Julius Malema refuses to divulge cost and source of funds for EFF-sponsored Gogo’s house

2022/01/12 21:38:00

EFF leader Julius Malema on Wednesday refused to reveal how much it cost the party to build a three-bedroom home for recently deceased EFF member Gogo Pulane Phansi.

EFF leader Julius Malema on Wednesday refused to reveal how much it cost the party to build a three-bedroom home for recently deceased EFF member Gogo Pulane Phansi.

EFF leader Julius Malema on Wednesday refused to reveal how much it cost the party to build a three-bedroom home for recently deceased EFF member Gogo Pulane Phansi.

Phansi was a well-known EFF loyalist who attend party rallies, including their march demanding the provision of the Sputnik and Sinovac Covid-19 vaccines in SA.She died just after the EFF completed building her a house in November to show gratitude for her commitment to the party and its mission.

Taking the media on a tour on Wednesday, Malema dodged questions about the amount the party forked out to complete the house and where the party got the funding.The EFF has been a big spender among political parties since the local government elections campaign last year.

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Poor Jenourlism at its best, go build a house like that for one of your readers then you will know how much it cost to build a house like that. I support Malema for now responding to nonsense. 🚮🚮🚮🚮 Even worse,this article is written by a black boy. Sies How is this your business? Have you asked who funded CR17?

He mustn't dare, in fact no one must disclose anything, since the head of state has his own skeletons legally hidden As an eff member I wish the house could have cost a million rand or more It's none of your business When are you going to see good things EFF is doing for us blacks and make it a headline?

Ok like cr17 campaign docoment...🙄🙄🙄🙄 I know that Julius_S_Malema will make the courts unseal the CR17 documents, as now he challenges the Media houses and they don't it coming that route. Let CR17 be unsealed first, then EFF will reveal the cost of the house.

Can we talk about the unsealing of CR17BankStatements Media has been guessing other figures so do what you always do. It is not a matter of public concern so ele nyaka kae? Is not only 3 bedrooms. But fully furnished. A luxurious house. Best in her street. Actually the whole Swanneville. Now everyone want the EFF RDP. Because in EFF we love beautiful things for our people

What about CR17 funders? It's the hypocrisy for me. How much do you think it cost to build a house? Are you out news? It's non of your business The house is there, so fokof. As long as the CR17 bank statements are sealed who cares! Let's start with CR17 funds

Mare we didn’t use state money... we accaunt to our funders... we accaunt to the membership of the EFF ; please do a follow up nalana 👇🏿. Use mathematics 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 CR17BankingStatements Yet they scream to see the CR17 funding statements 😂😂😂 Haibo🤷🏻‍♀️Trash Journalism indeed. Are you and your bosses Okay

Ba painelwa But you are not asking the president about his R1bn presidential funding CR17BankStatements Tsek. Have you built anything for anybody? Stop your obsession with the EFF. Write about anything the DA has done for people in Nyanga, I am looking forward to that article.

Are you covering the visit by Eff to Sewage spillage in Mangaung? ...it's free 1) it's also your business? 2) did you request a CR17 statement and back here reporting the response of that useless president of your? BOPHA!BOPHA! the bigger picture will come one day Go to Cashbuild and make a quotation. British newspaper

It's simple mos if real wanna know go draft your own quotation... Within an hour you would know the cost Why don't you ask Ramalockdown to unsil the document This twit served its purpose. Attract readership and tarnish the image of the EFF and Julius Malema. Good...are you so obsessed with the little money used to build that koko's house,but you don't who puts up millions in CR17!!YOU HYPOCRITE MEDIA

It's EFF matters what have you to do with them

He doesn't need to disclose. Anc is in charge of the country's purses not EFF If they had revealed the cost of the house you would have accused Julius Malema and EFFSouthAfrica of bribery and boasting like you did with the SUV presented to the AbaThembu King. 🙄🙄🙄. Admit that you are driven by issues you have against the EFF and its leadership.

Have you ask Mr Ramaphosa to Unseal CR17BankStatements. Have ask him who Sponsored him to be come as a President of the ANC, don't be buyer's Ramaphosa he is like everyone, No rule for Ramaphosa and No rule for others. Treat us the same. Voetsek wena!!! You must ask that question to that Stellenbosch mafia's puppet Cyril Ramaphobia, and don't come here asking nonsense.... EFF funds itself, we're not corrupt like the other rotten potatoes!!! Ungazos'nyela la!!!

How is that any of the media business. Anisyeke plz He.e bathong! Yall need to be shy, a teaspoon of intloni please! Are they using taxpayers money if not, that is non of your business Ask CyrilRamaphosa to open up his bank statement Nasrec17 Futsek mnqundu, its none of ur business 🙄 What is wrong with the ANC captured media? Why is this your business!?

