JUSTICE MALALA | The Zondo report proves the state was a cash cow for thieves

2022/06/27 14:04:00

Zuma was not a president, he was a gang leader, who along with his cronies stole tax payer’s money

Zuma was not a president, he was a gang leader, who along with his cronies stole tax payer’s money

Zuma was not a president, he was a gang leader, who along with his cronies stole tax payer’s money

Columnist 26 June 2022 - 20:06 President Thabo Mbeki was not “pushed out” by a benign ANC leadership in September 2008.JG Zuma Foundation apologies to the media for former President Jacob Zuma’s no show due to parole technicalities and DA’s legal letter by.Mzwanele Manyi, spokesperson for the Jacob Zuma Foundation, told a media briefing in Sandton yesterday that the findings by the state capture commission, chaired by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, were not based on any “concrete” evidence.Subscribers can listen to this article Former president Jacob Zuma's legal team led by Advocate Dali Mpofu, his foundation's spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi and his daughter Duduzile Zuma at the media briefing on steps he would be taking after the release of the final state capture report.

He was not removed to hasten the project of improving poor people’s lives.It is now clear that his ousting was a ruthless, cynical, internal coup d’etat, an upending of SA’s constitutional norms and values..You can cancel anytime and if you cancel within 14 days you won't be billed..This article is reserved for Sunday Times subscribers.According to JG Zuma Foundation spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi, Zuma will also be reporting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to the Judicial Service Commission in the next two weeks.

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Ur Ramaphosa is I blocked that city press for the article they wrote new pirates coach. Now Zuma is back on mainstream media but we hearing nothing about PhalaPhalaFarmGate master voetsek Gangster or not we love His Exellency President Zuma Mandated, supported and protected by a criminal organization too

Derek_Hanekom Member of freedom front mheidtman Aniyeken uZuma bakith, let's deal with other problems that we have in our country.. I look at that picture of former president Zuma and know exactly how we landed up where we are And why is he not in jail? Derek_Hanekom I'm rest assured that this article was written by a black journalist sucking on white testicles for a living.

Zuma also gave you loads heading and corruption. The real cause south africa is in the mess it is in currently

JG Zuma Foundation exposes letter that prevented Zuma yesterdayJG Zuma Foundation exposes letter that prevented Zuma yesterday JG Zuma Foundation apologies to the media for former President Jacob Zuma's no show due to parole technicalities and DA's legal letter

Just another black man taken for a ride by people who treated him and his family like a well used cunt. He is now using same loot to defend his filthy name. Mara bo Justice Malala ba tsuba nyaope Voetsek fake news Justice Makaka must learn to pronounce the Rrrr sound before being a paid mouth piece Amen 🙏

Corrupt to the core, he was indeed a gang leader who stole our money together with dudu myeni-zupta. Justice Malala is an idiot. Once the head of the Criminal Organization!! PresJGZuma MYANC Can he now be stripped of the former president status & privileges please, now that it’s proven beyond doubt that this thing was a gang leader, we didn’t choose for him to backstab us like that, but we can choose to say, up to here & no more, sila ngalo zuma struuu🤞🏾


Jacob Zuma lambasts Justice Zondo | CitypressJacob Zuma lambasts Justice Zondo | Through his proxies, Zuma said he will take the state capture report on judicial review and wants Zondo investigated for misconduct Mr Manyi MzwaneleMany you and Adv Dali is smoking your socks! JGZ_Foundation The president of South Africa is accused of Kidnapping, bribery, money laundering and defeating the ends of justice yet he's still in office and white people are defending him.... The apartheid loving whites never changed their spots! PhalaPhalaFarmGate ANCGP RamaphosaMustGo

The most disrespectful headline ever Umsoon kaninia so why is he not in jail yet? And the gang leader and his cronies are now out for war to fight the ones who wanna see them account... Mafias We are on phala phala don't divert our attention Pinocchio is no better You mean this? Anything to avoid talking about PhalaPhalaFarm saga ,you had to mention Zuma,your whole career is based on talking about Zuma,you feed your kids using Zuma’s name and you don’t see anything wrong,fool

This was a real president where people were getting jobs,petrol prices very low,SOEs employees get their salaries in time ,hiring police,army,nurses and teachers,theh never complained about increase and their bonuses, no budget was ever cut all department, stage 4 loadshedding no

Zuma to take state capture report on review, intends to haul Zondo before the JCS | News24According to JG Zuma Foundation spokesperson Mzwanele Manyi, Zuma will also be reporting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo to the Judicial Service Commission in the next two weeks. | JKwritingz JKwritingz Qhubekani with your jokes MzwaneleManyi ATMovement_SA kuyabhanxwa ngoku straight apha BantuHolomisa ooxam bayaphaxulana. JKwritingz this thing appears to be a circus,instead of ruling over the issue at hand they are busy playing JKwritingz The press gives him toomich coverage

MzwaneleManyi this side chief?.....do you still agree with Sunday Times? A WALK OF PHALA PHALA THUG, NAY LE WALK🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👇 PHALA PHALA GROUP OF THUGS👇 Says a PHALA PHALA dollars gangster who uses states money to cover up Cyril Ramaphosa's dirt. Zondo failed to prove that Pres Zuma stole the money, even Stellenbosch media were asked if they do have evidence, they became mum and ran away. Bloody devil thugs👇

Zuma is better than the phalaphala home banking Zuma was the only true president I know in Mzantsi Fokof!!! PhalaPhalaGate PresJGZuma of JGZ_Foundation ubaba ka Duduzane__Zuma no DZumaSambudla please answer... Apartheid newspaper always spread propaganda to nation.

