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Aaron Motsoaledi has signed a waiver which allows foreign children to enter SA without carrying additional supporting documents ...


Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has signed a waiver which allows foreign children to enter South Africa without carrying additional supporting documents such as birth certificates and consent letters.

Aaron Motsoaledi has signed a waiver which allows foreign children to enter SA without carrying additional supporting documents ...

The waiver has been applicable since Friday, after the minister’s signature, it said in a statement.

“This improvement in our admissions policy builds on the work the department has been doing to contribute to economic growth and investment. As of Friday, 8 November 2019, foreign children can enter and depart the country without being required to provide birth certificates, consent letters, and other supporting documents relating to proof of parentage,” Motsoaledi said in the statement.

The department had communicated the changes to immigration officials at ports of entry and to the airline and maritime industries.

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Ke kgomo ya moshate. 🙄🙄🙄 He just opened the floods of human trafficking About time! A few years too late! You made it almost impossible for parents with children to come here in holiday. Now you have similar policies to most. Are we not supposed to be fighting child trafficking. Our kids go missing everyday. And then this

Of all decisions Minister made, this is a dangerous one. Child trafficking is on our doorstep. I trust that your officials will be vigilant to guard against human trafficking More young Malawian prostitutes for rich politicians are coming Be prepared to pick up a lot of kids at the border. What happened to consultation of the nation or referendum?

How will we know that the kids are theirs MANchabeleng How will he know they not being kidnapped, documents will help know where they r fake or not it will discourage kidnappers and traffickers

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One can never impress South Africans. Gigabyte was attacked for implementation of those requirements even Derek_Hanekom said it destroyed tourism. Now that it has been waived you are complaining again 😂😂😂😂. We were also told we got excess electricity & didn't need nuclear! Have we not learned anything... there should be nothing undocumented. ... everything must go by the books lawfully... we need to cater for the country's children regarding schools and meds....planning involves headcount. .. NO SHORTCUTS. ... DO THE WORK....😡😡

Nthwana_Matjiu Only now? Keep Voting for the ANC... Bad decision. Jhooo hay sana Wtf? Mare these old prisoners don't think Thot its supposed to be the other way round no more spending hours at the boarder only to leave some people there. There will always be downsides Hey kubanzima by the day....

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I see children being smuggled to SA...stupid move Mxm hai this country mara Yaa neh this is Madness Euuuuuw South Africa is a joke 💔 how do we vote for such stupidity every 5 years? SpheDludla HUMAN TRAFFICKERS PARADISE OwaFlopo msunung mzansi mona Msunu waka Aaron Marete a motsoaledi he now open a way for smuggler/Nigerians of kids to the republic

bana ba rena ba satlo timela mo😏

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Wrong move. Children will be trafficked into our country. Other countries don't compromise their security, why should we... Just ridiculous Kahlen bo🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ If they steal my kids ANC will know me better I go to ICC to open case And don't forget to continue voting for the ANC What is the rational behind this decision

Shame on him! SA voters Anc ke makaka shap Any mandate

Well done, Ramaphosa, but SA needs concrete resultsThe SA Investment Conference may not be a talk show, if Ramaphosa is to be believed, but concrete results is all that will save our economy. This is what happens when you reward participation & not results! Assholes slapping themselves on the back while everything’s falling apart!

1 step forward, 2 steps backward. So he doesn't care about children being trafficked into SA? But we don't have enough schools mos here And vice versa ? Mr minister if the parents get caught for non compliance who will care Mr minister age is catching up This will open human trafficking opportunity. Won’t this make child trafficking easier though baba minister😕😕

Somebody tell me why the fucck did Motsoaledi such a stupid decision in the times of human trafficking and exploitation of children. This pathetic decision has nothing to do with investment decisions as he claims. What the hell is going on in this country?. This is absurd 😬 Good news for d foreign investors

Why the change? When the WMC forces your hand to sign waiver 👀🇿🇦

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