Keep enjoying your Nando's, says unbothered Gareth Cliff

Keep enjoying your Nando’s, says unbothered Gareth Cliff

2021-10-26 03:03:00 PM

Keep enjoying your Nando’s, says unbothered Gareth Cliff

Cliff said there are no hard feelings on his part toward Nando's, but some believe the focus on him again silences the voice of black women.

The Citizen‘s questions over the weekend, but has promised to openly address the issue when the dust has settled, following the public uproar. He did briefly address the issue with his listeners during a live broadcast of his breakfast show on Monday, and said that there are no hard feelings on his part regarding Nando’s’ decision to end its sponsorship deal with him.

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“I guess this one just had a little bit too much peri-peri for them,” he said between guffaws from his co-hosts. “… but we will keep going with these difficult conversations, we are not going to stop. The Burning platform will continue. Or maybe we should call it the Burnt Platform now… We will all continue to enjoy Nando’s chicken and so should you.”

Cliff also expressed that he is sorry to see the the end of a “really great” relationship which began when Cliff Central was founded.“They are of course within their rights to go where their conscience dictates.”Also Read:Gareth Cliff to be reported to SAHRC over ‘racist incident’

The words “racism” and “sexism” appear in many of the social media comments about the incident, and neither Cliff nor Rakhivhane were short of defenders in what began as a discussion about the local government election.Rakhivhane shared her thoughts on the whole ordeal in a Twitter thread on Monday after “Gareth Cliff” spent most of the weekend trending with many coming to her defence.

“This discussion was a mixed bag. There were glimmers of coherence as I mentioned in some of the issues I was able to address. And there were moments of erasure, disrespect, racism, sexism. The notion that I deserved that treatment because I agreed to the interview is dangerous,” she lamented, arguing that it is her job to reach as many voters as possible on as many platforms as possible.

This is in response to some arguments that she shouldn’t have agreed to be interviewed by Cliff if she couldn’t handle the robust debate that his show is known for.‘Well you shouldn’t have been there’ responses are concerning. Well then, where must we be? I am asking to be treated with dignity and respect. To be able to speak and for my expertise, background, knowledge and experiences to matter.

Mudzuli Rakhivhane spokesperson for ONE SADemocratic AlliesCentral to the discussion around Cliff’s explosive interview has been the notion that black women in South Africa face the unique experience of being constantly spoken down to and interrupted in conversations with white people, particularly those who are wealthy men.

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So says Kim Heller, political analyst and author of the bookNo White Lies.Rakhivhane was a guest, along with Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen. The politician has been bashed for the passive cues he gave during the interview, suggesting he agreed with Cliff’s behaviour and his opinion that Rakhivhane’s experience as a black woman was irrelevant to a discussion about local government service delivery.

Steenhuisen has dismissed this backlash as people policing his facial expressions.“The conversation was a showcase of racism not only by Cliff but by the leader of the DA, who made no attempt to stop or object to the objectionable tirade of Gareth Cliff,” says Heller.

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Dear ICC in southafrica we are living in a reversed apartheid system where whites are classed as second class citizens with the racial BEE laws,plz help to pressure the nationalists ANC government to reverse their business killing policies&Farm Killings! IStandWithQuintondeKock You go Gareth Cliff tellitlikeitis

Excellent response 😂😂😂😂😂 NandosSA se ballas! barrybateman I'm never divorcing Nandos. I'm sorry I can't fight every battle. My weekend take out nights depends on it. I'm not cooking on Fridays cause there is no other take out I order besides indian food and sushi...occasionally. so nah not my fight this time. Nandos for life

BoycottNandos Nah... nandos is dead to me. NandosSA I will never support them again. Plug onward Gareth! barrybateman the high road- too smart for you mainstream media to try drag this story on haha 👏 CliffCentralCom Sganandà🤣🤣🤣

Racism & a dropped sponsorship - Here's why everyone's talking about that controversial Gareth Cliff interviewNando's ended its five-year sponsorship of 'The Burning Platform' after Gareth Cliff's remarks about racism. Ridiculous! Very disappointing….however this has just highlighted how many racists there are in SA No more slaughtered white chickens to be sold at nandos. Everyone at Sunday times is going to get a free Nandos chicken burger

Gareth is a Legend Garreth will never force us to eat it though. empower333 Cliff spoke the truth!!! Bitter pill always hard to swallow!!!! Smirre2013 Meh!!! the tide is turning, the time of blaming white men for the ill's of society, especially those we are not responsible for, will come to an end! The left are failing at the blame game and identify politics, men are rising, and soon a tsunami will happen!

🤘🤘 Nando's won't see me soon... We are behind you Gareth The only Nandos product I used to buy was their 'Chili garlic sauce' then I discovered Maggi 'chili garlic sauce', Once you know, you know. barrybateman Clearly you are the bigger more mature party !!! Nando’s bows to social media

'Policing facial expressions is a new low': Steenhuisen on Gareth Cliff interview backlashDA leader John Steenhuisen has responded to criticism about him 'smirking' on Gareth Cliff’s show, saying SA is starting to hit a 'new low'. Indeed! He was happy , DA is racist Same JohnSteenhuisen said he didn't

barrybateman Hot and spicy

Gareth Cliff to be reported to SAHRC over 'racist incident'Cliff's comments led to significant backlash and public outrage, with many accusing him of being a racist, among other things. 😂 Now this is going too far. Really?

'Policing facial expressions is a new low': Steenhuisen on Gareth Cliff interview backlashDA leader John Steenhuisen has responded to criticism about him 'smirking' on Gareth Cliff’s show, saying SA is starting to hit a 'new low'. His showing leadership on new levels of low. He is an embarrassment to that party. I wonder what will they do with him after impending massive loss at LGE Well....

Steenhuisen: Racist incident on Gareth Cliff show had nothing to do with mePeople are being petty!! Media houses 5 days before an election: 'There must be something we can find wrong with the DA........Maybe Corruption?🦗🦗. Looting? 🦗🦗. Cadre deployment?..🦗🦗Just one thing.......... ......🦗🦗🦗🦗........... well.... John did smirk. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯Run with it. The camera does not lie

Nando’s takes Gareth Cliff off menu over ‘highly disappointing’ conductNando's has announced that it has terminated its sponsorship of Gareth Cliff's show The Burning Platform on Cliff Central. Last night we slept hungry again and my daughter was crying because of hunger. Please assist us with a 2kg mealie meal and tinned fish 🙏🏻. Just so my little girl can eat😔💔. I've been struggling to get a job and in my struggle, my child is suffering💔 As'bonge And allot of people have taken Nandos off their menu.