IN PICS | Medical parolee Jacob Zuma spotted in Durban casino

Correctional services confirms that the former president requested permission to leave his Nkandla compound.

2021-10-17 07:05:00 AM

Correctional services confirms that the former president requested permission to leave his Nkandla compound.

Correctional services confirms that the former president requested permission to leave his Nkandla compound.

17 October 2021 - 00:04ByAMANDA KHOZA and SANDILE NDLOVUFormer president Jacob Zuma was spotted out and about on Friday for the first time since he was granted medical parole, at Sibaya Casino in Durban.The Sunday Times received a tip-off that Zuma was meeting close allies there, among them former Luthuli House staffer Carl Niehaus ( and former South African Airways chair Dudu Myeni (

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Of course they would! The only president post 1994 to drive a family of two women to exile...because he raped the daughter. The family happened to be that of his friend and comrade in exile. What a betrayal? May the whole Khuzwayo family Rest In Peace. Zuma had advocated for poverty free SAns ,one day all will prevail when so much has been said about him but not his good work. Black people need to wake up if they want to be free from systematic slavery loaded in their minds and use their numbers to win back a country...🧭🧭🧭

The media obsession with this guy,... he is a former president and has a life of his own as well as commitments like other former Presidents. Nifuna abolele endlini yin zinja Anihlukaneni nalomtwana wabantu. Leave Zuma alone Please 🙏🏽 Tata Ma Chance. What are they plotting this time ? 🤔 Wow 😲😢 This nigga is a G

Is permission that easily sought and granted, especially if the parolee is deemed to be dying of God knows what...? What if it's contagious? In my view, Zuma is possibly fomenting another uprising!

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How sick is he 🤔🤔 where there is double standards it means there is no standard . When there are 2 laws. One for politicians and one for everybody else it means in fact there is no law. At this rate he could ask for a one way trip to Mars they would agree to that when questioned later we thought he would come back. We a lawless country

It's a big wonder the RET gang isn't accusing Correctional Services of being captured 🤷‍♂️🤔🤣 He can even visit the moon if he likes. And he's on medical parole, what a comedy show this country is sometimes... This 🥳clown🤡 ⬇️⬇️really has no shame....SERIOUSLY ILL I dont think this news paper is selling news without Zuma name involved🚮

did me bring a sick note TiAmoNtombonina Zuma is Azania

WATCH | Jacob Zuma from Nkandla: ‘Something has gone terribly wrong in SA’Former president Jacob Zuma gave a 50-minute speech on Thursday from his home in Nkandla, where he is serving the remainder of his 15-month prison sentence for contempt of court. So hes not sick then But we all knew that satan spawnchild Admin, did you know that ur partner is cheating? Leave Zuma alone n focus on ur relationship 50 minute diatribe from a sickly, feeble minded man.. Wow.. Interesting...he could probably last longer in bed than most could despite his unknown illness..

Why was it granted? Always Zuma ,Zuma,Zuma eish The only time he should leave there is when he goes back to his cell. His release was a direct shitting on our constitution. Even if he didn't. That's the stupidity of people who are in power, they think those who are not in power are stupid. Are we forced to believe whatever is being stated about this crook?

Tsek!!!! I like the fake outrage media and the woke people are going to have on this. You can bet if it was anyone else politics and gambling would have been disallowed while under any parole. K Lmao he says his house arrest is what it must felt during colonial apartheid. Struggle icons were up in the casinos in Zuma's words.

I’m being politically persecuted, Jacob Zuma tells prayer meetingThe former president told his fan club that something had gone terribly wrong and he was imprisoned without trial The stupidity of ANC black power! Appoint black power cadres to positions of power & they think they are God. Give black power a gun & they think they are terminators. Viva black power, viva! Hahahaha.. publicly unaccepted Ag shame. That's what he wants from us.

