Malema calls on people not to show off how they are helping the needy

Malema calls on people not to show off how they are helping the needy

2020-04-10 12:33:00 PM

Malema calls on people not to show off how they are helping the needy

The EFF leader says now is the time to be helping people, but not to expect acclaim for doing it. The party has concurred, saying the left hand must not know what the right hand is doing.

The EFF has announced that all its public representatives, inclusive of MPs, MPLs and councillors will contribute a third of their monthly salaries towards the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund.This came after President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Thursday evening that he, the deputy president, ministers, deputy ministers and premiers would take a one-third pay cut over the next three months as a donation to the Solidarity Fund.

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This inspired numerous other South Africans, including celebrities, to follow suit with pledges of their own.ALSO READ:Bonang donates groceries to families while Black Coffee raises over R90KThe EFF also said in a statement: “We welcome the decision of the executive and the premiers of contributing a third of their salaries to the Solidarity Fund which will finance the war against Covid-19. We call on all public representatives in all spheres of government and all employed people with adequate disposable income to do the same so that we assemble enough resources to fight the rapid spread while still safeguarding South Africa’s fiscal sovereignty.”

The party has called on government to impose an interest-free payment holiday for three months for South Africans who cannot afford to make the payments due to the nationwide lockdown.The red berets said that although they welcomed the extension of the lockdown by an additional 14 days, “we are not convinced that government has taken adequate measures to mitigate against the economic and subsistence consequences on ordinary people”.

“The president and the Covid-19 Command Council are tiptoeing around the financial services sector and are afraid to provide decisive and clear direction that will insulate our people from the economic jeopardy of further exclusion and repossession of their vehicles, businesses and houses.

“This points to the reality that the financial services sector, particularly banks, have disproportionate political control of the elected government.” Read more: The Citizen News »

This chap become more irrelevant by the day , Says the man with no braying rights, the one that donated the same tractor to different communities to score political points.😂😂😂😂 If Malema had anything to offer he would've rubbed it under everybody's noses for months to come. Banyise wena Flip flopa!

Thula wena !!! Flip Flop Flip Flop !!! MbuyiseniNdlozi Sometimes its not showing off but incouraging others and reaching out for support. Malema should take his own advice, then. From someone who donated the same tractor thrice for photo opportunities 😂😂😂 Only because malema and the rest of the cowardly efftellytubbies are standing out by not helping the needy as they are too busy hiding under their beds.

Puts non helpers in bad light does it? SATodayNews UniqueSAProblem irish_za sramphaul Julius_S_Malema always show offs when helping the needy in the previous years. What the fuck is this boy on about? This shows malema is a hypocrite who would turn into a DICTATOR if he would b in POWER Why not And yet tjay is what the EFF does .

Julius_S_Malema isn't showing off his helping. He continues to steal from the people with his illegal cigarettes 🤝 Hope he heeds his own advice, but wait he doesn't really help the needy Is he doing anything? Show all the work being done for all the folks of this country. It may just encourage more people to do more! Don’t stop folks. Let us know what you doing so we can thank you from the bottom of our hearts!💜

MbuyiseniNdlozi Yebo, bt y do we like 2 show off, aii mxm The only valid thing I could recall him ever say. 👍 Marz105 Look who's talking Flip Flopping again Must be a jab at collen.....leave old beefs in the past MbuyiseniNdlozi He is crazy But eff, always show us, how they helped the needy🙅 Julius_S_Malema CIC has spoken,the less privilege aslo have diginity and they need to be protected

Julius Malema is speaking the truth. Start with the EFF He must mind his own business What about this one. Just by making that statement, he’s doing exactly that. Once a narcissist always a narcissist. Is it because maybe there's nothing to show off from EFF Let people be... He only thinks for his people not South African people.

They only follow his example....what about the EFFSouthAfrica hand sanitizer😉. Double standards.....non consistency. 🙄 So that tomorrow he will come tell lies to and say he did this and that privately. 😂 'Language challenge'. 😂😂😂 Yeah because it highlights just how irrelevant the violent and racist EFF really is.

Fckn hypocrites. I remember them dishing eff branded sanitisers... Now that they will not give anymore, now everyone must stop.... It was all over the news when he donated the tractor? Another stupid news paper, when did you interview him? Send his tweets as news and add racist attacks Who have you helped except criticising those who can afford to help?

Especially when giving one tractor to several communities and show off each donation. And what about 'LIVING THE HIGH LIFE' in order to demonstrate to the masses what to strive for. That is a perpetual show off Is it because the EFF can't help and are feeling POORLY for missing propaganda moments The reason being the eff don want to be show up.

MbuyiseniNdlozi Because he doesn't want people to see others helping while he does fuck all. Oh really?! Please implement what you Preace EFF! If you really wanna help you don't need the world to know about it but God gives and He takes away n read Matthew 6v3 Thank you brother But Jesus fed the masses and it made an entry into the Bible.

Do not attack the CIC . EFF people are like Bushiri people. I say spread the good vibes across the nation. It's good for the soul of RSA GovernmentZA WesternCapeGov 😂 Ini kanti lena eniyibhemayo nina EFFSouthAfrica ? Who is he after all That’s whay Jesus teaches us Julius_S_Malema “So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others”. Matthew 6:2

Hes shouldnt have printed those Sanitizers with EFF logo then 🤷🏽‍♂️ That’s what biblical: “When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward” Matthew 6:3-4. MbuyiseniNdlozi 🤣 I don't agree with him and the Bible should not be quoted. EFF does the same and besides, that would also encourage others to do it.

