Govt was not pressured to allow religious gatherings: Mthembu

Govt was not pressured to allow religious gatherings: Mthembu #eNCA

2020-05-28 07:59:00 AM

Govt was not pressured to allow religious gatherings: Mthembu eNCA

Government is set to outline exactly how religious gatherings will be allowed from next week.

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Yeah right They were?! TheWest Bill Gates did it!? was gov bribed ? Whatever. The President said he had talks with the religious leaders. And we all know how rich these 'pastors' are. Quickest way to getting rich, become a pastor and tell the ppl if they give money to the 'church' aka pastor, they will get rich.

Lying ..but HIGHLY likely they were pressured into continuing the illogical cigarette ban, by micro minority ant-smoking lobby & those corruption select few in anc gov who stands to gain HUGELY from BOOSTING the black market and organized crime syndicates, at the EXPENSE of the people! Could you explain the science behind the decision.DrZweliMkhize

The fact you said it, means it was, who you kidding. Most wrong decisions are only carried out under immense pressure! The virus is spreading rapidly, people are dying in large numbers. Where we go from now depends on a good leadership and cooperation from people. Then how did it decide that..? What about Restaurants..

So cigarettes can make the virus spread faster the government says but they allowing our kids to go back to school and you are allowing our elders go back to church is the Government really serious about our health? What measure are in place to regulate the religious gathering? Would they admit to it anyway?

lying is a sin Minister. May your God forgive you! They will go to church, there will be spikes in infections, and then they will scream for the economy to be shut down again... Selfish bastards! Not a good advert for Christianity or the Church! I dont think that our govt. Is a listening government. It buckles to pressure. The opening of churches is to gain votes comes next years election. They make senseless decisions like banning cigarettes and unbanning alcohol. They open churches and not open resturants hairdresser

It's those pesky smokers that have pressurised us. For that were going to teach them a lesson and make them wait a while longer. What is the science behind the decision? Vibrator policy... Such lies Wjere is the science behind it!! I thought government must save lives?!! Stay alive go back to 5!!! Lies. 👀

So then why can't you allow me to visit my parents also? It's 2 parents, 1 of me🤔 Bull shit Every business has solid ground to reopen I hope that with the opening of churches, we would not hear now there is holy sanitizers & holy water that cures covid-19. Oh yes, wasn't there some type of an 'agreement' struck?

That means government was pressured to allow religious gatherings... This guy wouldn’t recognize the truth, even if it bites him in the ass. Ita all religious gatherings.. Not the Christian churches only.. Why all the hate for Christians in South Africa.. Our constitution protects freedom of religion... If you don't believe in God.. that's your prerogative.. handsoffchristians

Tell us another one! Next he will say NDZ is JZ in drag. Pressured? How could they have been pressured? If anything they are being terrorized by the SA Tobacco Industry and they not giving in so why would they have been pressured and give in to churches It is what it is SA, get over the fact that churches are essential. ChristIsKing

Very simple. It is about politics or ANC voting fodder The government was definetly pressured. There is really 0 msebenzi wamasonto. Fraudsters. Pastors must normalise having full-time jobs because honestly defrauding people is not a job. So what made you change your mind Divine intervention! Or perhaps more the vacillating that has dogged your communication. Or perhaps it is the “zol”

Yet we can't buy smokes Not pressured - financed I guess... and in perspective of the next elections... Haha. One random day during the lockdown gov just had an epiphany....nonsense What does NDZ say yena? Okay sure, but why are you allowing any gatherings? The plague will be caused and ended by Government

It was only done because Donald Trump did it to gain some brownie points from voters. Clueless government, other race would have made better plans to lift lockdown ( atleast get a clue from your superiors ) People of churches how you gonna Sing with masks let's start there? You need to be on masks . What about those abavukwa umoya who falls in the floor 🤔

Dear JacksonMthembu_ I’m happy to hear you think you weren’t pressured. I mean that could cause us to lose faith in you. Have you been fined for illegally buying hot food yet? Cm You can't hide the bodies when the time of reckoning is at hand! Well then everything with less than 50 people must open incl jyms restaurant’s surfing jogging clubs etc etc

This is what our government is doing to our people🤞🏿🤞🏿🤞🏿 They reminded the ANC that during apartheid they used to have meetings at churches, now it's time they return the favour. ANC people think we are stupid in more ways than one. ASIKHO MUNCU. Tell Mthembu have you ever agreed, you guys always deny everything

😂 I don’t think Mr President make a smart move of opening churches and expect them not to sing... Bushiri and others are behind this decision 😎 Gov, decisions right now, though. 😖 Its fine to pray at home. I believe you Viva ✊🏾 Yerr! Niyaxoka! Agree not pressured - just told let us open and then next year ...

So this is all your own stupidity ? Even worse Lies. It's all political . The governing party uses churches to hold political rallies. Pastors in return encourage their followers to vote for them. Pastors hold a lot of power in this country. They most certainly were pressured. I am a Christian and it's a bad idea.

Hebana .. PLEASE RETIRE Okay we have heard that anything else to say? Mkmtetwa “Religious congregations have resulted in an explosive spread of COVID-19 in many countries. At one stage, more than half of the COVID-19 cases in Malaysia had been infected during a congregation of 16 000 believers from 30 countries”

What was the rationale behind the decision? WHOLiedPeopleDied billgatesistryingtokillyou Plandemic Communist ObamaGate PainIsComing dark2light WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE

Union to take govt to court over schools reopeningThe Educators Union of South Africa wants to stop schools reopening for Grade 7 and 12 pupils next week. Let Us Give Your Business That Professional Look You've Always Wanted 🔥💯🤷‍♂️ ❗❗Shlabane Graphics Special❗❗ Business Logo: R400 Business Letterhead: R200 Business Card:R130 Whatsapp: 0670551759 🤣 take that ANC, you wanted the unions to have so much power..... Union they singing for supper

'Religious services can resume, but with restrictions'Ramaphosa said the return of religious activities follows consultations with faith-based leaders, which led to the National Coronavirus Command Council resolving to allow such activities to be allowed during level 3.

Level 3 regulations: Ramaphosa lifts ban on religious gatheringsSouth Africa will move to lockdown level 3 from 1 June. Hi enca please could you ask the Reverend if marriages will be allowed? How is a church like Z.C.C. going to be accomodated ? Sad Only 50 congregants per service. Will church online still be kept available for congregants older than 60yrs of age and those with comorbidities?

POLL | Should government allow sit-downs in restaurants under level 3 lockdown?President Ramaphosa said sit-ins at restaurants will not be allowed under lockdown level three. No Is this even a valid question honestly, it's a goddamn pandemic. I think so as long as social distancing is observed. Numbers can be observed as others will buy and eat at home. Check that the number of staff +customers make 50 before being fined for having 50+1. Hopefully so. Taverns will be like that. So, food! It must be. Hope is healthy!

Religious leaders can resume services from June 1, national day of prayer on May 31After consultations with religious leaders, the restrictions on congregational worship will be eased in a carefully managed way for alert level 3 from June 1, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Tuesday night. more atheists scince lockdown Amazing, you can go to church-no more than 50 people. you can't go to a restaurant for a meal, where there will be less than 50 people you can't go to have your hair cut/washed etc. one on one This is going to be fun. Did you do the same thing about the uplifting ban on alcohol? ChurchIsEssential

I am not Adriano Mazzotti’s friend, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma tells MPsThe minister says she is not friends with Adriano Mazzotti and defends the ban on cigarettes throughout the Covid-19 lockdown 👀 Your his lackey