Malema and Mpofu would be among the first to pay wealth tax for indigent families

EFF leader Julius Malema and prominent lawyer Dali Mpofu would be among the wealthy people an EFF government would target for a special wealth tax to subsidise indigent families.

2021-09-26 11:18:00 PM

EFF leader Julius Malema and prominent lawyer Dali Mpofu would be among the wealthy people an EFF government would target for a special wealth tax to subsidise indigent families.

EFF leader Julius Malema and prominent lawyer Dali Mpofu would be among the wealthy people an EFF government would target for a special wealth tax to subsidise indigent families.

Malema said in rural SA, children continued to fall to their deaths in pit toilets.“It is on this basis that we make the clarion call here on September 26 2021 that we want our land and jobs manje,” he said.“We demand land and jobs namhlanje [today],” Malema chanted.

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In a slew of promises with a slant towards the poor, Malema said the EFF would identify a piece of land in Sandton to build RDP houses to promote integrated human settlements.“We can't have a place for the rich and a place for the poor. We need to bring you together because you belong together,” he said.

EFF-governed municipalities would notstand by and do nothing about sanitation and toilets in schools because education and schools were functions of national and provincial governments. The EFF would go beyond the functions of a municipality to help all people in need.

“There will never be pit toilets in schools that fall under EFF municipalities,” he said.Malema said the EFF manifesto was drafted with input from people across all sections of society, including students, professionals, experts and ordinary people in communities across the country.

In his 92-minute speech, Malema cited specific service delivery concerns raised by different communities that the party consulted in drafting its promises.In Tshwane, for instance, the people of Hammanskraal told the EFF they wanted water, he said.“The people of Tshwane want the municipality to tar their roads in Extension 7 and 8 in ward 90, they want a clinic in Kopanong ward 89 and the people of Mbuyiseni Ndlozi informal settlement in ward 25 want electricity,” he said.

He said the people of Thaba Nchu in Mangaung municipality told the party they wanted water and electricity while the people of eThekwini said they wanted a dumping site in Mashwase area in ward 3 closed and their area cleaned.“They also said they want all the sewer pipes and storm water drainage in Zamani and Woodglen in ward 6 replaced,” said Malema.

Malema claimed that over the past five years, and despite not being in government, the EFF had made a difference where it was represented. The achievements included motions which were adopted by municipalities.These included a motion to stop removal of street vendors in

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 King Sabata Dalindyebo municipality. This, he said, was adopted and the municipality had since stopped removing street vendors and allows them to trade.In theBuffalo City Metropolitan council, EFF councillors tabled a motion for the council to complete Amalinda Housing Co-operative. Malema said the EFF motion was adopted, and the municipality completed the project.

Among the promises were that:Every EFF municipality would conduct a land audit to determine true land ownership details of every piece of land in the municipality, ascertain current land use, and expropriate abandoned and unused land for redistribution to the landless.

Every EFF municipality would have its own municipal land reform plan outlining municipal-based land reform targets. These targets would be aimed at resolving urban land hunger in urban and peri-urban municipalities and ensuring access to land for housing, urban agriculture, and black-led industrial activities. In rural municipalities, these targets would be focused on increasing agricultural production and providing land for housing.

Every EFF municipality would formalise all informal settlements under its jurisdiction and ensure the areas were provided with services and properly zoned to ensure that houses could be built in these areas in short to medium term.Every EFF municipality would have a land and agricultural development directorate to prioritise availing land to needy citizens and provide all the necessary support for agricultural development, including assisting emerging farmers with business planning, production support, and marketing assistance.

EFF ward councillors would work with young people in the wards that they governed to initiate and grow at least one agricultural project, providing a source of income for young people in their respective wards.For indigent households, every EFF municipality would establish indigent household units in the mayor's office by June 2022.

Households that depended on social grants would qualify for free basic services without having to register on the indigent database. The EFF would continue to fight for the increase of social grants.He said all qualifying learners from indigent households would automatically qualify for municipal bursaries.

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Malema would also like municipalities to have anti-corruption units headed by men or women of integrity. He said his party would increase municipal internal audit capacity to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in governance and to pre-empt all forms of corruption.

