‘Looters had no choice’ – Duduzane Zuma | Citypress

‘Looters had no choice’ – Duduzane Zuma

2021-08-01 08:15:00 AM

‘Looters had no choice’ – Duduzane Zuma

In an interview with City Press’ sister publication, Rapport, this week, Duduzane Zuma – one of former president Jacob Zuma’s children – said that if he had been in the same situation as the people who went on the rampage looting and destroying property.

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Mother reunited with baby after kidnapping

A 7-month-old baby has since been safely returned to his mother after a hijacking in Cape Town on Monday.

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Naomi Campbell implores Jacob Zuma to appear before the State Capture CommissionNaomi Campbell, who had a close relationship with Nelson Mandela, implored Zuma to 'act responsibly' and appear at the commission. DZumaSambudla Duduzane__Zuma DZumaSambundla AdvDali_Mpofu maggsnaidu vngalwana chestermissing AdvoBarryRoux Lol! You're DESPERATE!!!! VERY DESPERATE!!!! You know exactly it all backfired!!! Don't expose your desperation You talking about the drug addict called Naomi? Ubheme kakhulu loyo sisi nkinga yakhe🤣

Jy praat net gamors ka molomo wa hao It's the fact that you are giving him airtime for me. 🙄🙄🙄 As if his father was never a country's president for the whole 9 years You always have a choice! SON LIKE FATHER, NO SHAME, ETHICS, CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY OR MORALS. COMMON CRIMINAL. So they started the whole fire knowing the poor and unemployed will join them by default not choice.

This duduzane is just a trouble son... We just reshuffled, can you analys that rather Zulu looters had no choice

Naomi Campbell pens open letter to former president Jacob Zuma: 'This isn't the South Africa I remember' | ChannelBritish model, actor and business Naomi Campbell penned an open letter to former president Jacob Zuma saying: 'This isn't the South Africa I remember and that millions of South African's fought for.' | Channel24 Channel24 Fokof Channel24 She can uFck off for all we care, ngeke sizwe ngaye ngezwe lethu Channel24 Akuphelelanga lapho qhubekani nestory

Nkandla Nostra! I don't understand, 'Looters had no choice' ?, but to shrink 120 000 jobs, kill more than 300, destroy property Atleast wena jakalas you got everything at your hands length compared to those you says they were not “having choice”.damn you! Uyanya lo On the contrary Duduzane, they had a choice. Choice to protest peacefully, save those businesses in order to preserve their jobs. Anyway why do i even bother

A really spineless claim. Uyadakwa loDuduzane And now, they have even less choice and have to incur more costs to access basics. They had a choice to stay at home. Who is this Duduzane? What has he ever done for the people?

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🤣🤣🤣 is he stupid or what Wisdom or what? Like you commanding papa to hire zwane to enable your looting spree at SOE's. You had a chance and you stole. No wonder stealing does not anger you. Runs in the family i guess How much more insulting towards poor people can one be than to deny what little agency they do have over their lives? But fine, we have no other choice either, but to put daddy in jail.

That's what's wrong with the vast majority of SA Blacks. They excuse the inexcusable. They have been taught crime is ok. Chinese people are poorer than our nation..but they refuse to steal because they believe thieves are LOWER than poor people. They maintain their dignity. Dump 🦆 Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….

Next time, they should go loot at Nkandla. These shoes? Duduzane has to wake up & acknowledge that his papa contributed to our poverty. Oh, suddenly the poor are 'they'! Pappa Zuma help to push them into poverty. Why did Pappa Zuma not try to alleviate poverty with that tax payer's money..... Tax payer's money..Tax payer's money? Pappa Zuma had opportunity for 9 years....wasted 9 years to alleviate poverty.

