Covid 19sa, Vaccine

Covid 19sa, Vaccine

How SA's Covid-19 vaccine injury fund will work | News24

In the rare event that you experience a severe side-effect as a result of Covid-19 vaccines, this fund will pay you out.

2021-04-21 11:01:00 PM

Severe Covid19SA vaccine side-effects are vanishingly rare. But if you experience it, this fund will compensate you. Here’s what we know so far. | Bhekisisa_MG

In the rare event that you experience a severe side-effect as a result of Covid-19 vaccines, this fund will pay you out.

, through which the J&J vaccine is being rolled out to 500 000 health workers, should be lifted, provided certain conditions were met, such as"screening and monitoring of participants who are at high risk" of the rare type of blood clotting disorder that was associated with the vaccine.

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Such reviews were done to"assess the benefit-risk ratio of the medicines", said Florah Matlala who oversees pharmacovigilance at the SAHPRA."Based on the outcomes of such assessments, different regulatory decisions are made which include professional insert amendment, restricting access through prescribers or up-scheduling."

Matlala said the SAHPRA's role was, however, more focused on ensuring the safety of the intervention and did not extend to liability issues.Pharmaceutical liability cases must typically be dealt with through the Consumer Ombudsman and the legal system - something which the compensation fund minimises the need for.

The head of the health department's National Health Insurance office, Nicholas Crisp, said the department's team at the National Immunisation Safety Expert Committee, which is in charge of monitoring adverse events of vaccines administered in the country, might eventually form part of the monitoring body for claims with the fund too, but this had not been finalised.

How will the fund work?The regulations published on 15 April leave the finer details of the fund's management up to directives from the department or committees it appoints.The document gives the department the right to decide on whether to appoint a private company or government entity to administer the fund.

It also gives people the options to approach the courts to sue a national or provincial government department, but only after applying for a claim with the fund.This was also the case for 65% of existing schemes globally, the PLOS ONEstudy found

.In South Africa, people who were unhappy with the fund's decisions could only go through the court system once an appeal to the fund was also resolved, . Vaccine manufacturers may not be sued.How much compensation will people who claim from the fund be entitled to?

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If South Africa bases its fund on the US' vaccine injury fund, for example, Crisp said the payout for vaccine injuries would be a set rate that was calculated based on the degree of disability you experienced as a result.Claims for death as a result of a vaccine would then, in principle, be a once-off payment while an ongoing disability such as, say, paraplegia for argument's sake, might be paid out in monthly installments.

The specifics of the payout system in South Africa will still be determined. In the US, however, the vaccine injury , income lost as a result of a vaccine injury, and a capped fee for pain and suffering.Lawyers could claim fees from the fund too, 

according to the US Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) website.In the US, manufacturers paid 75 cents (or R10) excise tax on each dose of vaccines covered by the scheme, and this money was used to pay people who were awarded compensation, 

said the HRSA.This tax is calculated based on how many diseases each vaccine prevents. So, the MMR vaccine will be taxed $2.25 (R32) because it prevents measles, mumps and rubella. Read more: News24 »

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