest him like u did the couple that had a wedding Fair practice for all I say

Scandals, scandals, we are being led by foolish children You heard him guys he is apologising for the photo not that he broke the rules!!! Wooow For posting, not for having an illegal lunch? This guy again... As usual. If it was someone else who doesn't hold an upper status, they'd be arrested/fined right now. It's really not fair.

Who cares! He thinks he is better than the rest of us. Apologise to the ppl arrested at their wedding, or cant visit their kids or walk thror dog!!!!! So this is about the photo?🤔🤔🤔🤔 Meaning breaking the law and not taking accountability is our thing mos. Typical politicians......We are stucked in our homes while they are breaking every law of lockdown and they get to apologise.

Wait I thought no one is above the law including the president himself.. So last time I checked. If u break the law..Proper channel must be followed..wat will happen if we all break the law in the nane of, I'll apologise. Both of them must be arrested simple. Politics at play... Misplaced apology, the issue is not about posting, but the law that was broken, u are safe you were at your house, but She!!! People are in custody for videos they made violating the same law, The same is expected of her. Visuals are not a problem, but the law that was broken!!!

Yawn Fest Attention seeker, Mr Manana? Or it was deliberately move. I still wonder why did he post that photo. You see my friend here needs some advise. You cant be a public representative and a bowler at the same time. If you want to bawl you must join the circus called EFFSouthAfrica that is where the brawlers are and we dont care because they dont run anything meaning.

This woman beater! ‘Apology’ not accepted! It’s as hollow as a cheap Easter Egg. Hastily trying to ‘cover his tracks’, after the public furore over his brazen Tweet. DeceitfulandDimwitted This guy mara 🤔🤔🤔 Manana is troublesome APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. Manana makajeze like all who brake the law. PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa if MduduziManana_ & Stellarated are let off the hook for this obvious illegal act, then everyone arrested for transgressing lockDownSouthAfrica laws must be released. We are being treated like fools & it's unacceptable. They are lying & that's it!

His always fucking up It's time to step down brother. You are a hypocrite. Breaking the law. Lawlessness startes from the top. Set an example and stop being so arrogant and stupid. When are they gonna be arrested? Or they only arrest poor people Unamatshamba why did he posted lunch Photo, A demonstration that it is possible to have a negative IQ. Starts with being a spousal abuser

Just a mere apology? why isn't he arrested like everyone who breaks the rules a couple was arrested on their wedding day and they just let him off the hook just like that...welcome to S.A Are there no rich ppl in the provinces to share free hungry 😰,even my rent Haikona this guy o Dom serious, there's nothing wrong with 'sharing the photo' .. so he doesn't see anything wrong of doing it again but not 'sharing a photo', daiman needs to have his stupidness diluted

My sister and husband were both arrested Yersteday in Pretoria just by going to buy food for the kids, now kids are left alone in the house, why not doing so to the minister too? We dont care bra. Why is he not arrested? Cause if it was us, we will behind bars now🤔 Manana is a noise maker nje Still not arrested?! Tic toc

Why he's not arrested? For my information he's also a citizen of SA Nonsense he knew exactly what he was doing. This guy turn to enjoy to be in the spotlight for bad things nje I hope everyone outraged by this apology will keep this in mind when voting at the next elections 🤷‍♂️ Why? There was mos nothing wrong with the visit.

Wrong answer publicity stunt So he launched a foundation for breaking the law, then uses the same foundation to defend breaking the law. Manana.. akengthule This moffie mduduzimanana is full of himself. He needs to be looked up and get dicked, because that’s what he is looking for. MduduziManana_ What is his story for this

Implications in drama is, vividly, becoming a norm for him, I see. Minister should have known better, why is the minister exposing herself and her own family to COVID-19 risks? It’s less about Manana and more about the wrong action from the minister, we are trying to kill this corona, please go to your home after conducting essential services

Was to show most of them People who did the same action he did are in jail as we speak why is he still walking at the street or is jail made for poor , rich people give statement all the time shame on our justice system This one thinks he is the God of South Africa he just does as he please

Minister of Own Goals🤬 Troublesome Eish this fool, i wonder how his wife handle him He must be arrested like others What if he posted the picture on purpose? He doesn't get it. He's apologizing for the wrong thing. For posting a photo. He's not apologizing for breaking the Lockdown rules. We do not need apologies.... a newly married couple was arrested with their guests....... so politicians are above the law? They better than us,? If President doesnt act that's exactly what they telling us

Waphapha ntante. When i apologise they lock me up send sandf to give me physical torture first Kanjalo nje no arrest nyana no fokol ? I give up on this country Once a liar, always a liar. He is not in any trouble. He is in the NEC. PresidencyZA Is South Africa an animal farm? If not Stellarated should be arrested Mdumanana on behalf of South Africa your apology is not accepted

This fool keeps apologizing,he can't stay away from gov.but ke we have no choice but to forgive him again,otherwise ANCWL will start a 'Hands off Manana' campaign again,breaking our ANC org much further&nokuthi Ekurhuleni Provincial leaders love him Well done Violating lockdown rules only applies to ordinary citizens, but Corona Virus applies to everyone. We are led 🙈

GovernmentZA PresidencyZA CyrilRamaphosa take action against this woman. The damage is already done. Tell this Dumbhead we don’t need his dumb apology one is getting arrested...? Can we also go and have lunch with our friends while collecting some PPE...? 🤷🏽‍♀️ So all the people that have been arrested and fined for breaking lockdown can now also just apologize and everything will be all good again, right?