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Like father like son. Should have been swallowed The shoes your father played a huge role to put them in? You are a shameful person. You should do time for simply penning those words. Endorsement of criminality. One is as one does. And he would have done the same. Sounds about right. This guy need mental help

Tells us everything about you wear a suite but still from the bush “We had no choice” We agree that daddy took things that didn’t belong to him but he was left with no other choice. I would probably have done the same thing if I had been in his shoes- anonymous politician’s extremely wealthy child Ppl r saying a lot about black owned businesses. That's means looting n rioting is okay if it's other race owned?

I want a maserati

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Bullshit to the max.. I was 19 yrs old, pregnant, no job, no place to stay, no food.. And still I did not steal or loot. It's a personal choice. It's everything to do with self respect, pride, decent parents and upbringing. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. Duduzane__Zuma belongs in jail. He knows all about looting.

Duduzane__Zuma is an idiot. There are many people who chose NOT to loot and burn places down. When you make excuses for this behavior you are aiding and abetting a social cancer and encouraging criminality and lawlessness! In a lot of ways that is what has been done by Zuma Yet you aren't as daddy is providing you with all the stolen money

Nobody is mad at people who stole bread and canned food, the concerns were raised because people stole luxury items and fled in luxury vehicles (clearly they were not desperate for necessities), and burned down entire warehouses and shopping malls Can’t fix stupidity! He is the primary beneficiary of looter in chiefs booty... he has some of the best looting credentials in the country. So of course he understands.

Evil defending evil deeds!

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Please stop giving this person (Duduzane__Zuma) airtime. Most of the the people probably think you did - just at a different level. Burning down shopping malls is a matter of necessity? 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Duduzane was also in the shoes of the Guptas when they were looting billions of Rands from government. The question is, how big are his feet? Are they both equal?

Why is this criminal given coverage? Why is he not in jail? So I can walk into any shop and take? Kak low IQ mentality Just like he and the Guptas were left with no choice but to loot SA. You always have a choice. It is not about being poor, there are many millions of poor good people that will not resort to crime. Are you poor when driving your car without plates to steal TV’s. It is about good or bad.

Okay so only the people in Gauteng and KZN suffers while the rest of South Africa is just fine or did they just behave This type of talking makes ubaba stays even longer in prison because the Spoilt son is still spewing rots. As koek 🖕 Duduzane__Zuma PresJGZuma NoChoice? You would probably go around and say the death and loss of income was an act of democracy. Hunger is not a choice we acknowledge that, but pure criminality is! DZumaSambudla get your household in order JacobZumaFound

Duduzane you did exactly that when you had the opportunity. You and the Gupta looted the countries coffers. Please son of the Father of Free Everything , please use your own money to go and help the families of the Looters that have lost their lives and the ones that are now in Prison as they were only doing what you asked them to. Future President of Nkandla.

Says somebody who is benefited from corruption, can u tell us how did u climb that leather of being a billionaire in split second, your father is prison your time is coming as well, those who looted they will knw the consequences of their actions This one must take a stand. One minute he's against looting and the next he's for it. I think he's trying to play both sites. His father was a president for 9 wasted years. Why didn't he tell him to do something about poor people?

Spoiled brat Questiin to all - Does the Zumas own TakeAlot

And he is right when him and his father saw the opportunity that's whet they exactly did Maybe he was part if it they knew exactly what they were doing when they were doing and and where to go burn down next....well planned so please go talk shit somewhere else 'they had no choice' EVERYONE had a choice...a fridge and tv is not going to feed them

There is no justification for unlawful appropriation!! Bro, you take stuff that doesn't belong to you routinely. Duduzane__Zuma was a looter who had many choices. Please pass on this message to Mr. Duduzane Zuma. He knows nothing of the suffering of those he purportedly champions. Instead he, & especially his father, have created a new level of poverty & depravity akin to those who instituted apartheid. He deserves that which will come.

