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Is there a place for police in the future of South Africa?

2021-09-23 08:59:00 PM

Is there a place for police in the future of South Africa?

The private security industry will have to be drastically reduced or even abolished if we want to create a society that does not allow the rich to simply buy safety at the expense of the victimisation and brutalisation of others.

Stuurman said:We would have to create a society in which the average person asserting their right to protest; a sex worker asserting their right to provide for themselves and to work; and communities asserting their housing and land rights won’t be subjected to violence, raids, police brutality or harassment.

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She was speaking on the subject of abolition or reform of the current policing system in South Africa at a webinar hosted by the C19 People’s Coalition Anti-Repression Working Group on Wednesday.In answering the debate question on whether there is a future for the police in South Africa, Stuurman made reference to the Freedom Charter as a guideline on the progress that the policing system has made since its formation: “The assertion that the home is a private space that should not be repeatedly encroached on by the police is sadly a point that has to be made 66 years later in South Africa, after attempted insurrection in July this year and the police action that followed it.”

READ: How cops fuel violenceActivist and national coordinator of the Right2Know campaign Axolile Notywala, meanwhile, asserted that much of crime stems from socioeconomic issues such as poor service delivery, unemployment and drug and alcohol abuse, hence police are deployed around crime hotspots to maintain public order. This while factors that instigate crime are ignored.

Notywala said:In Cape Town communities, police are responsible for illegal evictions and homelessness, and their role is protecting property and policing black lives. We do not need police, we need to deal with the socioeconomic issues that lead to crime first.

Gareth Newham, the head of justice and violence prevention at the Institute for Security Studies, argued that we need to envisage a future South Africa in which we don’t need a large policing and criminal justice capacity because we have addressed the various factors that contribute to our high murder and crime levels.

“The police arrest about 1.5 million people a year, many hundreds of thousands of them poor black men who are not guilty of serious crimes. In this way, it could be argued that the police are managing inequality rather than preventing and reducing crime. That murder has increased by 37% and robbery by 43% since 2012 is evidence of this,” said Newham.

He conceded that we need a new charter that boldly sets out a vision to free us from poverty, inequality, unemployment and high levels of violence, crime and corruption. The current policies and approaches are simply not working.READ: Building a more equitable South Africa hinges on buy-in from whole of government and all of society

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“The widespread public violence in July brought into stark focus how inadequate the state security apparatus is when it comes to preventing and responding to networks and individuals who seek to cause public harm,” he said.Meanwhile, abolitionist and educator in the department of anthropology at the University of the Western Cape, Kelly Gillespie called for focus on other forms of harm-reduction.

Gillespie said: If we want to exit the condition of profound damage caused by the apartheid regime, which undervalued black lives, we cannot lead with security. If we do, we compound and add to those problems.She added that the democratic infrastructure project reverts as soon as the state takes on a different character and assumes authority; it moves to remilitarisation to put down protests and keep the status quo.

“What we can do is draw support away from policing to other forms of harm reduction such as street committees and people’s courts, and other African traditions of solving crime.”WATCH: Saving our Yeoville streets“Abolition doesn’t ask us to do away with police and leave no alternatives for safety. It asks the opposite: How do we build a society in which people don’t need police because they have their needs met and don’t have to resort to violence to constitute a viable life?”

“It asks how we can deal with harm and violence together without having to use the blunt weapon of policing to fix ongoing problems that simply cannot be fixed with an ineffective and violent police force,” she said. Read more: City Press »

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For what we are not safe even if they are there. All they do is crime. No, corruption will be legal in future Not in this current format. What a dumb question. This is a dumb question. Perhaps the headline should read 'is there a place for the myanc and bhekicele_rsa' in SA. Seems their ignorance of crimes within their own ranks is a acceptable thing. Crime has become our heritage under the banner of the ANC. CyrilRamaphosa

As long our borders are wide open forget.Poor police will always be blamed.The deafening silence from their unions is scary.They are in the alliance with the ANC.Why don't they tell ANC to secure our borders?Their members are being killed by Zimbabweans everyday. It is close to impossible to have a society where all citizens needs are met, it can't happen. Crime is a global phenomenon which can only be minimised. In my layman opinion, we need a capable, professional and well trained police force to maintain law and order.

Total rubbish. Rationale based in ignorance which is on course to destroy this country

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'She was speaking on the subject of abolition ... of the current policing system...' She cannot be taken seriously and no political party concerned about crime will support her. Abolition of policing in terms of ss205(3) of the Constitution, 1996 is an absolutely crazy idea. Question is, is there a place for the inept, corrupt, kleptocratic and kakistocratic ANC regime with it's incompetent police in the future of SA?

SAPS HAS BECOME A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION RUN BY CRIMINALS FOR CRIMINALS WITH THE ANC GOVERNMENT. B Abolish police? Well, that didn't take long; seems like the stupidity of the American left has spilled over into South Africa, great👏🏼 They are already replaced by the more active security industry in almost most towns.

Are you guys on drugs? What for? They were missing during the attempted insuraction and citizens dealt with the criminals. Damn. That’s a really dumb question. Good job 👍🏻 Yes, but a federal not national service, with better paid and trained officers,capable commanders, preferably with a tertiary education and federal ministers who is are experienced police persons, supported by modern crime fighting technology and top notch forensic capability.

Just mad!! Utter rubbish!!!

Climate change a ‘collective trauma of potentially epic proportions’ for South Africa - The Mail & GuardianThe effects of global warming are negatively affecting mental well-being and will only accelerate in the future, according to a new report good grief. get a grip. Its climate CHANGE, not global warming. No blinking wonder SA is becoming a shithole of epic proportions. when our 'official' news disseminates this dense narrative, who needs enemies?

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Has to be in order to have order in South africa 🇿🇦🤔 With SAPoliceService incompetence, corruption & criminality, it should be disbanded & overhauled Get in INTERPOL & ScotlandYard to train CyrilRamaphosa RonaldLamola GovernmentZA EFFSouthAfrica Our_DA Action4SA How is this even a question? Who asked that stupid question?

And soldiers with this guy cha Not for the fat bee quota SAPoliceService It looks like you know the big agenda,

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Yes. But not under the current leadership. Time for a clean out. No, let amaphara roam free

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