Jacob Zuma due in court, Zondo Commission

Jacob Zuma due in court, Zondo Commission #eNCA


Jacob Zuma due in court, Zondo Commission eNCA

Former president Jacob Zuma is expected to appear in the High Court in Pietermaritzburg and the State Capture Commission of Inquiry next week.

related to the controversial multi-billion rand arms deal.

more like black monopoly capital back in court

Inquiry Chair Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has released the document sent to the former president.

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This commission of inquiry into state capture will not come to an end untill it corners Zuma and his guy Duduzane this is what they are all after nothing more So the Zondo Commission has spent about 350 million so far just for 1 man, Jacob Zuma? Really Never fails to entertain ..He deserves the Nkandla homestead purely based on all the 2 million 700 hundred 300 hundred 60 thousand and 12 times he has made the nation laugh .

Can he even pronounce Multi billion? Hoeveel ontkennings wil julle nog hoor?

Jacob Zuma sent 'areas of interest' only, says Judge ZondoDeputy chief justice Raymond Zondo has denied that the state capture commission furnished former president Jacob Zuma with a set of questions he would be asked when he returned to the stand, instead saying it was a document with “areas of interest” he needed to address.

Zondo denies reports Jacob Zuma was sent 80 questions | IOL NewsThe State Capture Commission of Inquiry denied reports it had sent former president Jacob Zuma 80 questions about the evidence against him.

Zondo releases areas of interest Jacob Zuma needs to addressJustice Raymond Zondo has confirmed that Jacob Zuma is expected to return to the inquiry from the 14th to the 25th of October. This commission is just a wasteful expense.. Nothing will come out of it. PresJGZuma hamba Msholozinuyophendula,wazakhela iNew York City yakho nabafazi bakho eNkandla.

DAYS OF ZONDO: Who to believe: Mcebisi Jonas or Duduzane Zuma?Former deputy minister Mcebisi Jonas and patronage’s Prince Charming, Duduzane Zuma, have presented diametrically opposing versions before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry of what happened on the day when a R600-million bribe offer was made to Jonas to get him to twist the Treasury towards the Gupta family network. Neither I’d choose Mr Jonas, any day, over that spoilt brat of a liar! Ferial and her disgraced employer the Daily Maverick have lost credibility to claim moral high ground! Your agenda agenda against black politicians are very strong to ignore!

Inquiry did not send questions to Jacob Zuma, only ‘areas of interest’Raymond Zondo was responding to a Business Day story that Zuma had been sent an 11-page document with 80 questions that he would need to address

Jacob Zuma to learn fate over Arms deal charges on Friday | IOL NewsFormer president Jacob Zuma will know on Friday whether his fraud, corruption and money laundering charges from the late '90s arms deal will proceed or not. I REALLY hope they proceed !! What makes this skelm different from us If it was anyone else this would have been dealt with by now. Another indication how far corruption has gone in this country. This will set a precedence going forward ...

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