But why do we even give him airtime? Ignore him long enough and he will disappear into oblivion!!! Stop making mountains out of molehills. But Doodoo you have been doing that your whole adult life. Why not ARRESTED Useless shit

So funny, would you say the same if you had a shop there?Think about all those SMME's who lost everything and didn't have insurances,I don't think they agree with you.Yours is waiting 4 u in Dubai. This is our modern day Revolutionaries neighbor to poverty in Inkandla Who misled them 'Done the same', what did he actually did for himself that which is wrong and said I didn't have a choice?

But you are not ( in their shoes) are you? In fact you are probably in a pair of designer Gucci leather shoes ne! Irony Hypocrisy Fashionista Rolex looting What choice i you talking about sir? THUG ! DlaminiZuma DZumaSambudla PresJGZuma Thuthu_Zuma JGZ_Foundation Corruption_SA carteblanchetv CapeTalk PresidencyZA DrZweliMkhize

Him and his father did take things that didn't belong to them, money or goods - what's the difference? They were left with no other choice because your family looted them into poverty yes This is no presidential material

And he wants to be a leader? 🤣🤣😂 They are all in the mess cause of his father and the party!!! Someone said you have done the same I suggest he keeps quiet at this time. Who is Duduzane Zuma, and why does his opinion matter on criminality? Well, I don't think it does. We have a justice system in place, which has an answer to this problem, the same justice system which had an answer for his father's situation. Let's the system address this.

They call him a future President this boy is clowning Absolute rubbish. Someone driving a Merc did not need to take free stuff. This had nothing to do with poverty and being hungry. Nice try trying to deflect from what your family started. Masende a kho wena ngwana criminal Yeah well if you don't give a FUCK what impact the actions of a few individuals has on entire households U would defend those actions ... I mean his father didn't give a FUCK what impact his stealing from the poor for years had and THEY all were impacted POSITIVELY!!!

It's time people like Duduzane should not be given any platform to confuse our people. His father has done enuf damage and he keeps running his mouth because they have no shame. I pity those who support them. Others are now arrested for looting. Where's Duduzane. On their own now

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.' Disgusting! Are you saying your father had no choice? Says a lot about your character. Honestly is also required when no one is looking . Duduzane, you weren’t even in their shoes and you did the same on a much grander scale. It could be argued (like you just did) that they had a semblance of an excuse. What was yours?

Looting is in the family genes.. Telling rubbish... The Leader of looters, started with the State Owned Entities with Gupters, and later came for Mall's and Warehouses. I don't support them. Thieves belong to Prison Amasela nxxxx Says the rich son of a grand looter.

If you think you have 'no choice' you are a mindless robot! And if you would have done the same you are just as mindless! Voetsek you swain!!! Teaching people to have no dignity & brainwash them to think it's ok to be thiefs & forever dependend on the state's lies... Rumour has it that he did 🤔 U are a chop and yes u would've looted but dad did that for u already

So theft runs in family 🙄 There's always a choice and people tend to take wrong decisions and claim they didn't have a choice. If we accept that those who looted had no choice then we mst also accept that those who murder and rob people, those who do heists and house breaking also dnt have a choice. He has already demonstrated that he is capable of doing so much more.

Duduzane__Zuma is an offspring of a thief. He’ll never condemn stealing other people’s belongings. He knows no better. He was raised and nurtured through thieving by Zuma and the Guptas. He will always encourage thieving… Really? Duduzane__Zuma Trying to be gangster in the gangster state. Totally f up the country. Go on, the sky is the limit

When you drive a Toyota Hilux to go and loot, you obviously had no other choice

Ag, this kid is still wet behind the ears. Keep quite little boy This guy thinks that foolishness is being smart 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮 You would have done the same because its in your genes. And yes, a man in a Mercedes did have a choice of not looting , despicable how the bantu always defends crime Please tell Us how the fuck did his 'responsible looters' get the their arses 4 metres up to shit on factory walls ...? VoetsekEFF

You were not in their shoes and yet you and yours looted a whole nations future. Jail this guy They did it to secure the release of No 1 Thief. Your Father. Stress free Hey Duduzane - you weren’t in their shoes, but you did much worse. You did when you stole with the Gupta’s.

