JUSTICE MALALA | It beggars belief that Cele and Sitole are still in office

The irony is that while these two incompetents still have jobs, unemployment is now at an all-time high

2021-12-06 07:54:00 AM

The irony is that while these two incompetents still have jobs, unemployment is now at an all-time high

The irony is that while these two incompetents still have jobs, unemployment is now at an all-time high

05 December 2021 - 18:34It is hard to escape the feeling that South Africans have given up, that we don’t care any more about our country and its future. Horrific acts and stunning revelations no longer shock us. Outrageous utterances are now par for the course. We have normalised unacceptable behaviour. We have accepted that we are led by dishonest men and women, by thieves and incompetents.

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In the past week alone two devastating pieces of news hit the country. Anywhere else in the world resignations would have been handed in by shamefaced ministers and the heads of senior civil servants would have rolled. Here, just a few days later, we have almost forgotten the outrages. Life continues in a grotesque and tragic pantomime we call normal...

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The African cowboy and the deputy!!! Ramaphosa is still in the highest office as well and unemployment is under his watch... Cele overshadows Sithole's working ability as he's constantly arriving at all crime hot spots and Mr. Cele is not a specially trained officer It beggars belief that any minister or govt official is still in office.

Especially cele Ugly vs Lazy

Cele denies 'frosty' relationship with police commissioner Khehla SitolePolice minister Bheki Cele has denied he has a 'frosty' relationship with national police commissioner Khehla Sitole. I know the Minister does not like gay people

Sitole unavailable in lead up to Zuma incarceration - CelePolice Minister Bheki Cele was on the stand at the Human Rights Commission hearings into the July unrest. Okay Sithole was nowhere to be found or incompetent whatsoever but what is it that you did when you realised that Sithole was lacking to play the role. Shambles. So now he wants to shift the blame 🙄

Rapule Tabane | Cele vs Sitole: A cop-out of cops | CitypressApart from the pervasive and topical problems South Africans are facing – such as the new Covid-19 variant Omicron and load shedding – an enduring and worsening problem in our society is the high level of crime. Good Morning Can anyone please assist or share my message, I’m really in need of assistance. I’m a bricklaying apprentice currently busy with my 2nd year, can anyone please assist me with taxi fare to school, my return fare is R55. .🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Contact details 071 950 3434 Yeah dumb and dumber S2 Wait ago to use public funds to settle y'all incompetency in the spotlight and SA courts while your inabilities fosters crime which your corruption creates

July Unrest | WATCH | Ipusa unimpressed with Cele, Sitole testimoniesThe frosty relationship between Police Minister Bheki Cele and Commissioner Khehla Sitole was evident at the hearings into the July unrest. I'm so happy I took part on this opportunity with LindaStouffes fear didn't want me to proceed at first but I just said to let go and gave it try. may you continue to excel LindaStouffes These 2 (two) are the definition of failure What a time to be black...

Cele slams Crime Intelligence, says they were well-funded prior to July unrest | News24Police Minister Bheki Cele revealed that the police's Crime Intelligence 'had funds' - and had been given R129 million for its covert operations budget two months before the deadly July unrest. | kaveels

JSC to run chief justice candidate interviews in FebruaryThe Judicial Service Commission will interview four candidates for chief justice, handpicked by President Cyril Ramaphosa All my experience happens to be total failure but i never gave up because i knew it was going to work out for me someday, fortunately am smiling today by getting involved with a manager I came across on a Tweet lisamiaBTC all I can say is she is the best of all.