Government gambling with children's lives: Maimane

Government gambling with children's lives: Maimane

2020-05-21 04:21:00 PM

Government gambling with children's lives: Maimane

Maimane says the decision to reopen schools is government gambling with children’s lives.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga’s decision to reopen schools of the first of June is being questioned in some quarters. One of those is chief activist of the One South Africa movement, Mmusi Maimane. CourtesyJOHANNESBURG - Chief activist of the One South Africa movement Mmusi Maimane is questioning government's decision to reopen schools.

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On Tuesday, Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga’sconfirmed that Grade 7 and 12 pupils will be the first groups to start learning in June.Maimanehas highlighted the department’s failure to meet its own deadline of delivering personal protective equipment and sanitisers to senior management teams.

READ:He says the decision to reopenschools is government gambling with children’s lives."My deep concern is that schools in this country will have crowded classes. We will have hundreds of teachers coming into schools literally without equipment for them to be tested and for us to ensure that these don't become centres upon which the virus can spread," he said.

READ:Benefits for children going back to school outweigh risks: expertThe former DA leader says he has launched an online petition which he says has been signed by more 30 000 people against the decision to reopen schools."It's not just my own voice as a parent, I have also launched an online petition, where over 30 000 South Africans who have come and said, we reject the idea of schools being reopened."

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This guy is still around? Dont our President have a voice here its our kids lives that this people is playing with So apparently schools int he North West must find their own screeners and cleaners on a R5000 - R8000 budget by the 25th. And must also buy their own PPE, Angie Motshekga stands up and lies

Ka nnete, Charity_Heals Mmusi please can you take any camera crew right now to Tembisa please do a live report on what you see. Then come to Cape town Bishop Lavis, Langa and do the same. Then tell us why children shouldn't be in school. Where did you go bra?Long time.Problem of SA leaders they just seing the suburbs wher they living.go to townships children are playing 2geza and no one has covid19 why gambling whn comes to back to school?yet their own kids studying every day because the have pvt teachers online.

People will listen to him while leaving their kids playing on the streets everyday. And yet they don't have Corona. Kids are going back to school. He is saying this because his children are attending online classes because he can afford those private schools. Our children are behind and they need education to. If government puts safety majors in place i don't see a problem and school working with parents then we are good .

Yes! Has anyone even thought of the logistics of this? 2m between each child means classrooms more than double the size of most will be needed. Many schools have the desks that seat two learners, so if each child sits at one we will need double the desks at schools. I support you maimane they are really gambling. Anc people are evil

True No ex is mentioned.... ? Ban cigarettes for 'health' reasons yet sending kids back to school. If you think kids are not dying from virus. Same as lift ban on alcohol, keep ban on cigarettes bc ppl share cigaret but they don't share a beer? Doesn't make sense!!!! PresidencyZA DrZweliMkhize DlaminiZuma

Take your child back to school at your own peril. No one is forcing you. Those parents who let their kids wonder around the streets are irresponsible. It's clearly up to a parent to decide what's important in these trying times. Speak for your children mr children must back to school finish we also back to work u can still bring back at home

And he's a minister who should be be in South Africa, helping the needing in his own country.look how our hard earned taxes are being usesed on luxury holidays. Obviously he has no no idea on helping country. All you voter's must be so proud... DarrenFelix Who said virus is at schools only ? Please Mr Maimane, is there a way you could get the parents vote or say on this matter I know you out of politics, but your status still counts make it happen, don't let the government gable with our children's lives

Children have been all over the streets and he's seen them. Did he try to reach out to parents to try prevent parents gambling with their own children? No, because that wasn't gonna bring the government of the day down Govt is gambling with everyone's lives, with the economy, with our jobs, our livelihoods, our constitution... in fact every aspect of life in South Africa

OneSA_Movement Why nkare face ya ga go gaena monnate so?😒 Maimane keep quiet! Attention seeker, In township kids are playing with other kids in large groups, they are over the township learning behaviors that can impact their lives negatively in future. There has never been lockdown in township... If Covid-19 will last for 2-3years. Meaning your son or daughter will repeat after 2-3 years

I think Maimane is right kids won't be controlled for social distancing I don't think they are. Children are not seriously affected by the virus. Cmon people's ... Covid is serious ... But ... Less than 20 % of a good easter weekend roadkill that didn't happen because of lockdown, died because of covid so far ... People will die of covid .... But also of a lot of other things ... Everyday .... People die the whole time

Great Musi .... using covid to relaunch .... ain't going down with me. Whether schools are close or open it makes no difference... metric, diploma, PHD. No matter your qualifications. A hand full will get jobs and most will be sitting at home with no job. Is going to school really good for children- whether covid or no covid?

That's what politicians do. Play with things as if it's their own. There's always another ship to jump to. 😂😂 Is Daniel also going to school or you bring the teacher 👩‍🏫 at home? Aiii ANC is too messed in the head. ancMustFall To kill Covid-19 virus use the anti bodies of the politicians they way deadlier.