At least the looters were in their own shoes, lootis Dudumis would have been in someone else's shoes What a rubbish black spoiled brat privilage statement🤮🤮🤮🤮 As soon as that man signed up as director of Gupta-linked companies, he joined the looters. Long before the poor started loiting, he and his inexplicably wealthy family have been looting poor SAns for decades. Screw Duduzane. He must go back to Dubai.

Duduza, o phela ha monate, ke ngwana wa former president, o dihela di phoqo, sis. He has been doing the same things . He , his dad and the Guptas have been responsibly looting for years . Granted no bloodshed , however heap's of destruction and victims . The most kak thing ever heard in my life. Poverty does not make you criminal. Many things contribute to making a criminal. Even rich people can be criminal. And it is always a choice. And what about THOSE WHO DIED? Dudu!, you need new talking points.

Oh, it is all okay then. With that logic I assume politicians looting falls under the same 'I have no choice' banner. What a &!*='-'&/÷×';/?!!!!!!!!! A family that survive on looting, I am not surprised Your father stole their shoes and now you perpetuate his disgrace. Be a man worthy of respect and be honourable _ OR GET OFF THE STAGE STOOGE. Go join your masters in Dubai.

What are you doing to help them wena duduzane So I'm guessing he won't have a problem if people decided to loot eNkandla. He will gladly open the gates for the people because they have no choice. Jail them too! What is he on about when he says 'would have'. I thought the guy had previous experience in such endeavours👀

Their choice was not to steal and become criminals That is only because you have inherited criminal genes from you tsotsi father And he wants to be President with that attitude? Imagine this joker trying to govern a country when the people are encouraged to loot. This guy is lame & he feels he is on top of the world & the same people who looted some are in jail & some are dead yet he is out walking free

I can't wait for the Guptas to get here.

You are not in their shoes but yet you still loot You already have looted Duduzane The only reason they did not have a choice is that VoetsekANC have stolen everything. That means voetsekmsholozi and his followers are to blame. He only opens his mouth to change feet !! Hmm, I guess the moment Zuma went to prison is when the people realised they were hungry and starving... 🤔... interesting.

Your father is the cause of this, people are suffering because of corruption he caused with his stooges. They seem to have had choices before the freezuma riots. Yes you did! You took money away that didn’t belong to you with the help of your corrupt father and you helped sell SA to Guptas. So don’t pretend you’re as innocent as the driven snow. You are not!

We all have a choice and with choices come consequences This guy is getting dumber by the day 🤣

“Sorry” so no one had a choice but to commit a crime that will on record for the rest of the lives if they go to court and found guilty. “You would have done the same” that I understand. Actually, you have done it, just differently.. Oooh, you are rich boy!!!. Guptas enabled you for a stinking wealth Okusalayo utatakho tronk tu.

I wonder why the Guptas included you as their business party? Did the Guptas had a choice sies His Dad looted responsibily, and he did share. So his father and the Guptas.

Who asked him for a comment... Rather ask the people who lost their jobs... ANC kill people and take their money via Judiciary. Question is, who will kill Duduzane and take money? If it happen, is that justice according to ANC? I'm not surprised. The rot runs deep in the Zumas. They think Zuma is king of a SA monarchy

Does this statement by Dudùzane Zuma qualifies him to be name as the ' instigator' of the recent unrest? Given the inequalities, poverty, high employment rate, impact of the lock down regulations, joblessness. Hungry stomach knows no rule of law or constitution. Is that you and your dads poor excuse? So Dudu would have looted blood banks and burnt down schools then?

People are hungry they were kept indoors without any means of survival. What did you people expect U had no choice but to destroy your own communities business' and economies?! really? That SAB depot had no food, only booze!! And now things are worse cause there is even less jobs to go around. Im sorry ure talking kak that u had no choice but to fuck up our own province sheez.

