LETTER: DA’s legal eagles need fresh wings

LETTER: DA’s legal eagles need fresh wings

2021-06-17 12:28:00 AM

LETTER: DA’s legal eagles need fresh wings

Pushing for a legal proposal for a provincial referendum that needs a constitutional amendment is just ridiculous

DA leader John Steenhuisen. Picture: WERNER HILLSThe DA remains bad at political optics and is often tone-deaf. The recent media release about the Referendum Act by their parliamentary chief whip, Natasha Mazzone (Star of Italy), who besides her boss John Steenhuisen is the most celebrated matriculant in SA legislative history, is a case in point.

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Why, given the furore around the recent DA qualifications scandals, is it a sound media strategy to push for a legal proposal for a provincial referendum that needs a constitutional amendment, and to have it trotted out by one such as she?Perhaps the matric syllabus should be changed to have credit for “Constitutional Amendments and Sundry Affairs”, thereby bringing into parliament a refreshed DA reserve of legal eagle expertise to save us all with innovation. If one holds any doubts about this, please bear in mind that Mega Madam made Mazzone the shadow deputy minister for justice. Beggars belief.

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