LETTER: SA will be stigmatised and punished

LETTER: SA will be stigmatised and punished

2021-11-28 05:11:00 PM

LETTER: SA will be stigmatised and punished

Naming of new Covid variant is pointless and will not make a difference

”, November 25).It doesn’t matter whether the World Health Organization (WHO) has opted to give new variants generic names — it will still forever be known as the “Delta” variant that “was first detected in India” or the “(insert Greek letter here)” variant “that originated in SA”.

This new WHO naming convention is pointless and countries will be (and SA now clearly has been in less than 24 hours) stigmatised and punished as a result.SA is a country that cannot seem to stop scoring own goals at every turn, even when it tries to be transparent and do the right thing. Even the few smart people we have left seem to be desperately lacking in wisdom.

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Bongani Baloyi joins ActionSA

The party made the announcement during a press briefing on Monday. Read more >>

Coronavirus in SA | SA at forefont of COVID-19 researchFuturist and Strategy Consultant Graeme Codrington says countries could learn from South Africa's scientists. He says we shouldn't be punished for being transparent about our research and findings. Nonsense . 😁😁 Junk status

Airline stocks fall after SA travel ban on new Covid-19 variantAirline shares tumbled the most since the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, after European countries banned flights from SA to slow the spread of an emerging virus strain

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PANDEMIC CRISIS: United Rugby Championship tours abandoned amid new Covid variant uncertainty in SASouth African sport faces a shaky summer after the revelation of a new Covid variant in the country, which saw the United Kingdom immediately put several African countries on its dreaded ‘red list’.

COVID-19 in SA | Concern over rapid rise of Gauteng casesGauteng has seen a massive spike in COVID-19 cases. Over the past few days, it's made up around 80 percent of all new infections in the country. There is no rapid rise, ya'll lying manh, why don't you sell these tests over the counter like HIV, then everyone can test and isolate, all you want is to control humans, this is enough, if it means we protest against this Rubbish, so be it Where? Please provide details and exact locations of this rise. Generalization doesn’t help anyone SA needs to either ban foreigners entering SA or impose stricter covid testing for them to decrease the spread and more mutations,vaccines alone won't help CyrilRamaphosa ANCParliament HealthZA

COVID-19 in SA | Airline shares tumbleFlights are being suspended as more travel restrictions are added around the world. For more on the impact of this, we're joined by Guy Leitch from SA Flyer Magazine. The whole idea of this covid shit is to crumble the economies as much as possible. Banning the unvaccinated from participating in the economy will drastically reduce tax revenues for most world governments, obviously not in one go but bit by bit economies are taking a knock Just as planned Exactly. 'Omicron' divesting intensified even more. HOORAH!!!