What bulldust😡😡😡But then again I don't expect more from this charlatan 😡 Is he refrencing kzn or him and the Guptas?

Some folks tweeting here were part of the looting, including their families! I guess the gogo that went to loot an Amstel six pack is also influenced by the politicians. Charity begins at home, if your gogo looted, what does that make your whole family line? Zuma name is painting a lot of the media ppl

We are against third and fourth terms, by you and your sister... SA is not a family business... If him his father and Guptus didn't steal our money people wouldn't be looting This duduzane is sick just like ngizwe mchunu Only looters will understand his mentality. The fruit didn’t fall too far from the tree.

In other words, looting is ok for the poor The question should be why they arrested Zuma Okubi! Ladies and gentlemen: our next possible president.

All this chaos is deliberately created by the elite so they can control the people Mafia family indeed like father like kids The statement by Duduzane Zuma is nothing but words from a fool. OK.... I don't want to argue on that but now they have a choice to vote ANC out, I think they had a choice nd that choice was that they had no choice, I thank you!!

He is showing up us whose son he is. This is the guy who has ambitions to be the president. His dad set a bad example. Dunderhead I share Duduzane__Zuma's sentiment, the latter part. ' looters have no choice, but loot responsibly' what a statement from fmr president's son who wants to Lead ANC!! Why give him a platform to further talk plain rubbish, He should have been charged by now

mamncane_T Let us be honest...if you were sitting in your shack with nothing to eat,you can't even go look for work bcos of lockdown and an opportunity like these present itself.Would u sit and starve?

Says a millionare to those that lost all they had worked for in the most stupid treasonous orchestrated snare. Aai this boy boy 🙄🙄 Well that’s no surprise. You have been doing quite a bit of looting at the executive level anyway… Duduzane admits he had no choice but to loot. Anyway the Guptas giving him R billions is technically not looting.

Except you were not in their shoes - you wore Gucci loafers while encouraging anarchy from your mansion in suburbia … having plundered SA with your corrupt Dad Zuma leaving those who looted no option but to loot in your name as because of that they have been left destitute 😡 Duduzane__Zuma you already loot, so you do do the same as the others

Why did they loot in this way at this particular time? Hungry people don't wait for a momentous occasion and time the execution after incitement. If inane and ridiculous had a face it surely is the spoilt entitled kids from Nkandla. NotAmused ZumaLegacy Is that your dad's excuse ? Stealing is all that family knows!

Oxymoron 😏

A child of looted privilege speaking through his backside Whos talking 🤔🤔 Duduzane must stop undermining South Africans intelligence. We know this was started as ethnic mobilisation to make statement against Zuma's arrest. Now innocent people are paying the price. Beside, instigators need to tell South Africans why arms were stolen

After you encouraged to loot angithi🤔 What Probably..Anyone who says.. and quote.. loot responsibly...should be admitted without delay to Sterkfontein...you did exactly that.. and a 1000 folds worse... And you did not need to... Your family is extremely wealthy from the Gupta's loot...you are a Poes Why did they have no choice? He wants to be president and hes talking crap already wow hes learning fast

he does .. take stuff.. ..just in a different less physical and messy way Duduzane__Zuma honestly they had a choice, we had a choice. Unfortunately that our ignorance got ahold of us. We stole from the only companies that most hire our kind. Now some of our people will face the consequences of loosing thier jobs and some companies will never trade.

_TweetNemo_ He is correct. People who get any opportunity to take will take. You can't blame them, it's an opportunity, like the loot that started in 1652...yes we haven't forgotten. MF

I stand with the black brother more than I support this media..It's job is turning us against one another and have the enemy inheriting everything that belonged to us...Duduzane was ryt.. city press is rooting for the oppression and hunger in black communities Taking stuff is against the law, only if you are privileged? Lets talk about Zuma and his stealing.

