How to invest in your 20s and 30s in South Africa

2022/06/18 14:00:00

How to invest in your 20s and 30s in South Africa

How to invest in your 20s and 30s in South Africa

The recent downturn in global investment markets has understandably made many aspiring investors a little nervous about putting their money into the share market.

Nicole Smit, product manager at FNB Money Management, said: “As part of diversifying the extra money left in your monthly budget, your short or long-term investments need to be part of your overall money management. This means that you shouldn’t just dive into the share market until you have put all the other pieces of your personal money management puzzle in place.”

He offers the following advice to help aspiring young investors to get their investment journeys off on the right foot.“You may think tech stocks are the next big thing but putting all your money into a single sector is very risky, because while you may make money when the tech sector does well, you stand to lose a whole lot more when the sector is exposed to a market decline,” Pillay said.

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The only problem is my Son is doing his best to invest money for his future and not be a burden to the state, BUT NO THEY ARE TAXING HIM ON HIS INVESTMENTS WHERE HE SHOULD BE GETTING AN INCENTIVE FOR TRYING TO BE INDEPENDENT.