After how long? They should have done this immediately other than defending themselves with futile facts. Warrant of arrest for Ndabeni Abrahams & Manana please for contravening Act 21 subsection A(i) of COVID-19 Social Distancing Rules of lockdown. As per the arrest of the KZN couple who were trying to get married....

Ooooh nie baie slim nie ne Die 30% het jou daar aan die gat gebyt This guy deserves Nokia3310 And not for breaking lockdown rules? So annoying lento yabo. this guy is an idiot n a liability, n technology is exposin him nje. he was video recorded abusing, audio recorded trying to pay off the abused n now a pic..

Moemish of the LockdownSA Isn't the same guy who beat a woman up in a club, no man this guy must be arrested what kind of leadership is this 😡😡😡😡 How can someone apologize for being honest dad dey dnt take ramaphosa or lockdown crus, no need to apologize but like you for being honest das kind of leadership we want

I'm sure all people that are arrested they did apologize before arresting them. Because he can go to media his apology will be accepted Childish from those 2 ministers. Those should be fired, RSA have 60 million people. To replace them is less stress. No one should be here in this country It's not about posting pictures (for me he did it intentionally to sabotage the president)it's about breaking the lockdown rules or maybe lockdown don't apply to them

4 WHAT? He doesn't owe us an apology ... He should be in Jail like that couple who got arrested at their wedding for violation of lockdown or the nigga who was cought visiting his girlfriend in soweto I'm sorry, Manana can't apologise for posting that lunch photo. He should apologise for his total stupidity and the message conveyed in the photo.

Eish we are tired of your apologies, you just can’t follow law and order . When one is a member of the government of our Nation, the duty to set an example is essential. If one is not able to do so, one leaves office. He should be apologizing for breaking the law, having social gatherings during lockdown. Nothing is wrong with sharing photos 🙄

Nuthead Jackass. Rubbing our noses in the fact that he is squandering our hardearned tax money. He should be arrested Fokof! Neh moz dy man is 4ever apologizing, iyoooh I Wana c hw dis one gona end Apology won’t do good to poor South Africans tht are the victims of the system of the ignorant ministers be the comrade and you will do as you pleased he just show the poor South Africans the stayed indoors without the food on their table took seriously regul

He is exempt from The virus We must be treated equally. It was not essential wht thy are doing. Mr president some are arrested on the spot. Do the same He should apologize for having lunch guests and NOT FOR POSTING PICTURE OF IT. He deliberately broke lockdown law and he is a manipulator of truth. Not a nice person.

Whatever now she was there to collect PPE according to Manana why would he keep PPE at his residence? PresidencyZA DrZweliMkhize we need action as with other people disobeying the lock down laws. CoronavirusInSA lockdownSA In his 'Apology', he tells a Grade 6 Essay of the whole Ministers collecting boxes and boxes of sanitizers, gloves and masks........

I wonder what change will the apology bring Apology? Just waiting to see your resignation letter. When is it coming? Apologies for posting or for actually risky peoples lives? He should of been arrested like other SA citizens who break the lockdown. Manana is troublesome. This one thinks he is some sort of a Prince or Something

Hey mzwandileMasina, I told you that Manana is Bad news!

Mduduzi Manana now accused of lying to cover for Ndabeni-AbrahamsThe former ANC MP has released a statement through his foundation claiming that he created the 'wrong impression' and he's sorry now. I'm waiting for the MYANC Our_DA EFFSouthAfrica and ATMovement_SA statements calling for minister Stella to step down this afternoon and follow Manana Manana has been a pathetic liar. He is lying, if you look at the cover up letter and the caption on Pic he posted , two stories.

'Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks': Manana explains lockdown 'lunch' photoFormer higher education deputy minister Mduduzi Manana said communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks and protective gear from his home before she sat down for lunch. Can I go to my friend to pick sanitizer and braai Wow! So re di nonyana rena now?😂😂😂

'Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks': Manana explains lockdown 'lunch' photoIn a statement issued on Tuesday after public outrage over a picture showing Manana and Ndabeni-Abrahms having lunch and drinks on Sunday, Manana said the minister was picking up a donation from his foundation. So when he posted the picture he forgot to mention a donation from his foundation, she and her husband were hungry they decided to stay for lunch. really now? I wonder where are people like mzwandileMasina, who were singing praises of the very same Manana, when we were complaining that Manana is both a goon and a jerk! Manana is Nothing but a despicable social climber ;Stella has been involved in more scandals than niehaus_carl!

IFP on Ndabeni-Abrahams' lunch with Manana: 'This is not a time for double standards'The IFP has called on Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams to apologise to South Africans for “a grandiose display” of flouting government’s Covid-19 lockdown regulations. Fallen friends will drag you down Stellarated Disgusting display. Poor leadership. Gaah! Or lies.

Ndabeni-Abrahams came to my house to collect gloves and masks, says MananaFormer deputy minister of education Mduduzi Manana says minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams visited his home to collect personal protective equipment and not for a social visit. 🤔 How very convenient? She went there to collect boxes bathong 🤣🤣🤣 The president CyrilRamaphosa must tell me why I should not visit a friend, what's special about Stellarated

'Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks': Manana explains lockdown 'lunch' photoFormer higher education deputy minister Mduduzi Manana said communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams was picking up masks and protective gear from his home before she sat down for lunch. Can I go to my friend to pick sanitizer and braai Wow! So re di nonyana rena now?😂😂😂