Like dad Not probably… That what happens when you're a living sperm of the real looter.😏 Destroying Dr's, Optometrists and Dentist rooms and tearing patients files 🤔 and that was part of 'had no choice' 🤬 A spoilbrat Presidential Elect. No ways!! Hayikhona!! 😮😮 If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

I agree, the only reason I didn't join them is because I have a source of income. Escort_emmanuel You are the motivators of looters

Some stole a land violently, should the government address that unrest will be something read about it. What a parasite this whelp is. I hate this boy🥺 You looted for 9yrs with Guptas now you are inciting pple to revolt !!!!your father will suffer in that prison no to pardon lomsunu Hez right any child will defend his father

We need more of these voices in this country. Ama howz ngrz have been living comfortably under this apartheid structured economy for way too long.... If Ziyakhala Ayikhale!!!! Which shoes were they in kanene🤔🤔🤔 Because you're mgodoyi When Is he arrested, his one of the people incited the voilance in Durban and his sister and Malema?

And he aspire to be the next republic of South Africa's president Why are you giving this man a platform. You will destroy our country. That says a lot about duduzane and family Muhammad Qasim saw that Nawaz Sharif is disqualified but he does not give up. He does online protests and Maryam Nawaz supports him & stands with him. This dream of 2018 is coming true. What will happen next will shake Pakistan. More at -

The funny thing is that people who own cars & other valuables don't think that car thieves & muggers have no choice, too. Sometimes they have to kill to get what they want. If we say looters had no choice, we must say that about the car thieves & muggers, to avoid hypocrisy. Inciting looting and public violence to continue that's why they are mobilizing again for the 10 August 2021

Some one like you who wants to be the future president cannot condone criminal acts Yes you can because you are born from a thieving family, LIKE FATHER LIKE SON. You don't have shame son, don't talk shit, your father is the first anc leader who has been in court because of having putting his hand in the long money,he took away the citizens choices you're right

Wena mos you looted first with assistance from your father and your family friends ( Guptas) actually this country finds itself here because of the this cursed surname (Zuma) Now HIFI Corp is retrenching because it says it won’t open again some of the looted stores. Yet Duduzane sees nothing wrong and wants to be next President.

You have done so billion times already.... A family of Thiefs would probably see nothing wrong with Looting If his dad and ANCrooks didn't put those gullible ANCrooks faithfools in that situation they wouldn't had to loot and why is that thief condoning looting He expect to be the president of this country 😅😅🤣🤣😂🤣

Well he has looted more than the looters. THIS STATEMENT BY DUDUZANE ZUMA PROVES THAT HE HAS NO SHAME, ETHICS, CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY OR MORALS. That's funny, he did do the same thing. Just in a grand scale with his Gupta uncles in Dubai. ANC cadre's looted South Africa's public funds. LittleBoy Sa pota sepotane

Its a norm for you to steal duduzane your father taught you well

In terms of family standards, he presidential material As long as they looted responsibly. Agree, all because you have no morals We could MAYBE understand his point of view from looters who live in informal settlements but what about those who pitched up with cars and vans to load goods? So says the presidential hopeful

True, because only children of the self enriched have a choice , sies😭😭😭😭 A reply to a son of a kleptomaniac, Duduzane Zuma Ya pota ngwetsi!!!!! Duduzane ukhuluma umbhedo yaz! Looting runs in his vein what did u expect

Condoning theft he banna... Imagine if he gets hijacked by someone hungry.... Will he understand Investing with lovely1642 has brought my family so much joy, I've received R25,500 from my little funds i invested and I'm grateful, i advice everyone to invest with 👇👇👇👇 lovely1642 Some of them are in jail now yena he is free

Like father like son I hear is a future president rubbish Brainless Gipta stooges must hurry back to Dubai. Why have Batoyi not have him arrested him yet? Pity many are in jail One day it will be his turn What does that mean? Left with no choice by his Father or ? What do we expect from the son of the father of ret?