Zuma on Zondo final report: It is 'unlawful and filled with gossip'The Jacob Zuma Foundation is showing nothing but contempt for the findings of the commission of enquiry into state capture. Indeed it is filled with gossip That pic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sounds like Jimmy Manyi.

Hands off Msholozi boy The only thing this article proves, is that, we have idiots that call themselves judges. You can't say the report 'proves' something when it offers absolutely no evidence to its claims🤦🏽. All south africa should be scared if this is how judges act, even those that hate Zuma justicemalala is so sure he did the Lord’s work in this article 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Phala phala saga has credible evidence more than the whole of your state of capture chill colonial clerk PresJGZuma JGZ_Foundation must come this side. I wanna show y'all something... He stole from the poorest to enrich himself,his children and friends. What about Ramaposaur your Messia, Bossasa, CR 17 bank statements, Glencore, Eskom and Phala Phala Farm Gate 🤑

Here is another gang 😆🤣😂😹 Then what does that make Cyril?

JUST IN: Zuma to challenge state capture report, lay complaint against Zondo | The CitizenThe Jacob Zuma Foundation said Chief Justice Raymond Zondo displayed 'extreme hatred' for the former president. Asothukanga. Bet you that Zuma hasn't read the Zondo report, let alone seen it This old man will keep up his Stalingrad defence until he ends up in a box VoetsekZuma StateCapture Zupta

It would be nice to get a update on farmgate and PhalaPhalaFarm And what is Ramaphosa and his gang ? U could have not sead it better, the only thing u left out was he Wan not the only one, there are meny more still in top position in the coverment and the anc Voetsek!!! Injalo. And Ramaphala is a kidnapper, a money launderer, a devil himself wearing a sheep skin call that dollar sign Gucci under mattresses mf's

What about Cyril Phalaphala farm gate scandal palesa_morudu Awunyi maybe? Justice Malala is confused and idiotic fellow...whites won't love you ask mmusi maimane lindiwe maxibuko et al...

Jacob Zuma no-show at media briefing he called to respond to State Capture reportJacob Zuma no-show at media briefing he called to respond to State Capture report Former president Jacob Zuma was advised against appearing at the State Capture Report media briefing on Saturday at the last minute.

Wait, but 'people' are so obsessed with what happened to someone's personal money at Phala Phala instead of taxpayers money? theeNosh Mxm PresJGZuma JGZ_Foundation Duduzane__Zuma DZumaSambudla MYANC CharlotteKhuma3 Uyanya msuzo A gangsterism its when you stashed money In furniture. So judge for yourself with Phala Phala that who is a gang leader PhalaPhalaFarmGate PhalaPhalaFarmGate PhalaPhalaFarmGate

Gang leader 🙆 KZN nada Lol what kind of reporting is this? 'Not a President but a gang leader'. Duduzane__Zuma DZumaSambudla We must investigate Ramaphosa further there's hidden dollars some where, he's using that money to pay Justice sithole Malala, Malala is trying hard to influence public opinion, if times is a credible newspaper they would not allow dustbin people like Malala to write garbage

Stop narrating arrest him this thing of painting people as corrupt without trial is wrong You people don’t distract us, we are still waiting for the title deed for the mansion in Dubai otherwise the citizens are there PhalaPhalaFarmGate MALALA got a nice job because of Zuma, with Zuma MALALA won't hv a job as we speak

PhalaPhalaFarmGate Zuma giv us free education, Zuma gives us jobs, Zuma gives us ARVs Zuma was only black president who able to give a black community what they needed during his term Did you find money under his mattress because that's what gangleaders do ? Gangster is the PhalaPhalaFarmGate monster.

100% correct. He ran a mafia intent on stealing as much as they could. He needed 3 racist indian brothers to show him how to do it. His vile cadres are still around as CR to weak to remove / jail them. But their time is coming. Shame in his CV there is no such thing as gang leader,anyway Malala’s opinion does not change facts unfortunately

Lol! How pathetic with no facts to back u up in a court of law! Thanks for the update, any updates on PhalaPhalaFarmGate perhaps? This is the story you should publish Was this Zondo investigating Zuma or State capture? Cyril Ramaphosa transgressed many laws of our country including the Tax laws you are talking about regarding Phala Phala Farmgate'

Tell us about PhalaPhalaFarmGate we love President Zuma Africans hate each other so bad Yet he was elected and was there for 9 yrs