Charity begins at home if as a parent you fail to do it at home don't expect others to do it on your behalf. They don't think of our children lives beside theirs💔 what they do is heart breaking Someone who has become irrelevant trying to remain relevant We don't have a cure yet,but we can practice social distancing,washing of hands and sanitizing,,,we can teach our school going children to attend,why don't we teach the same to our parolees and keep them where they belong?

You've had your time to talk MyMoney. Get lost. You know, if only there were some alternate way of teaching kids from a distance.... Khome Mmusi plz If you are all so clever and opinionated, have you reviewed how things are been done ✅ n other countries . Kids are all back at school in Europe , Asia and the Americas . What makes your so different

These are the messages we receive on a daily basis from Government but they want to open schools.. I am dumbfounded.. During Lockdown: religious, social & sports gatherings are not allowed. Don't put your life and the lives of others at risk. A msg from Government. The coronavirus kills. In Lockdown-only leave home to get food, a social grant or see a doctor. Play it safe. Stay home & save SA. A msg from Government

ANC government thou. You can also say parents are gambling with their lives for going to the shop.Eish! We can't have children not learn , grow and develop. I fully support the decision for reopening of schools You can say that again😢 Catch 22. I cannot send my kids back to school this year. Teachers cannot stay at home and get paid. It is not sustainable from an economical point of view. Interesting how teachers say I won’t go to school wait until pay is stopped....

Jst imagine if I lose my bby eish go tlatla gwanyewa Clear gambling this one Ive just been reminded why I couldnt vote for this guy🙄 I am a clueless wannabe relevant politician - Pastor Useless Maimane I still dont know anyone who has died from Corona in 3 months Cousins come do yo thing bathi Cyril playing SupaBets with kids

🥺 This guys trying hard to stay relevant. he must also propose the Department of Education slash salaries of teachers by at least 75% since they'll be sitting at home.The money must by food parcels for the poor Parliament must open as well as Schools are opening Just like taxi drivers gambling with our lives.

I agree Maimane must shut up he is a quitter What does He suggest Futsek man The Our_DA FREE MmusiMaimane But those kids they are so packed in the parks and in the street playing so what's better? So vele our government released prisoners in fear of infection and yet want children to go back to school? The very same people who are busy arguing with you musi maimane will be crying back when they would called to school when to fetch their infected children from school, sa don't learn, department of education never deliver to its promise, you send your at your risk

U seem to be ryt but I dont c ur petition working .With all the preparations that had been done by the DBE then ur petition can reverse that,I doubt so much but its ur constitutional ryt my brother.All the best Eish this guy... Ama politics don't like him sham... Yoh Ucinga asiyiboni ugovernment lento ayenzayo🤔🤔

Thank you Mr. MAIMANE. i will not sent my daugther too the creche Wena you are the last person to speak for the people,especially Black Africans. Well DONE keep SCHOOLS CLOSED This clown should just shut up , he's just trying to be relevant There has been so much not done by the gvnt as far as education is concerned, the pit toilets, funding, and burning of schools, jiki jiki the very same gvnt cares, that's a gamble

ANCmustgo EarlyElectionsSouthAfrica NoMoreTsotsiesInParlaiment International Criminal Court - The Hague Information and Evidence Unit Office of the Prosecutor Fax +31 70 515 8555 Ai ai. Yet the global stats say otherwise!? Either home school, have your kid repeat the year next year or send them back. Klaar 🤷🏽‍♀️

Why wasting your time on monthly salary when you can make up to $3500 online without sending money to anyone else, ask me how or contact Mrs BandileAnni In the villages, children are just playing, so you want our children should become his children s workers. Allow African kids to go back to school so that they could conquer this world.

“Mmusi” who? At least they didn't mention your ex this time MmusiMaimane

Mmusi Maimane launches petition against 'gambling with children’s lives'Maimane said the launch of the petition was to send a “strong message” to the government that they could not make “rushed, ill-advised and half-baked decisions” that could affect the safety and health of children. Mr maimane ur the true leader indeed ✊ His bored this one. I agree wit MmusiMaimane becos angie_motshekga will just politicise the grade 7&12 class of 2020s funerals with long useless speeches like the Life Esidimeni case. Julius_S_Malema Eusebius AldrinSampear KhuselaS DrZweliMkhize ButiManamela Magashule_Ace Sophie_Mokoena

Mmusi Maimane launches petition against 'gambling with children’s lives'Former DA leader Mmusi Maimane has launched a petition to keep schools shut after basic education minister Angie Motshekga’s announcement that schools across the country would reopen in June You only need 2000 signatures! ceepatym_118753 Where do we sign I can sign this anytime

Covid-19 in SA: Mmusi Maimane warns against rush to return to schoolChief activist of the One South Africa Movement Mmusi Maimane is hitting the ground running with a petition against classes being resumed. schools lockdown I really support tgat we can not sacrifice with them Well he wants to feel relevant aker 💁‍♀️ Like Roelof Meyer and Rev Mvume Dandala,this is how a political career ends. Bye Mmusi👋👋👋👋

Three children in hospital after fire at KwaZulu-Natal youth centreThree children have been hospitalised after a fire at the Comfort Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) in Kokstad in KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday night.

KZN MEC warns they will be tough on schools that flout Covid-19 measuresHe also called on parents to ensure their children went straight home after school.

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