LISTEN | 'Shiyi'indoda eDubai': Khanyi Mbau records amapiano track after Dubai saga

Khanyi Mbau has recorded a song from her viral 'shiyi'indoda eDubai' chant.

2021-09-17 11:14:00 AM

Khanyi Mbau has recorded a song from her viral 'shiyi'indoda eDubai' chant.

Khanyi Mbau has recorded a song from her viral 'shiyi'indoda eDubai' chant.

Image:Instagram/ Khanyi MbauKhanyi Mbau has leveraged on her Dubai saga with a new amapiano track, and it could be a hit.The actress took to Instagram Live on Thursday, during her studio session with amapiano star Sir Trill, to reveal that she is recording a song mentioning the incident.

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Khanyi had tongues wagging on social media on Sunday as she took to the DJ booth at Rockets chanting “Phuma ngathi uyabuya, shiyi'indoda eDubai” (Leave as if you're coming back, leave your man in Dubai), referring to her having abruptly left her Zimbabwean boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga in Dubai to return to SA.

She repeats the line in her new song.A post shared by Khanyi Mbau Metanoia (@mbaureloaded)Since landing in SA, Khanyi has remained mum on her relationship with Kudzai and what led to her leaving him without his knowledge. She did, however, apologise to her fans, friends and family members who were worried about her wellbeing.

“I am home safe and sound. I am sorry to have worried and stressed the country, my fans, friends, relatives and family. Thank you for all your prayers, support and search parties, and all my friends who pulled major strings to locate me. Thank you,” she wrote.

In a recent Instagram post Khanyi said she was willing to laugh at her incident and stay positive in the face of adversity.“Take all the lemons life throws at you and make a slushy and shluuurp,” she wrote.Mzansi took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the song.

While some were excited for it to drop, others thought that it might not be a great move for her or the artists involved.  Read more: Times LIVE »

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She will only make r12,000 out of it lol it's not normal for people to behave this way, I don't know, maybe something happened to her as a child. Traumatic childhood events perhaps messed up her mind. Somebody please talk to her parents and find out the root cause of this behavior. She needs help.. this is sad.


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