Is Savanna missing an important cultural moment? | Citypress

Best known for its dry humour, is the Savanna brand missing a chance to tap into Gen X? Rofhiwa Maneta takes a closer look.

2021-05-17 05:30:00 PM

Trending | 'Unfortunately, the Savanna brand has been tagged and associated with irresponsible and damaging consumer-generated social media activity'. ~ Marketing manager, Eugene Lenford

Best known for its dry humour, is the Savanna brand missing a chance to tap into Gen X? Rofhiwa Maneta takes a closer look.

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Oh let it go. Savanna is getting free marketing on social media He should be grateful for that! This person isn't a marketer He doesn't know marketing Bad reputation is better than no reputation at all He/She z talking nonsense they r laughing to the bank with the free marketing they r getting I know for a fact that Savanna nationally has increased it's sales by more than 30% from last year at this time Which is why you can't find it in most stores at the moment

Lol the opposite it’s true here That is pure jealousy. Savanna brand is sailing nicely and doing great in the market!

I just feel like having Savanna now and get drunk once. This worked wonders to push sales upwards! Savanna must go on recess for few years. Kids are recklessness whenever they see it. What is irresponsible or damaging in the pic shared? Mxm! They are happy there's no such a s thing as bad publicity in business, they know that the more attention their brand gets the more likely they are to increase sales, so this one must pretend as if their company cares obout the behavior of consumers.

ntsikimazwai CancelSavanna Savanna They act like they are against this,they enjoy free markerting ...They are ashamed of thier customers behaviour? 🤔 Unamanga you love the free publicity and marketing They can stop making it. Bloody swines No shit, Sherlock!?

Who says that its your useless newspaper judging people, people are enjoying the brand and they even put on their heads, which other brand is like savanna The sole existence of a brand is to make profit. No matter how we look at it,this 'irresponsible ' drinking works magic for Savanna. Posting alcohol on social media doesn't translate to irresponsible drinking

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