Hong Kong rages against ‘biased’ story by Economist

2022/01/12 19:43:00

The British magazine published an editorial on January 8 headlined ‘Pliant patriots’, with the subheadline, ‘Hong Kong’s new legislature has been sworn in. It is a mockery of democracy’

Anne Marie Roantree and Jessie PangThe Hong Kong city skyline. Picture: 123RF/SEAN PAVONEHong Kong — The Hong Kong government has criticised the Economist magazine over an article about the city's recent Legislative Council election, saying it is “appalled by the biased reporting” and “baseless accusation that the polls were rigged”.

Candidates in the December 19 city assembly election were vetted so only “patriots” could stand. Pro-Beijing candidates swept to victory, though turnout was a record low for a vote that came about 18 months after Beijing cracked down on a pro-democracy movement in the city with a new national security law.

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