Lerato Sengadi, HHP's customary wife snubbed

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At the time of publishing the story, she had not yet been asked to deliver an eulogy, or pay her late husband last respects. Speakers who included members of the Tsambo family, government officials and music industry representatives ignored Sengadi.


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Big brother

If I was her I was just gonna back off and let them b..... and If I may ask, why didn't she fight for da 'customary wife' title while he was still alive?

I still dont understand our law. You lobola the lady, still she takes the kids, still you pay maintenance, still she wants percentage of your stuff. Nowanda there are no marriages

Looks like this family never wanted or accepted this woman in their son's life. They say she left him to die alone but where was the family when the wife moved out? Wasn't he supposed to die with his mom by his side

TumiTshehle They strategically selected speakers that they briefed and would side with them. Even the Aunty did not mention her today.

Not a big deal to be ignored as long as she has peace in her heart

NgoR35000 siya eHigh Court 😂😂😂😂she's full of drama, akahlale phansi athule athi duuuuuuu

It's not African custom anyway for a widow to speak when mourning

Those who haven't lived with a depressed person have no idea how chaotic and painful the process is hence some careless& uninformed comments

Eulogy my FOOT!!!!

She was away partying everyday with other guys all over the world.

She is the reason why HHP had to through stress depression. Where was she all this 2 years while HHP was going through bankruptcy?

Hey lena what eulogy this is not America ne husbands and wives don't deliver socalled eulogy here it is Africa you sit there and mourn that's it you Sowetan you watch too much CNN



Court was suppose to include her not the family. Still mourning

All those people were petty, I was disappointed in the so called church which took sides, God is non partisan

She was lobolad not married, big difference, that Judge erred

There is no parent in their right mind will allow the so called 'customery wife' the same person who left their child to die alone be given the platform talk as a wife in their child's funeral. I foresee an appeal coming from the Tsambo family.

Even priests If we are treating her like imagine if it was your daughter or sister

She wasnt dressed for the part, Africans will scrutinize your dress code before they can allow your representation in public

Yho ja neh this is a real muvhango Stru

In my culture the wife doesnt talk at the funeral, neither does the husband at thee wife's. Africans are loosing their ways....or was she the wife

That's good,gold digger

I don't want to judge,but I feel like the HHP family is punishing the lady for nothing.also HHP should have fix this matter whilst he was alive to avoid such incidents.

Khanindi-balance-ise: why do people get married?

This is sad. People must not be treated like paraihs.

The family knows something we don't know. I suspect they blame her for Jabba's death, and the fact that she moved out and wasn't there for him when depression was eating at his life.

I wonder what is going to happen after the funeral. ... I suppose it's gonna be a hell of a roller coaster for the woman. .. It's going to be tough. The battle line has been already drawn.

It’s sad 😢 to watch but Lerato is a feisty one born under the Scorpio ♏️ sign she will survive, because ScorpioAreUs always does.

Kakade MAKOTI akethuli spe...... Eish, awuthi ngithule. 🏃🏃

The family don't like her

Yhoo with these type of shades, attention seeker.

is it a funeral or a fashion show...no disrespect but people go there to bee seen not because thay care

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South Africa Latest News, South Africa Headlines

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'I will not cower, they will not break me' - Lerato Sengadi's letter to HHP'There will still be so much said, so much done but I will take those lashings with grace and the integrity of the warrior queen you chose to share the throne with.' - Lerato Sengadi HhpMemorialService HHPMemorial RIPHHP Do you guys know Jabba's song 'I've got a feeling ka jelwa'. Now I get it. Good for you and being a fighter but disrespecting him like this calling him a drug addict when you knew he was battling depression is disgusting Once you become s fighter then somebody pissed you off big time.. Hhp family they in for it now..women I'm scared of them..😂😂😂
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