‘How do you celebrate uJuju sitting on your chest?’ — Van Damme weighs in on DA metro wins

Phumzile Van Damme took to social media to express her opinion about the DA and EFF governing together in Gauteng's two major metros.

2021-11-28 05:57:00 PM

Phumzile Van Damme took to social media to express her opinion about the DA and EFF governing together in Gauteng's two major metros.

Phumzile Van Damme took to social media to express her opinion about the DA and EFF governing together in Gauteng's two major metros.

She suggested governance between the EFF and the DA were “pyrrhic victories”.“How do you celebrate uJuju sitting on your chest and needing him to pass everything in council? Give some, take some. That’s the nature of coalitions. You’re gonna learn. That’s why coalitions must be decided on paper, otherwise bona your life hle (see your life now),”

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said Van Damme.“Even in 2016, the EFF was in coalition with nobody. This way he owes parties squat and they will have to beg at his feet to remain in government. Kingmaker with a few seats. Ya, no. Chess. Checkmate.”Van Damme said the DA now will need the EFF to govern and pass budgets.

“So you say if it means you must be in a coalition with the EFF, no thanks to government. The EFF supports you, you win and you’re in government. You will need the EFF to govern — pass budgets, etc. Do you take up the seat of power or do you resign? You said ‘no’ to the EFF,” headtopics.com

she said. When asked if she thought the ANC could support the DA with budgets to “collapse the EFF strategy”, Van Damme said she doubts it.“I don’t see the ANC doing that. There is just too much pettiness and one-upmanship from parties. There is a lot of maturing to be done and accepting no party will get a majority. You have to work together to have a stable coalition government,”

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.Van Damme wished elected mayors the best and said hung municipalities should put service delivery first.

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Wohluleka Wena wasetyenziswa Ntombi straight This woman's ego is bigger than her brain Nobody cares. Lol. Shame that one know her opinions only matters to the people who think she is still relevant. Phumzile Van Dammed is dreaming! The DA and the EFF cannot govern Gauteng Metros alone!Their numbers don't add up! It took ActionSA,UDM,FF+,ACDP for DA mayors to win! Without them no budget will be passed! the DA needs all the opposition parties just like in 2016!

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