Kaya FM boss Greg Maloka resigns with immediate effect | Citypress

Kaya FM boss Greg Maloka resigns with immediate effect

2020-12-04 10:10:00 PM

Kaya FM boss Greg Maloka resigns with immediate effect

Kaya FM Managing Director Greg Maloka has resigned with immediate effect following a string of sexual misconduct allegations levelled against him by four female colleagues at the station.

“Following a thorough and independent investigation commissioned by the board of directors of Kaya FM into the various allegations against the management of the station, Mr Greg Maloka decided to resign as managing director of the company with immediate effect,” reads the statement.

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Read: Women speak up on Kaya FM boss: ‘We have been dying in silence for many years’Maloka’s resignation comes before the board’s final decision on the case. The board has accepted his resignation.“You will agree that this matter remains one of the most sensitive and testing the board has ever dealt with and, as such, the board is acutely aware of the impact this matter has had on our own employees and the other affected individuals alike,” the statement read.

A few months ago City Press reported that about four employees who accused the Gauteng-based station boss of acting in a sexually inappropriate manner around them in August. This followed an anonymous letter addressed to Kaya FM chairperson Sizwe Mncwango containing allegations against Maloka, which accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour. headtopics.com

Maloka subsequently took leave from the station pending the investigation.He faced eight official charges which included financial misconduct and favouritism. Read more: City Press »

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It seems this thing of sexual harassment, GBV etc is now the new way of some women to deal /get rid of men they despise for some reasons or to destroy them. Every time it's women crying harassment etc as if women cannot harass men, abuse men, kill men and all these horrible deeds Eish MsAphelele Ijoo Lets move on my big brother.

Dey give u options u resign or we fire u kunzimaaaa rhodemarshall Igriza madoda. The maestro 😔 ntsikimazwai So he is fired with Immediate effect or forced to resign immediately? Eish Ta Greg This man can legally afford to have many sides as he like. But he chose to harass those who don't want him. Nazo

Power with no accountability, breeds corruption, he should have known better. Abramjee Bobosana_K bona Satan Abramjee Sad but a True reality in the workspace. “Sex pest boss leaves Kaya FM” this is what my headline would read Abramjee Wenzeni manje uGreg? Eish mara rona banna sometimes 🤔🤔🤔u lose mosebetsi ka le baka sexual harassment. Ke ma tlhabisa ditlhong wen u hv to xplein yoself to wifey nd kids.

Esan! The maestro bannaaaa!! This guy is a genius radio mastermind..... Ja neh!! This charges are serious and they will forever stands as long as he never cleared himself from this allegation. Haaadiiii!!! PhathuMakwarela Skata 1 Wow 😳 Abramjee May brur ? Trust no one I wonder what did he tell his kids🚮

Jele yona? This is what happens when you abuse your power. DarkieNotfamous Ei. 😬 Penxenxe ntsikimazwai here is the answer to that question u asked a few days back The musical maestro. If this is true. Go self correct brother. Come back with a bang. PhathuMakwarela If he is the one who hired Sizwe Dlomo then GOOD RIDDANCE!!

So he is guilty sies Eish working with beautiful ladies cn throw a man in front of a speeding train🙄🙄🙄 No suprise...you have to be kleva enough to stop, nothing lasts forever, the 90's are gone!he should have been smart enough to stop hanging out le bo Fresh, those guys don't want to grow up! One of the great examples of black excellence. Met him couple of times when i was still in the media agency. However, positions and power doesn't excuse bad conduct. I pray he self correct and rebuild himself as a brand. Young people can still benefit from his knowledge.

I hope they find someone who will make radio exciting again He resigned like the way our alcohol used to go, during the family meetings with Cyril... Abuse of Power & High testosterone brings them down every time.