LETTER: Problem is the purveyors of information

LETTER: Problem is the purveyors of information

2021-11-29 10:13:00 PM

LETTER: Problem is the purveyors of information

Decisionmakers do not understand what happens when there is no freedom to read alternative views

”, November 28).The real problem is not the science, or lack of it, but the manner in which this matter has been handled by the media, the government, big tech and successive US administrations.We live in an age where the standing of the purveyors of information is at rock bottom, even lower than that of second-hand car salesmen, lawyers, auditors and accountants. We are now accepting information as gospel from actors and rappers.

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We live in an era of censorship by rich guys wearing T-shirts and long beards, and 22-year-olds who have no experience of life and certainly do not understand from history what happens when there is censorship and no freedom to read alternative views.

The reason we have vaxxers and anti-vaxxers who are so deeply divided is not the science but more to do with world leaders and how they have managed the flow of information. They have created the climate of mistrust and angst that we now struggle with. headtopics.com

Something has to be done, and fast, by world leaders to get this resolved as we cannot continue to have an economy that stops and starts. The effects on all of us are bad enough, but future generations will have it even tougher as they will have to deal with the accrued debt from the mismanagement today.

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The current stock of leaders should hang their heads in collective shame.

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