Another plot thickening, watch Carl Neahuis for more details... Proof that prayer works? Fake medical certificate? You decide. Keeping mind, his last name is Zuma and his political affiliation ANC Mnx bafuna iziwengu zika Zuma zibavotele Zuma this Zuma that while the country is literally on its knees! What does the law say the conditions of a medical parole are? Or its Zuma laws don't apply..

Mme Myeni s marriage is a side hustle...her real love is ... As expected, just like Schabir Shaick still enjoying golf dlamingg Can you leave Zuma don't have other news? People have no service delivery, hungry, ddnt get their R350s but here you are focusing on Zuma 🙄 What a joke We should market SA as the land of miraculous recoveries🤣 From deaths door we will take you to the casino, South Afirca is alive with possibility!!!

To a Casino nogal - they couldn't 'meet' at Nkandla. Or did Dudu have no taxi money?

Durban residents bear the brunt of Thursday's hot weather after several power stations explodedThursday's hot and humid weather has compounded Durban's electricity problems Ummmm so it never got hot in daurban all these years.... Looks more like sabotage... VoetsekANC

This woman does not have her own family vele? What kind of husbands tolerate his wife gallavanting with another man everyday. You still don't get it? Zuma is us and we are Zuma, nomatter how many stories you write about him we remain strong behind him with support ✊✊✊✊🌹 The Schemer but guess what.. Cyril will still beat him. He is way ahead of him

Probably just planning the next insurrection, that's all. 🤔 EvaluatorM If he can go to a Casino he can go to Court too 💯👍🏼👌🏽 This is just pathetic Where was he off to, some meeting at Maharani Hotel again ? So he is no longer sick,he must go back where he belongs PresJGZuma keeps on making a mockery of the judicial system.

This Man is on Medical Parole which his health is too weak to can be galavanting all over the place mos. He doesn't want to attend courts and doesn't want to stay in prison but wants to attend Casinos,this is absurd!!

ANC councillor candidate shot dead in DurbanAn eThekwini councillor candidate was shot dead in Durban on Friday night. It does end in the ANC Heban

Its a flippin joke. Medical parole should minimum be house arrest. Not that we have any reason to think he is actually sick. Arthur Fraser single handedly undermining the ConCourtSA kabelodick Nikhumbule ukuthi akasasebenzi. Naye k'mele aphalishele. It's such scenarios like this that make many people fail to trust the legal and justice system in this country. Politics aside, this is so unruly!

When is he playing golf? It's amazing that you all say to leave him alone. He fucked up the country by robbing it blind. I really don't understand your mentality. He should never have been released from jail. Wonderful news. Let home go wherever he feels like it. Let him enjoy retirement. This dog 🐶 was never sick

Nonsense The murderer De klerk was spotted in Cape Town It was obvious such would happen. It was just a matter of when

ANC councillor candidate shot dead in DurbanAn eThekwini councillor candidate was shot dead in Durban on Friday night. Words alone won’t express how thankful I’m recommending you all to you shantelll_142 .....,investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit of $2500 within 7 days of investment with the help of shantelll_142 Too bad... Caine and Abel, they must burn their flag....

Welcome back to free life my only black president and my only true revolutionary. We love you baba Msholozi.. Those who hate you hate us also and we see them. Ore Onyokoya Kae? He did not kill anyone. Does Thalente's father sleep well at night knowing his wife is galavanting with Pres Zuma in Casinos at night?

too sick for prison but can travel Please leave Zuma alone, he is too old to run away from his parole.😳😳😳 CyrilRamaphosa we will remind you at the polls why your support for this means to us Dudu is a loyal girlfriend...wives not featuring much lately. Why does he need “ permission” , are his rights violated ?

Can you guys leave President Zuma alone

Winners know when to stop Hands off former President Jacob Zuma and our Correction sekes Dept. You call all see that Comrade JacobZuma looks very sick. Possible that gambling is part of His prescription to feel better quicker. To go to a casino and it was allowed Correctional service has lost the plot!

Jacob Zuma has become a political pariah! Let president Zuma retire in peace somblief. Which Casino?