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Industrialise, says Finance Minister Godogwana

2021-09-26 09:45:00 AM

Industrialise, says Finance Minister Godogwana

Economists agree that SA needs to re-evaluate its policy on reviving ailing manufacturing industry as other sectors yield low employment numbers no matter their high GDP outputs.

Economists agree that  SA needs to re-evaluate its policy on reviving ailing manufacturing industry as other sectors yield low employment numbers no matter their high GDP outputsFinance Minister Enoch Godongwana says that the state of the South African economy is unsustainable and that the country’s development is intimately linked to industrial production.

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totally.. we need to align relevant industries to absorb workers. If electricity wasn’t increasing at such an astronomical rate and red tape was done away with, 3 years ago perhaps Manufacturing could have been rescued. It will never be an economic driver whilst we compete with China etc who have cheap labour and cost of goods.

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Who PresidencyZA We are seeing development of more shopping malls than industries. As a result, we are being made to be more of consumers than producers/manufacturers, and that cannot be called industrialization. We are consuming what we are not producing or manufacturing Stop thieving,says us taxpayers

He has been in the ANC forever. They have been singing this song forever without any action.. so do not be fooled South Africa Who’s he telling?

Any progress on the R32 billion spent on Black Industrialists. Keen to see some success.. Do it, don’t say it Minister MYANC . I thought time for cheap talk is no luxury for MYANC. Leave that to the RedFlipfloppers. There is someone talking sense there. Industrialization can employee millions of peopl within short space of time. However you need projects to kick in. Which means you definitely need private investors.

😴 That’s ANC speak for looting on a grand scale VoetsekANC Just had a Day Dream 😴 My Brain asked me who has been Born yet to Lead Us to Economic Reconstruction Nobody could wake me Up I am Still Dreaming Who must industrialise? The private sector? Sommer just so? South Africa is currently uninvestable under the ANC. TreasuryRSA the_dti trudimakhaya PresidencyZA

Laba baphilela ukukhuluma nje qha Slogan since 2008. This one is reading history books to much.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

We need Nationalization of mines banks and all Monopoly industries Hilarious, another prophet has commanded his supernatural forces to redeem us from our stagnant industrialization efforts...we are in good hands and truly blessed 😂😂😂😂😂 Ok stop stealing then Instead of doing it, he’s telling us kanti who’s the minister here

OGodongwana who are they saying must industrialise when they are the one with power to make that happen ? Whooa My first experience happens to be a failure but i never gave up cause i knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously, fortunately i'm smiling today by getting involved with peternice_

It will end there just a talk nothing more.. Rich coming from Chair of Transformation Committee. The financial institutions he is marshalling are the biggest problem