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yeah...right.... Are we expecting a proper wealth-audit coming from a party that won't even accept a parliamentary instruction to submit its donor list..? And I would also believe in Father Xmas Yes and 100 000s of DA and ANC. What's wrong with that This is all just talk. If he’s in power this country will burn down and there’ll be no way back up

Malema evaded SARS for yrs using Houdini tricks and when cornered, he pleaded guilty and made a compromise agreement to pay little by little. And money from VBS heist was tax free. His house in Sandton is registered under the company own by cigarette smuggler, Mazzoti Inc. wow 😱😱😱😱😱 journalism in this country...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what a joke

All parliamentarians are the ones who must pay heavy taxes and all politicians along with party employees must be taxed heavily. Always the case Why doesn't Julius Malema share some of his wealth with poor black South Africans 🤷‍♂️ Lol. Sure Nonsense

Julius Malema says RDP houses will be built in Sandton if EFF takes over City of JoburgThe upmarket area of Sandton will see the construction of RDP houses near the affluent northern area if the EFF takes over the City of Joburg after the November 1 national local government elections. 😂 Thabo Mbeki's vision repackaged. The people deserve better than ANC RDP houses. Let them build their own on their land. In his yard

They must name the town after Stompie…. The boy who mamma Winnie’s football gang killed… TheCMShow letswalkthetalk And I believe in Father X’Mas 🙄 How come he’s wealthy anyway? Hasn’t done a day’s honest work in his life. He’s stolen it all so will steal more to pay his taxes, if at all. VoetsekEFF voetsemalema vbs

Where in the world will he get the money from o I forgot they will do the same as the ANC full of promises then after the ellections they wipe themself off the public. But who will create jobs,government? On their official salary maybe. But anyone who earns roughly a million a year knows thats not what pays for their Gucci, is it That is all dodgy, undeclared, untaxed stolen cash. VBS

You cannot tax stolen money. VoetsekEFF I’m sure they will pay their share as diligently as the upstanding ANC does….oh wait🤦‍♂️😡🖕🖕🖕 No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity. People are already paying too much tax in this country. Thank you juju you got my vote.

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No matter how much tax Julius_S_Malema and his cronies have to pay, there is always another VBS bank around the corner. But Malema doesn’t pay his taxes. I came across your page at my lowest moment and it's a life changer, thank you so much LindaStouffes Fake News... Dali is not Prominent and Neither is that racist Malema. Everyone knows his agenda.

Julius Malema wealthy? 🙉🙉🙉 You are indeed a great woman to be called, I assure you that i will bring friends to come invest with you because of the excellent work you did for me. I will keep sharing the good news about you LindaStouffes But Julius_S_Malema is a wealthy man that hasn't worked for it except harass and accuse others.

I'm gonna camp here to read comments from cry babies. My first experience happens to be a failure but i never gave up cause i knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously, fortunately i'm smiling today by getting involved with peternice_

WATCH | EFF’s Malema unveils ‘people-centred’ manifesto in Joburg ahead of local electionsThe EFF launched its 2021 local government elections manifesto at Gandhi Square in the Johannesburg CBD on Sunday. Manifesto point 1: We will continue to steal pensioner's money. 2. We will continue to incite racism and hatred but blame it on Jan van Riebeeck. 3. We will get into bed with anyone who will serve our agenda (or have tea with them). I came across your page at my lowest moment and it's a life changer, thank you so much LindaStouffes Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of R60,000 within five days of investment shantelll_142

EFF launches local government election manifesto, new headquarters'Our manifesto is based on many observations that we have made about the state of local government in South Africa,' said EFF leader Julius Malema. OmphileMaotwe Mokone wa di kgona maan. You

EFF to launch municipal election manifestoEFF leader Julius Malema, will launch the party's 2021 local government election manifesto in Johannesburg on Sunday. Bitcoin is something worth talking about, I decided to give it a try when i witnessed how it lifted my friend to his financial hierarchy. I invest R150worth of bitcoin and now with the current increase in bitcoin price I got R5000 just in a week with the help richardmaldona0 Nobody cares.

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