Patricemotsepe, Motsepefoundation

Patricemotsepe, Motsepefoundation

LIVE: Motsepe Foundation pledges R1 billion to fight COVID-19 - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.

The Motsepe Foundation has pledged R1 billion to fight coronavirus.

2020-03-28 01:48:00 PM

LIVE: Motsepe Foundation pledges R1 billion to fight COVID-19 PatriceMotsepe MotsepeFoundation

The Motsepe Foundation has pledged R1 billion to fight coronavirus.

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we have not seen any police or army patrolling our area in the city of cape town zonnebloem and have now been robbed twice and it's only day 2 of the lockdown. Where are the police? No one is making sure we are safe at a crucial time like this! Motsepe is always donating money but when u apply 4 those funds dololo reply. Sad

Thank you to Motsepe foundation their really live safer thanks very much as South African. We also say thank you to Motsepe family. Eventually... Great news kwade lapho ethathe khona👏👏 lokhu akwenzile ngifisa nezinye igwili zikwenze .lokhonje okuncane just ukusizabantu ukuth kutholakale imithi kwamanye amazwe kuze kulashwe lesifo.kubi guys 😭😭😭😭

Sir Motsepe's face looks like he is thinking 'yerr iyasidlha le masimba le'virus' honestly😂😂💔 I hope our own Billionaire Mr Masiiwa will not be out done by his clubmate Thank you Ntate motsepe for everything He doesn't look happy, he looks like he was put under pressure lol There is something I do not get here, why were they not donating that amount prior to outbreak in assisting the government to create job opportunities in the country? Are they going to get something in return for funds which they have bestowed to government?

👏👏👏 At last... Apology accepted for saying you love Trump Is pledge the same as donated? So now it 3 billion given as a donation to fight Cobid-19. Excluding governments contribution. Thank you Motsepe, Thanx Mr Motsepe,where are other SA businessmen Do we have them on board or... Sophie_Mokoena Ntate Motsepe Thanks for the pledge,Stay Blessed

Pressure lena Skhokho under papa... If it wasn’t for the virus these rich ppl would never have done this. So I guess we should thank the virus corona for it. Thanks a millions times. To Motsepe foundation ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I don’t care is our many anyway Realeboga Ntate le Mme Motsepe Thank you Mr Motsepe you are a Gentleman, thank God for people like you

So many 'pledges' & 'donations' with little to no outcomes... We're being made fools off. Ekugcineni kunini silindile ukuthi aphonse itshe esivivaneni siyabonga Thank you Mr Motsepe, that means we have 3 billion manje It's about time Sophie_Mokoena Yah yah yah Enkosi baba Motsepe ukwanda kwaliwa ngumthakathi

'PLEDGES' not 'Gives'🤔 Dude doesn't look happy though, wonder if he's done it cause of pressure of the fat cats😁 Thanks to motsepe foundation as South Africans we really appreciate your contribution,may God bless motsepe foundation. Siyabulela kuMnuz Motsepe kunye nomndeni wakhe nabambisene nabo Sbara Betting companies are all quite 🧐 Its about time they give back to the community since they've been ripping them off. Hollywoodbets , bet365 Betway_za Supabets_za sportingbet_sa SunbetSA And other betting companies please help combat the virus from spreading, assemblief

Asbonge ongabonwayo ngokuthisibene ndoda engangabazi Well done Patrice u will b thanked in heaven. Some people I jus don't understand. They always want to fight the rich people while on the other hand they want them to pick up the tab everywhere. When they talk about the poor you would think poverty is something to aspire to.

Suk'emabhozeni 🤝🤝we thank you Rea leboga!!! 🙏 Where is the other HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN DOLLARS PLEDGED at the FNB? When Julius_S_Malema tell us to watch this Motsepe we were angry and fighting them I am starting to take them very Serious BlackPrivilege Save the poor ppl with no food for three weeks.ppl are going to get weak cause of the ppl

steven_told what’s that you were saying? All these billionaires that steal from South Africans must donate,this one also steals through IPPs that don't make any economic sense His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa is also a billionaire. We're waiting for his donation Thank you to the honourable Motsepe you are such a great helper to the poor.

Wait! Is that Leleti Khumalo ( leletikhumalo) next to Patrice Motsepe SamKgafela We are grateful as he didn't have to do anything... People are just not grateful Siyabonga kubaba uMotsepe ngokusibhekelela ezikhathini ezinzima.......South Africa loves you. PresidencyZA must add an addendum to the President speech

I'm doing it to save my brother in law. Especially now that Goodies has downgraded the can't-try into junk status. Africans will applaud. They always do 😎 Neoliberal, Rupert , opperheimer they are all the same corrupt stooges BET LE, a lot of that money into bribery tenders and corruption and bee. 🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚

China bans foreign travellers - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.China’s official media told people to stay on guard against the coronavirus (COVID-19) on Saturday and restrictions on foreigners entering went into effect as the country reported no new locally transmitted infections and a small drop in imported cases. Chinese people are behind this virus, Mark my words. Soon and very soon the truth will come out, lot of suspicion I have about them. Too late you have already infected the whole world

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Fox News host slammed for talking hair, nails during COVID-19 pandemicA Fox News host sparked a firestorm of outrage by voicing concern over how women are going to get their hair and nails done during the pandemic. How is this relevant to South Africans?! First we can't cough, apparently there's no coughing no more, can't just cough, it has to be corona. There's a new thing ppl, no more doing things we want, there's a pandemic on our hands, pun intended.

Covid-19 outbreak changes how South Africans work and playThere has been a high demand for information communication technology as companies and other organisations move their operations online to limit human contact as much as possible.