IN MEMES | Clement calling MaNtuli a homophobe had ‘Skeem Saam’ fans wildin’!

2021-03-25 12:21:00 AM

Skeem Saam viewers are loving Clement's rising confidence!

Skeem Saam viewers are loving Clement's rising confidence!

Skeem Saam viewers are loving Clement's rising confidence!

Image:Twitter / Siya BlessingSkeem Saam'sClement has come a long way from the scared, teenage boy he was when he came out to his family as a homosexual, and viewers of the soapie were proud of him for calling out MaNtuli's homophobia on Tuesday.

When Clement first came out to his family, everyone could see he was scared of rejection and was taking some of the abusive reactions out of fear. The boy has been through “prayer” sessions and has even been threatened with the hope he would “change his mind” about who he is.

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