Magashule not fit to be SG of ANC

READER LETTER | It is my belief and opinion that people such as Magashule shouldn't have been elected to such a top position in the first place.

2021-05-18 07:30:00 PM

READER LETTER | It is my belief and opinion that people such as Magashule shouldn't have been elected to such a top position in the first place.

Is Ace Magashule trying to orchestrate a crisis in the ANC? Is he a division sower within the ruling party ranks? Is he so fearless and powerful enough to take on the sitting head of state and his party president? Are his antics of heading to court the last kicks of a dying horse?

Although it seems like his support is waning by each passing day, we must not be fooled. The man amassed such massive wealth during his reign of terror as Free State premier. He is going to use whatever resource is available at his disposal to defend himself.

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Proof of this is his defence in this case. He sought the services of Adv Dali Mpofu who recently won a case of his fellow comrade, Thandi Modise.Desperate times call for desperate measures. A few years back investigative journalist Pieter-Louis Myburgh was called all sorts of names for writing about the deep-rooted rot that besieged the Free State under the rulership of Sekgobelo"Ace" Magashule in his book

Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule's Web of Capture." Even then the secretary-general threatened to sue him.It is my belief and opinion that people such as Magashule shouldn't have been elected to such a top position in the first place. Although he accuses Ramaphosa of vote buying in that 54th 2017 Nasrec conference, he too, under dubious circumstances, wrestled that position from the eligible Senzo Mchunu, winning by a whisker of 26 votes.

Without doubt, Magashule is the potentially most implicated ANC leader in state capture, second to his ally Jacob Zuma. Ramaphosa's New Dawn is gradually bearing fruit! Read more: Sowetan LIVE »

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This man, said in Maritzburg to his supporters, next i will be here with all people in Free State, this man is a lier, he wants to impress as if he is popular to people in FS. Mangaung is burning!!!! It is my belief and opinion that European People should NEVER HAVE COME TO AFRICA. It is to Africa's best interest that they should leave (like that Elon Musk boet) Africa, to pursue 'sham' success far away, leaving Us to built OUR African Hegemony. We have great OWN potential.

Yes agree 100%!!!! Branches that elected him believe in him , we know the person that wrote this stupid letter was paid to do that . We are not stupid, those who want to finish the ANC sinijongile The great SG ever. Any leader that is hated by puppets and its stoogies is a great leader. He never bought his SG position in Nasrec unlike one known puppy puppet

Very true Anc must move questionable character from the list of ppl that are called to serve MoshiraPiet Ace is not a leader,, He is a perfect example of how a human being must not behave. kubza10 True Senzo won ds gangster Madala bought branches this Madala must be expelled plse We're told that SG of MYANC is CEO of the party. We're told that ANC branches are shareholders represented by 5K+ delegates (board members) who elect their CEO at conferences. Imagine the ANC as a listed company with such shareholders, board members and CEO! STAY AFLOAT?

My Letter | Ramaphosa should not have been elected to a top position in the first place. What has he done for the country ever since he was elected president. Ooh sorry I know what happened, he was never elected he bought the position.

Agreed. Shouldn't have been elected... kubza10 it is true I don't think he was. If I recall something odd went down behind the scenes and Magashule was only announced as the SG after a delay. kabelodick Senzo Mchunu won the SG contest in Nasrec. This one did what he do best... The national stage is too big for him. Maybe he was fine in his province.

'such as Magashule' would include the whole of the ANC leadership for the past 20 years. They are a disgrace to the ANC and more importantly South Africa. The most corrupt needed protection from within The main problem is we african people if one of us got promoted on high the first spy we ,we got disease like urs media is always helping to growth of economies but u r buzy on politics do u work to help country on u agender for A C?

kubza10 100% correct, the same goes to the so-called deputy president. Ikhona Comrade eyakhe yayithetha lento before Nasrec conference akahoyakala ndiyakholwa I khoninto ayaziyo though engengowase FS but he was raised or helped by the late Mr Mokoena

The followers of Acebestos Magashule they are arrogant, Lunatic oriented and full of thievery, they behave like they have drink the blood of pangolin, they can't reason properly. After such a big mess you still make noise for such a person On the 26th May he will take whole Free State to Pietermaritzburg, but since yesterday Mangaung is burning, because of bad service delivery. When stealing they forget people but when in trouble they remember those unemployed people.

But your opinion didn't nominate or vote for ace at anc. NGC...meaning you have flawed opinion Says who? Since when Sowetan live decides which and whos fit to be selected 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 People such as Ramaphosa shouldn't have been elected to such top positions in the first place MYANC members and voters suffer from blind ignorant loyalty. It’s a terrible disease, that has lead South Africa down such a calamitous path of destruction. PresidencyZA

100 %True Not just him this in include our ministers but ANC it's a dying horse that we can CONFIDENTIALLY say R. I. P... Phalane67253308 But Ace is not a SG of the government but of ANC. Are the media Houses, their so called political analysts and editors ANC supporters? He is a very big Misfit, at all doesn't fit for purpose

I agree. Many of us were shocked that the FS crook had been elevated to the national stage, despite his poor record in the FS, in both the goverment and the Anc. mamaAction unobangela😂 Even Ramaphosa is not fit to be President everything he does it becomes a failer... Leaders of the ANC come and go. He’s still leaving in the past. Very arrogant and full of himself

The consequences of a period of madness. You are now questioning the integrity of the NEC. They elected him. I agree we also dont think you are fit to be jornalists Your opinion is none of our business. We elected him democratically Ok sharp then

Who the fuck are you? Our democracy never envisaged that it will elevate criminals to position of power. Unfortunately this is where we are! Political maturity is exactly what is lacking ku ace Yes keep that's your opinion not of the people that voted him to that position and accept the fact that your opinion might nit be right also as you deem the opinion of those that voted him into that position was wrong.

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