'It wasn't my intention for this to happen': Enyobeni tavern owner | The Citizen

2022-06-27 01:24:00 PM

'It wasn't my intention for this to happen': Enyobeni tavern owner | The Citizen

'It wasn't my intention for this to happen': Enyobeni tavern owner | The Citizen

Siyakhangela Ngevu, the owner of the tavern, says he was not present when the tragedy occurred.


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EC tavern owner: 'I wasn't here at the time of the tragedy'Enyobeni Tavern owner, Siyakhengela Ngevu claims he was not present when the tragedy occurred. So wat really transpired if u weren't there wat are your workers saying... HUMANLIVESMATTER But someone must have been there moss, the canister cant empty itself now can it? He was also grooving somewhere

WATCH: Enyobeni Tavern owner describes 'chaos' when he arrived at 1am | The CitizenTourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu also expressed concern over the saftey of venues in South Africa, and the 'safety of our young people'.

Enyobeni tragedy: Tavern owner to face criminal charges - ECLB | The CitizenHundred's of mostly underage school pupils flocked to the small tavern to celebrate the end of term. At least 21 are dead. Investing and getting the returns is what i have ever wanted finally found it In BencyDanie How did they die? Many questions here. Where were the venue staff? Are there any staff dead? Has forensics secured all drinks, food etc? Signs of ANYONE trying to leave?

Enyobeni tavern owner apologises for deaths, says he is investigating incidentEnyobeni tavern owner Siyakhangela Ndevu said that he was still shocked by what happened at his business premises. There is s lot wrong here with this tavern and what the owner allowed. Let's see what 'law will take it's course'. So the government gave them license to operate in such environment I am surprised how people have money to buy alcohol but not enough for food education or a home.

'People forced themselves inside': Enyobeni tavern owner speaks out'People forced themselves inside': Enyobeni tavern owner speaks out The owner of Enyobeni - an Eastern Cape tavern where 20 people DIED overnight - has broken his silence on the matter. Isn't it 22 people?

ENYOBENI TAVERN LIVE UPDATES: Bheki Cele breaks down in tears | The CitizenThe cause of the deaths is unknown at this stage You guys need clicks that bad? Is he crying over how inept his police force is? Do not make a political circus from these poor souls :( Being the head of the home isn't easy, you are expected to provide for the home, I lost my job during the pandemic and relied on the little money I had,things were hard until I met AdrianBecker0 and started Bitcoin trading, I earned R800,000 in 3 weeks thanks AdrianBecker0 PhalaPhalaGate

Competitions COURTS ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"3 mins ago","premium":false,"gallery":false,"excerpt":"Five NPO\u0027s applied for grant funding, but as soon as monies were paid, a significant portion was used to buy the luxury Wonderboom property.According to Ngevu, security guards called him to notify him about the chaos at the house.Competitions WORLD ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"2 hours ago","premium":false,"gallery":false,"excerpt":"South Africa has been a regular invitee of the G7 summit.Competitions COLUMNS ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"5 mins ago","premium":true,"gallery":false,"excerpt":"\u0027My daughter was nine years old in 1994, when we had our first democratic election.

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