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Inclusive or unfair? Transgender weightlifter sparks Olympic debate

Inclusive or unfair? Transgender weightlifter sparks Olympic debate #DStv403 #eNCA

2021-08-01 08:19:00 AM

Inclusive or unfair? Transgender weightlifter sparks Olympic debate DStv403 eNCA

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard makes her Olympic debut in Tokyo on Monday, with the New Zealander's historic appearance igniting heated debate.

New Zealand's Laurel Hubbard transitioned to a woman in her 30sAFP | ADRIAN DENNISTOKYO - Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard makes her Olympic debut in Tokyo on Monday, with the New Zealander's historic appearance igniting heated debate on one of sport's most divisive issues.

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Hubbard was born male and competed as a man before transitioning to become a woman in her 30s, taking up the sport again after meeting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines for transgender athletes.The IOC says she is the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Games, hailing it as a landmark moment for the Olympic movement.

"Laurel Hubbard is a woman, is competing under the rules of her federation and we have to pay tribute to her courage and tenacity in competing and qualifying for the Games," IOC medical chief Richard Budgett told reporters in Tokyo.However, her presence in the women's +87kg category on the elite stage raises complex issues of bioethics, human rights, science, fairness and identity in sport. headtopics.com

Supporters say her appearance is a victory for inclusion and trans rights.Critics argue she has an unfair advantage over female rivals due to physical attributes locked into her body during her decades as a male.Debate on the issue is intense and sometimes vitriolic, with barbs flying from both sides online, prompting to New Zealand Olympic Committee's to take steps to shield Hubbard from social media trolls.

But the IOC concedes there are legitimate questions about whether Hubbard has -- in the jargon-heavy language the sporting body uses to discuss the issue -- a"disproportionate competitive advantage".- Searching for 'sweet spot' -Female sporting advocates, including pioneering gay tennis star Martina Navratilova, have expressed concern that including transgender competitors is unfair and threatens to undermine hard-fought gains in lifting the status of women's sport.

"I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair," she said.Hubbard competed in women's weightlifting at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia

AFP | ADRIAN DENNISCaitlyn Jenner, who won Olympic gold in the men's decathlon at the 1976 Olympics before coming out as a woman in 2015, declared earlier this year:"It just isn't fair."There are also fears that including trans women in high-impact sports could jeopardise the safety of other competitors, prompting World Rugby to ban them from international competition last year. headtopics.com

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But some national unions such as New Zealand Rugby have indicated they will allow trans women in grassroots competitions, underlining how opinions are divided on the issue.In making its decision, World Rugby cited scientific studies showing males were around 30 percent stronger than females.

University of Otago physiologist Alison Heather told AFP other male physical advantages included longer limbs and higher muscle mass, as well as a larger heart and greater lung capacity, which increases oxygen flow and endurance.But the IOC's Budgett said it was not as simple as comparing males to females, arguing it was possible trans women experienced a drop in performance when they underwent the process of transition.

Budgett said more research was needed, adding:"Consider the fact there have been no openly transgender women at the top level until now (and) I think the threat to women's sport has probably been overstated."IOC conceded the new framework -- which will only provide guidelines for international sporting federations, rather than hard-and-fast rules -- would not be the final word on an issue set to remain hotly debated for the foreseeable future.

"There needs to be a sweet spot to achieve what we need and wherever that sweet spot is, it's probably going to be criticised by some -- it's not going to be the ultimate solution," IOC spokesman Christian Klaue said. Read more: eNCA »

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Your transphobic slip is showing eNCA😒 Totally ridiculous let alone unfair. If there is enough need then create a gender group for these people that allows them to compete against like for like!!! They banned Semenya and allowed this nonsense thereafter, biased, bloody Olympic law makers Why is it always transgenders competing in women's categories, never the other way round, I.e. in men's?

there is science and there is mental health. Science should govern sports categories not feelings. give them their own category. you can't be anti this woman and pro Caster. unfair is unfair. This is bullshit. If this continues, no biological woman will ever win a medal ever again. Can’t believe the world is this shitty. He obviously wasn’t good enough to compete with men. Loser

But I thought we all equal. This is wat they been fighting for now they want to cry again. Can everyone here claiming that trans women would always win please do some fucking research and you will see that no, trans women in sport do not dominate. rules are bent for whites. She should absolutely compete, in a trans category. The exclusion of trans ppl in sport and life in general is not ok. We should include trans ppl in everything and celebrate their trans status

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UNFAIR. Unfair I will refer to them by any name or pronoun they wish and I support their decisions to transition if they so choose, but I cannot support their inclusion in women's sport. I will support it if they make a 'trans-m/f' category for competition, just not against biological women Unfair Unfair and Double Standards

Unfair. Without a doubt, this is unfair. I have always argued that if Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt were to become transgender, they would end the carriers of many women where they compete, with Tyson possibly sending many to their early grave. Transgenders must have their own competition. I'm gna sound unfair but if u are born a man ul remain a man your whole life even if u convert your body parts.

the death of womens sport right there. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get but with your help, many had been able to achieve their dreams and I am included. Thank you so much Ethans_Rolands

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Just create their own division like in boxing etc...they have made their choice therefore should learn to live with. sparks debate? this debate is old now. It doesn't matter what he identified as, biologically he is a man and men on average are stronger than women. Why is there even a debate about this, the guy shouldn't be allowed to compete with women.

If allowed to continue, it will be the end of women’s sport. Just have one “open” category and let the best man/woman/trans/penguin win. Maybe also just have no winners or losers. A participation award would be nice so no feelings are hurt 😉 Double standards I think in Olympics there are double standards the exclusion of caster800m to compete was unfair.

Zvakaomawo There are men with high to levels than others, are they gonna make rules for them to take suppressants too

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your gender is whatever you 'feel' so let this person compete Should not be allowed Unfair! If he was born a male must compete with male team and if was born a female must compete with female team. How can they allow someone with a 🍆 to compete with people who got 🍑. Totally unfair they need their own event

The mighty NZ must be so proud. Should transgender athletes have their own category?

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