Ofcourse they didn't When those with power don't think we suffer. If dis boy was in jail with d guptas ,he wouldn’t be taking nonsense…a blatant criminal Indeed Duduzani we had no choice when we see food infront of us after we lost our job due to copy and paste lockdown. Some had a choice but manage to loot 500 billions no one saw a problem all what we see it's business as usual. We only took far less than 50 billions but noise.

He has done so. Nothing new What abt the arson though ? Is that acceptable Or are ppl pretending like that never happened Dudu sana, this isn't presidential hopeful speak bhutana, change your tune & you'll sail straight into Mahlamba Ndlopfu 😅 😅 😅 Ey this one wishes to be SA president that time😅🚮 This is rich,coming from someone who stole from the very same people he claims to empathise with.

He forgets to mention the big role he played with his words of encouragement .. it wasn’t just about their choice or no choice. Him and his sister encouraged the looters to go looting, bcoz ‘it was a justified action to get their father released.

Ha topa fatsi, stealing is part of their 🧬 DNA Why is this boy not arrested yet? Yes they had no choice like his father had no choice on Khwezi, she only had a kanga on. I'm he'd have done the same faced with the same 'temptation '. Like father like son indeed I would like the SIU and hawks make investigation to Duduzane lifestyle including his bank account from Dubai to safrica to India

Can the media stop entertaining him.Such an embarrassment. Talking shit. Same people who had no choice are struggling now more than before Ncmsl ayonyani sana🙄 Didn't the Guptas take things that did not belong to them? Yeah that is exactly what his father did. The voters entrusted their lives to him and him and this cruel Duduzane being in the same stinking shoes looted the country blind.

Embarrassing ,reckless statement Udakwe yinsangu Duduzane. They had no choice because it wasn't his! Not surprised, that family sees nothing wrong with stealing. Duduzane is drunk and talking nonsense😮 RapportSA City_Press Luckily his daddy together with the Guptas made sure he will never be in that situation. Very nice!

RapportSA City_Press Cause he is a .... RapportSA City_Press Maybe if his family hadn't plundered the countries coffers they wouldn't be in that situation 🤷‍♂️ RapportSA City_Press So ? He is telling the truth! People are unemployed, hungry, poor WTF do you want them to do? On top of everything we have the COVID-19 situation!

RapportSA City_Press It's not far fetched to conclude that people looted & protested bc they are hungry, living with tremendous indignity & man-made poverty. Their anger stems from frustration & it must continue till economic inequality is addressed. They looted bc the gov't failed them.

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RapportSA City_Press Hes so luck hid daddy stole an awful lot of money and he gets to be the Dubai custodian of it. RapportSA City_Press There is always a choice. RapportSA City_Press You don't have to because you stole plenty with Gupta! RapportSA City_Press Yooo RapportSA City_Press Such level of arrogancy by this Zuma's neh, well hopefully zuma will be in that piggyhole for a very long long time

Ori_Debig_Beats Duduzane is another pandemic , only if he can shut his mouth 🚮 There's a huge difference between having no choice and having no brain Duduzane. Investing with lovely1642 has brought my family so much joy, I've received R25,500 from my little funds i invested and I'm grateful, i advice everyone to invest with 👇👇👇👇 lovely1642

The videos from himself and and tweets encouraging lootings. Freedom fighter after 27 years , proves that some veterans have nothing to offer today and tomorrow, the past always relevant to them without adding value to this beautiful country I think he's referring to his daddy, who looted the country. He had no choice, he was terrible with money.

There is always a choice. It's not looters it's terrorists and criminals, hungry people don't vandalize and destroy only the scum of Africa will be destroying assets. His father is in jail he didn't loot himself that's a good choice he made himself so y would u loot for someone s father 🤔 You kidding me 😳, this Zuma's thinks they are all that neh, heban eh this boy