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Heritage Day walk honours displaced communities

Heritage Day walk honours displaced communities

2021-09-25 05:13:00 PM

Heritage Day walk honours displaced communities

The 1.7km walk commenced at the St Saviour’s Anglican Church and ended at the Newlands Kildare Springs.

Among those who took part in the walk was Riyaz Rawoot, physiotherapist and self-proclaimed “Water Master of the Spring”, who built the makeshift PVC pipe with 26 holes at the spring, allowing up to a dozen individuals to gather water simultaneously.“Given all that we’ve gone through, I think it is important to celebrate our heritage because the only way you are going to know where you are going is by learning where you’ve been. When I look at the history of my family in this place, I see who I am because of who they were and what they had taught me. So, to keep that alive I think it is very important.”

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“The physical structures are just an extension of the culture around the spring way, as it was a place where there was a mixed understanding friendship which was destroyed by the council which I think should be reinstated amongst all the other reclamations initiatives that have been made,” said Rawoot.

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