LETTER: Shameful sexist attacks on Duarte

LETTER: Shameful sexist attacks on Duarte

2021-05-18 01:38:00 AM

LETTER: Shameful sexist attacks on Duarte

Intimidation bordering on gender-based violence have found refuge inside the movement

Jessie Duarte. Picture: BUSINESS DAY/FREDDY MAVUNDAThe vitriolic attacks and threats directed at ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte are shameful and perpetuate oppressive gender relations in society.Apart from sexist attitudes, intimidation bordering on gender-based violence have found refuge inside the movement. How long should women endure such preposterous abuse? 

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Male chauvinism remains a weapon for some in the movement to exert pressure on women and bully them into submission. This is despite the ANC being regarded as the leader of a society that needs the best out of everyone who lives in it.All of this is indicative of the everyday struggles of women across the spectrum, wherein intransigent men hide behind social stereotypes of entitlement to impose their will and hold women to ransom. A conspiracy of silence perpetuates patriarchal relations in society.

The ANC leadership is also at fault for allowing foreign tendencies to be consolidated in the movement. Incorrigible elements are given carte blanche to conceal information by insisting on secrecy. This is why dissidents contend that the public was robbed blind through secrecy in connivance with business vultures for the benefit of a privileged group. headtopics.com

To end the discord there must be consensus on the principle that the political climate demands transparency, so everyone can know the truth and make informed decisions.Morgan PhaahlaEkurhuleni Read more: Business Day »

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