It's scandalous how we have gendered consent in sex

My second wish is for Tumi to spend every last cent legally teaching Matlhodi what consent is, sue her.

2020-05-25 10:45:00 AM

THABISO MAHLAPE | What Matlhodi did to Tumi was a gross violation of his privacy. We have a warped sense, as a society, of what is appropriate when it comes to men being violated in this way.

My second wish is for Tumi to spend every last cent legally teaching Matlhodi what consent is, sue her.

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OPINION: Gender-based violence cases prove we need to reconsider how we groom young boysNot even the nationwide lockdown can make us escape the reality that something has gone ghastly wrong in this country, says the author. People must stop having kids they can't afford And girls. I believe some coming from an entitled view they start fights knowing they are protected. The boys are increasingly being pushed into a corner but violence is not the answer though. What where these crime stats in the 50's, 60', 70's, 80's etc

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Police launch manhunt after KZN cop killedIt’s understood Constable Xolani Zulu (32) came under a hail of bullets outside his home in Kwa Nyuswa on Friday night while off duty. Wish they did the same for anyone killed and not just one of their own. so kuthulekile abantu balinde nxa ilipolisa elenze into emntwini bangxole mnxmezinye izinto zindenza maal More cops being shot lately... Wonder if all the shit from Government is making people fight back in any form possible. Methinks Government must think Long and hard about their stances...