Limpopo teen in court for Lufuno assault

Limpopo teen in court for Lufuno assault

2021-04-22 10:48:00 AM

Limpopo teen in court for Lufuno assault

Her lawyer will ask for her to be released into her mother's care.

Lufuno took her own life after images of her assault were shared online.Other pupils linked to the alleged bullying have been suspended from Mbilwi Secondary School. Read more: eNCA »

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Gauteng has more than 4,000 active COVID-19 cases and infection numbers are doubling on a weekly basis in some areas.

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But she just an teen that goes through stage!!! My two cent thought 😔 That brat is old enough to be put real jail, not that thing she's being kept now They say she's not coping in child custody... Someone is dead because of her actions. Justice system should just set standards to those that are bullying other kids at school.

Wow I am speechless for the moment, don't really know what to say but i really appreciate for his Goodwill over me and my family who help me trade my bitcoin (earning R50,500 weekly) MariaNMabry Justice must be done..... Hopefully restorative justice happens for the “pack predatory bullying.” Lufuno lost hope and trust in the very structures that should have protected her! Where are our kids learning predatory behaviors? Why is it not stopped? lufunomavhunga

Because I'm a husband and a father, this is hard for me to do but we're struggling and I've run out of options. Please assist my family with tinned food or food nearing their expiry date. If not for us then go our two daughters. We're able to go days without food, they can't 🙏💔 She will be pardoned...this is SA

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