MbuyiseniNdlozi Good call! So true Leader He normally does it. harumutasa He is right. Only humble people donate and help those in need anonymously. Fucking thief Good call. If is now..that the ppl in country knows who gave..who cared...who helped..its a motivation, thank u, and a blessing... I disagree.. We must be grateful and thankful... For those who care enough.. regardless of how big or small.. The charity..It must not go unseen.

MbuyiseniNdlozi He can’t stand being outdone by other political parties and WMC businesses 🤣 MbuyiseniNdlozi Thats because he is not helping anybody. He is a man of word. 100% collect. CIC. MbuyiseniNdlozi Honorable members, representative figures, what does clothing and shoes have to do with the virus, how do we protect ourselves from the ordeal that vulnerable? In the first face of the cold season though...

Tell him to INFORM THE PRESIDENT OF WHAT THE PRESIDENT DONT KNOW OF,,AWE You real have no need to report yhazźzz Is called NEWS? Banesithukuthezi oo boy boy What about his Christmas lunch? Trust Malema to think there is something everyone is doing. His mind is a dark place full of wrong doings and nasty thoughts, I think.🤮🤮🤮

Why is he scared he isnt helping Why? Is it because he sees those appealing to what he has always claimed as his constituency? Nothing stops him from contributing. He can sell his Louis Vuitton something and donate!! He must put his money where his mouth is. MbuyiseniNdlozi Hypocrites! God will punish them all.

How did we come to know about the two tractors that he donated to two communities only to find later that the two tractors were actually one & none was donated to the community but was hired out to the community? Then they should retract their widely public statement about salary cuts MbuyiseniNdlozi Exactly

MbuyiseniNdlozi Voetsek BlackCulture_HM If one is willing to help the needy under the condition that they want to take pics, should we refuse their donation? Think again. Ruraltarain over here Banna 🙄🙄🙄 Bit rich coming from him!!! Landles64023942 Fuck you I'm blocking you Munyai_R_Gundo But his 'fighters' are doing opposite

Bathong Yes, that's a good excuse. I don't see any thing wrong with that.They were flaunting about their salaries earlier. BlackCulture_HM So the were running out of news and they happened to be on Twitter and waiting for Malema to tweets, and they say good shot, breaking news. They cannot sell anything without malema surname, and EFF brand.

You right, why everything but go viral what about the dignity of the receiver. Thank you CIC Why BlackCulture_HM When he does it it's ok, then it only becomes a problem when others do more that he does ! Sies selfishness💩💩💩 yeah no we hate for EFF easter grinch Just like the WHO said.. 'Do not politicize this pandemic' yet we see ANC premiers here in South Africa already placing their faced on government sanitizers to be distributed to homes... Our president CyrilRamaphosa is not saying anything to stop his comrades

Donating and publicizing inspires others to do the same.Juliyasi if it's others it's not ok but only him. I wish to meet one of his classmates. He was a bully I think VBS bank helped you much. Trash rag news. Thats truth I think We really need a cameras if we really helping our fellow South we don't.

Whats hypocrisy? Mxm,Malema applying double standards,does he or his party not show off when he/they has/have built a house for destitute people.Why now when it is not him/them? True, this is not Durban July. Truism They must not show their faces but must share a story to encourage others not a fan of the man or party politics he stand 4. but 2day I thank him 4 his best wishes & may I 2nd his sentiments regarding showing of when helping the needy. its written that your left hand souldnt know what your right hand is doing may JM & his family have a blessed easter

Oops so the big media release about the 30% pay cut was a mistake then ? VBS kingpin he always does mos LEN4Masilela No bullshit we want to see if you did what you promised. Good point CIC templet04415057 This publication is useless, yall gonna report everything happening here? No just the Eff can do that And don't want others to confuckulate their hand sanitizer eff_orts MaVBS 🤣🤣🤑🙈🇿🇼🔥🍥🤮🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

LungaMafilika No, tell a good story and inspire other to do the same. Didn't the whole world know about an unfinished house built in KZN? Flip flop Because it embarrasses the EFF which has done SFA besides produce 6 bottles of branded hand sanitiser. The person who gives to help others and then publisizes it, is doing for his own ego and not to help others.

The Citizen is always writing about the EFF these days. They know who the real leaders of society are in days like these. It's mostly his friends and limelight junkies like MbalulaFikile Zwelinzima1 Manana mzwandileMasina.... whose every mood is for social media consumption. Which one? He always does it....🤔

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Brace yourselves for the worst or act – now! - The Mail & GuardianRevolutions have grown out of less — millions of people without salaries are not going to sit quietly, watching elites live undisturbed. Stop spreading FUD . This is the calm before the storm. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Lockdown riots, theft and looting will result in more deaths than what Corona will cause. You think you are safe in your suburban house? Think again. Honestly at this time , do you think the majority are really that stupid to go for the elite , when they can be focusing on getting food and staying alive . It’s really not about the rich or the poor . This is about us the human race and saving it . Stop spreading FUD.