'I'm tired,' says Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu ahead of cross-examination in murder trial

Former police constable Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu arrived in court on Friday panting and seemingly out of breath.

2021-09-17 11:25:00 AM

Former police constable Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu arrived in court on Friday panting and seemingly out of breath.

Former police constable Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu arrived in court on Friday panting and seemingly out of breath.

She is expected to be cross-examined by prosecutor Riana Williams at the high court sitting in the Palm Ridge magistrate's court.She arrived in court accompanied by a large police contingent. She sighed, folded her arms and bowed her head as she sat down in the dock.

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“I'm tired,” Ndlovu told journalists.She said she was feeling better than she did on Thursday. At the end of proceedings, Ndlovu had told officers after the adjournment that she was in pain and would not make it to the police van via the stairs. This led the officers to use the public elevator to escort her from the third-floor courtroom.

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Can someone please tell us what happened to her child. Low energy. On Tuesday she was all over and can't take it anymore 😂😂 Another one who'll spend a sentence in hospital. 'killing Season' Season 1 Episode 4. An actress! Bringing new acting skills with each appearance! Amazing! Tired from what!? She allegedly murdered her relatives for insurance money! The court should not entertain her antics.

WATCH LIVE | Alleged life insurance killer cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu back in the dockThe former police officer who stands accused of killing six of her relatives for life insurance payouts, Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, is on Thursday back in the dock at the Palm Ridge magistrate’s court.

5 stories about alleged killer cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu you need to readNomia Rosemary Ndlovu faces 20 charges including murder, fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit murder. If this woman was in Botswana..

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WATCH LIVE | Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu's alleged murder case continuesThe alleged murder case of former police officer Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is continuing in Palm Ridge magistrate's court on Wednesday. My first experience happens to be a failure but I never gave up cause I knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously. Fortunately I'm smiling today by getting involved with Hendrickspat7 She looks unbothered 🤬🤬

WATCH LIVE | Ex-cop accused of killing six people Nomia Ndlovu back in the dockFormer police member Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu, who is accused of killing six people, is on Friday back in the dock at the Palm Ridge magistrate's court.

U-turn as defence for Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu declines to call her brother to the witness boxAlleged killer cop Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu has dropped one of the two witnesses she had planned to testify in her defence this week. This woman is being given too much air time seriously 😐 Nomia is an evil, these are woorthy candindates for Death sentence!