Reminder the Mighty EFF did not use the public funds to build that house so relax. 🚮🚮🚮🚮 Times live is useless!! When are you as “investigative journalist” getting to CR17BankStatements 💁🏽‍♂️ Money grows on trees. You did not know it? Racist times live failed to asked cyril ramaphosa to unseal sealed banking statements for CR17

Tsek misunu nonke As long as he's not using state funds/tax payers money, who cares? Tsek…. 🙄

It was not tax payers money so go and fly a kite. u failed to ask anything about the CR17BankStatements But u can calculate since u know how much his shoes and t-shirt are. Same ratio u apply on his cloths u can do it here Kana there are still those who believe in mainstream media..shem🤣🤣 That's all you are good at.. Must be ashamed of yourself

Is it necessary whn we can seal the CR17BankStatements What is this? Jokes write themselves in SA Hypocrisy is your middle name shame That's irrelevant It's sealed as well. Why should he always reveal when the mightiest can't

The cost is non of your business. Non of your business white boy How much shares do white people own in Unxilile wena we want CR17 campaign bank statement as a country You're not saying anything about CyrilRamaphosa CR17BankStatements. That's what you should ask about!!! Ramapauser and his friends captured the whole South African yet you are worried about 3 room

Black man you are on your own.(Bantu Biko)✊ Its non pf your business But his terrorist supporters can’t count anyway Sometimes you are nonsense why aren’t you questioning how much it costs the government to build RDP houses mxm

CR17BankStatements Le kakela juju why should he hebanna So to you that what matters? Media was going to dispute any amount he gives anyway. I am happy the family has a house now, they will live in dignity. Can we start with CR17 bank statements...? Because it’s none of your business, whoever asked. What don't you guys do your own investigation? Journalism has lost its meaning. All you do these days is gossip

Controlled reporting🚮🚮 Further reasons not to even bother about your one sided stories they are just disruption give real news like a leak nyana CR17BankStatements

Bcos you want humiliate poor gogo. You failed to join EFF in court to unseal Cyril Ramaphosa bank statement as an attempt for clean governance and transparency Why care so much? Go seal CR17 Bank statement Imagine asking this and not asking about CR17bankstatements 🤷‍♂️ What the fck 😳 tsek Why is this even a headline... what is the angle of this story and why do you deem it news that EFF used funds that are not from the government to help a gogo in need?

If only the media could have the same energy for other politicians Wmc boys and sealing, same whatsapp group Media know how much is the shoe of Malema why not do the same calculation they are use to to calculate the amount of the house it'd easy Its none of your business

South African TSOTSI!!!🚮🚮🚮 CR17BankStatements 👀🔥🔥🔥 Why would you want to know that? It cost R3m then what now you know How that your business? How much are you earning at Sowetan? Fokof! You want to know everything the EFF is doing but very mum on the DA. Voetsek The Editor seriously refused to write or report this story positively simply because it’s EFF

How is it any of your business? TSEK!

He was right to refuse, journalists are asking stupid questions Why should he reveal, why don't u commend the party for doing the lords work? I think RediTlhabi is correct, our editors need to learn to reject weak reporting. Niyanya nina Why should they? They’re not using government funds and they most certainly didn’t use it to enrich themselves. So what’s up?

But why should they reveal that? What is that got to do with any of us? You should the governing party how much it cost to do nothing for the people of this country.. For what We want to know about the CR17BankStatements and stop irritating us with monies that belong to an organisation 😒 Hom sello ek smaak hom. Sy vrou is ook oulik.

It's not government money so why do you care so much?

That's rubbish and non of your business bloody rubbish Rakgadi_EM Maar why u wanna know? Can u guys start asking questions about crbankstatements He did good. Rakgadi_EM Non of ur business, how much did u contribute? He must seal that document too.... They must investigate Rakgadi_EM If I was a politician and steal money to help the poor I’d be happy with that, because I’d be fulfilling the intentions and purpose of government, especially with the current government stealing money for themselves

CR17 documents are sealed as well This shouldn’t be to difficult to answer. Did it cost more or less than the car given to the king? How does that put food on the table of our grannies? Sorry, fight your battles alone, the majority won't be used as tools anymore.

Lenna nka hana, le tlwaela batho hampe straight.. Ba ba dinyatsi, go get that info in CR17BankStatements Why must he reveal it That info they want it's in CR17BankStatements they will get all the details there Who founded CR17BankStatements campaign I think pauli van wyk is still alive. Let's leave it to her to draw the graphs

Unseal Khala's Bank statements first and build one and that should give you some indication Why do you care? Your media house have never done anything free for South africans Good...what do you want to do with that information? Go ask Pauli to make graphs for you It's none of your business klk it's EFF money

Go build your own then you will find out. It was not government money so relax🤗🤗🤗 There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about williamchurch09 it has been a pleasure collaborating with you...there is no other way I can show my appreciation other than tweeting the good deed you have done.

mnguni_fana CR17BankStatements? I also want to know about it Go unseal the CR17BankStatements That's good. Le kena kae lona? CR17BankStatements yona e kae