Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, Coronavirus, Coronavirus İn South Africa, Sa Lockdown, Sa Coronavirus Deaths

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, Coronavirus

Govt relying on several models to track SA’s COVID-19 outbreak, says Mkhize

2020-05-21 03:02:00 PM

Govt relying on several models to track SA’s COVID-19 outbreak, says Mkhize

Experts in the country are projecting that the Western Cape could run out of ICU beds by the end of next month if the pandemic continued on its current trajectory.The specialists, also referred to as “COVID-19 modelers”, held a virtual conference earlier on Thursday. They projected that up to three million South Africans could contract the virus over the next few months.

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Mkhize said that the projections would keep improving as real data was fed into the models.“I don’t think there’s a model that was upfront able to predict what happened in the Western Cape. The one model that I saw predicted that it was going to be Gauteng that was going to be exploding first [with infections] and then followed by KZN,” Mkhize said.

“If you follow that [model], the reason for that - although I can’t recall what the reasons were – it was clear that there are similarities between these two [models],” he added.As of Wednesday, there were just over 18,000 known cases of which 339 people had died, including a two-day-old infant.

The Western Cape still accounts for the greatest number of infections followed by Gauteng.WATCH: COVID-19 Situation Desk - 21 May 2020 AM Read more: Eyewitness News »

Doubtful they have a proper model, hence the request 4 public to submit models to them. Then can then lay blame squarely on external parties when the kitchen gets too hot! Our learned public constantly have to teach them how to do their jobs, in every sphere .. JustAdmitDefeat

‘Focused Covid-19 intervention’ from govt coming in Western Cape'Our people in the Western Cape are frightened. They are especially, especially concerned. What is happening in the Western Cape is not at all good.'

Saps confident policing won’t be affected by COVID-19 infections at stationsSeveral police stations countrywide have had to be decontaminated after members tested positive for COVID-19.

Eastern Cape prison records 34 new Covid-19 infections, taking number of cases in SA prisons to 654SA's prison system has recorded 34 new Covid-19 infections as of Tuesday. Now please explain how did the Western Cape export COVID19 to the prisons in the Eastern Cape?

This is where the 26 new deaths, 767 infections deaths came from21 of South Africa’s 26 Covid-19 related deaths announced on Tuesday night by Health Minister Zweli Mkhize came from the Western Cape. | Day54ofLockdown They are testing morethan other provinces..Hence they have the highest number of deaths No. Back 2 level 5.

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Two-day-old baby dies from Covid-19 as SA cases climb past 18,000A two-day-old baby has become South Africa's first neonatal Covid-19 fatality, health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize said on Wednesday night. But they wanna reopen schools 🙆‍♀️ It was a premature baby with under developed lungs, ffs! You are creating panic. Extremely bad reporting, TimesLive! Do you have any idea how much unwarranted panic this article is going to cause?!?!?! 💔